Are DIY Facial Extractions Safe?

Are DIY Facial Extractions Safe?

As social media’s influence continues to rise, it’s been shaping the skincare industry. With platforms like Instagram and TikTok exploding in popularity, nearly 80% of women say these sites are shaping their skincare routine and current trends.

With this rise in trends, you’ve likely seen facial extractions pop up on these platforms. Though these may make you squirm, they can help clear up pores.

However, before you gather the tools necessary to do this routine at home, you’ll want to stop and consider all of the risks involved. Continue reading to learn whether or not this is an easy DIY or something you should leave to the professionals.

What Exactly Is a Facial Extraction?

If you haven’t seen any videos online of facial extractions, the process may sound scarier than it is in reality. An extraction involves clearing clogged pores with hands or tools instead of using a cleanser to wash them out.

You may see videos of aestheticians using their hands or tools to apply pressure to your pores. This forces the buildup inside to the surface, helping to clear up your skin.

Exploring Dangers Involved

Though you may have been popping pimples for decades, a facial extraction is much different than bursting whiteheads.

Traditional acne builds up on the surface of your skin, making it safer to remove. Extractions, however, are different as they bring out dirt and oils from the inside of your skin.

Because the process is more involved, the risk of scarring is much higher. As you’re not a trained aesthetician, you may not know how much pressure to use or what the right tools are. This can lead to trauma and scarring, making the appearance of your skin worse.

Similarly, you’ll increase the risk of infection as sterilization of all your tools, hands, skin, and workspace may not be a top priority.

When Should You Do It Yourself?

In general, the safest blemish extractions are performed on blackheads. You’ll need to be able to identify this type of acne from other skin conditions to guarantee you aren’t making your skin worse.

You can find more information here about the different bumps you might see on your skin. This will help you identify which kind should be treated by a professional instead.

If you choose to extract a blackhead yourself, you’ll need to take extreme precautions in cleaning your hands, skin, and tools before starting. This reduces the risk of infections and spreads dirt and oils to the surrounding pores.

Take All Facial Extractions Seriously

Though it may seem easier and cheaper to DIY extractions, this can be a recipe for disaster. Leaving this process to the professionals is a surefire way to help clear up your skin and prevent it from getting worse.

If you found this guide to the dangers of at-home facial extractions informative, you’ll want to check out the rest of our blog. There, you can find more of the latest beauty and wellness tips and tricks.

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