30 Profitable Small Business Ideas for Those Who Dare to Dream

30 Killer Ideas for Small Businesses

Are you tired of the grind of tedious shifts at work and endless meetings? Do you want to launch an independent venture to take control of the entire trade as the CEO? Well, you may need a bit of funding along with courage and dedication to feed your passion (neither of them is hard to achieve).

Now that you have already gathered the willpower to go solo and become a successful entrepreneur, all you need is an idea that can help you invest wisely, manage your cash, and take home the expected Return on Investment.

With 69% entrepreneurs starting their business at home, you will surely not like to miss out on these 30 killer ideas that can have your name counted within this statistical bracket.

Happy reading! 

  1. How about Bookkeeping services?

No, you do not need to be a Certified Public Accountant for that. There are invoicing tools like Pancake, FreshBooks, Invoicera, etc. available these days. Leverage their potential to offer services like income statements, creating balance sheets and more.

  1. Ever thought of being a Social Media Consultant?

How often do you dream of being in the limelight of social media attention? Well, you can just feed your passion for being a social media consultant. Recognized social media platforms like Twitter and Google offer professional courses that come with recognized certifications. Go enroll yourself today, graduate to the level of a professional and Voila! You are a certified social media consultant.

You can use these social media management tools for further technical insights.

  1. Embrace private tutoring as a business

If you are good at handling kids and simplifying academic lessons, start charging for the hours you spend. Private tutoring as a business has great prospects, and you would not like to miss out on it.

  1. You can always become an online reviewer

Startups are often on the lookout for reviewers or testers to validate their products or services and encourage prospective buyers to make a purchase.  If you have a flair for analyzing and reviewing products, get started with a professional profile on various freelancing websites.

  1. Earn a good fortune with a shoe laundry business

With a minimum budget of $2000, you can launch your shoe laundry business by sitting back at home. Target corporate people, school students and sportsperson who buy expensive shoes. Create a strong clientele and serve them with passion.

  1. Are you interested in becoming a Financial Advisor?

Many prospective startup owners do not know how to manage their money. Would you like to grab this opportunity and advise them to go easy on their pocketbook? Become a financial advisor by getting your Certified Financial Planner Certificate today.

  1. Passionate about Video production?

Have you ever thought of using videography to set up your own home-based business? You can become a successful youtuber if you have the right video editing and production skills. From vlog editing to voice-overs and adverts; there are so many things to embrace. Go and grab a free photo editor.

  1. Does resume writer sound cool?

I know you have already been a resume writer back in the days of job hunting. But the entire activity as a profession is tad different and more interesting. If you are interested in writing, give this amazing business idea a try. It will cost you nothing. Moreover, if you are good at resume writing, you will be able to earn a good fortune on an hourly/daily basis.

  1. How about working as an independent travel planner?

If you are passionate about travelling, then become a travel planner and advise others on how to make their trips interesting. All you need is a strong organizational skill and helpful contacts across the places you will visit.

  1. Start your home décor business to earn a good fortune

With a minimal budget of $3,500, you can start home or office décor business. If you think you have that fair share of creativity in you, go grab this opportunity and launch this amazing venture today.

  1. Love making photo frames? Make money out of it

We all love to capture the most amazing moments of our lives in the form of photographs, don’t we? And some of them love to frame those moments in a creative manner. If you too are passionate about the same, you can make a decent living. It is time to go by what the Joker says, “If you are good at something, never do it for free.”

  1. Ever thought of setting yourself up as an event planner?

Are you highly organized? Do you pay close attention to the details of events taking place in and around your world? If yes, then event management can be your cup of tea.

  1. Be an online dating consultant

Help people create creative dating profiles to fetch them prospective matches. If you think you are good at being a Cupid, this can bring business for you. Think it over.

  1. Freelance academic writing is again a great choice

You can either register yourself on freelancing websites or directly on assignment help portals offering such jobs. If you are good at teaching and have a knack for academics, this profession is for you.

  1. How about becoming a certified gym trainer?

Yes, you can have your own business out of it. There are personal training and certification courses available these days. You can rope in one for yourself prior to launching the venture.

  1. Become a property manager

This is one of the commercial investments where you need nothing but strong skills to keep things organized. You can also maintain and renovate old properties of your clients.

  1. How cool is the profession of a tour guide?

Do you think you know everything about your city and its cultural heritage? If yes, then this business will definitely suit your niche. All you need is a strong narration skill and knowledge of the historical background of the location.

  1. Run your own boutique

You can consider establishing a small team with a minimum investment in order to open your own boutique. If you have good marketing and PR skills, this lucrative boutique business is definitely for you.

  1. Love working on cars and bikes? You’ve got a business here

If you have a knack for working on cars and bikes, then think about investing in the same. Make the most of the mechanic business for lucrative ROIs at the end of every month.

  1. Become a specialty food store owner

Put your passion for winemaking or coffee brewing to good use. Who knows, someday you might own specialty food stores in every city of the world.

  1. You can have a great career as a transcriptionist

If you are an expert in listening to audio files and recording what you hear, you may consider the job of a transcriptionist as a serious business.

  1. Establish a home food delivery chain today

If you have a knack for preparing healthy yet delicious food at home, rope in a few supplies, ask your friends to help and establish your home food delivery chain today. There are people looking for online home food deliveries. So, you got enough reasons to launch a venture.

  1. Choose photography as a serious business

Taking pictures in today’s world is not only a hobby, it is also a profession. If you have a knack for photography, create a Facebook page. Talk about your passion, rope in prospective clients and get started.

  1. Are you a fitness freak? Start a Yoga studio today

In today’s world, yoga is considered as the secret to a healthy life. If you too are a fitness freak, apply for a Yoga certification course, put your best foot forward, and start a personalized yoga fitness studio.

  1. Mind setting up a pet business?

Do you know most of the households in countries like the U.S., U.K and Canada keep pets? You can definitely make the most of the opportunity and set up a pet business. People are ready to spend lucrative amounts on groom care, daycare and boarding of their pets.

  1. Set up your own lawn care service

This includes cleaning the gutter, raking leaves, edging and mowing the lawn. If you think this is your cup of tea, then go for it. Very soon you will have orders pouring in.

  1. Currency trading is a lucrative business idea

Are you good with numbers? If you are ready to take high risk in ventures, then go for this lucrative business opportunity.

  1. Make blogging an independent business

If you possess great writing skill and if you stay updated with the latest SEO practices observed worldwide, opt for blogging as a career option.

  1. How about proofreading to make money?

If you easily catch errors while reading, then proofreading as a profession is for you. Proofreaders around the world are earning around $43,000 and so can you.

  1. Have an eye for design? Become a graphic designer

If you love designing and have experience in Photoshop, Adobe Creative Cloud and Suite, then choose graphic designing and set up an independent venture.

Final thoughts…

There are endless opportunities for you to start your own venture, only if you know your job well. Pull up your socks, recognize your passion and find out ways to earn a good fortune out of it.

Here’s wishing you all the luck.

Author Bio: Shirley Brown is an event planner and travel guide from New York, United States. Apart from being an enthusiastic event planner and travel guide, David works provides CPM  Homework Help.


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