Biking in New York City This Summer, [May 2023]

Biking in New York City

No matter your age, race, or gender, biking is universally enjoyed by millions of people around the world. Nothing invites freedom like biking. Kids gain a sense of control and independence through riding. Adults welcome their inner child or competitively unleash their beast when they roll on two wheels instead of four. Social events and collaboration are common themes in Summer and New York City, so gather a crowd or gather with a crowd to enjoy a popular outing.

Beat the Heat With Some Wind in Your Hair

If you’re young, warp to light speed; if you’re older, bolt back to the past. You don’t need hair to fly when the wind blows to benefit from its cooling touch. Summer heat gets eased away when you decide to pedal through the streets. Walking has its slow-paced benefits and subways provide warm, stagnant, often smelly breezes, but only bikes tend to create or trigger memories when you sit down and move.


Whether you choose to purchase or rent E-bikes or forward pedaling bikes for your day, the experience will remain memorable. The amount of accessories bicycles have nowadays is incredible; you’ll have no issues carrying wallets, lunches, or drinks.


Pack up your computer for an outdoor blog, latch your smartphone to your handlebars, and strap the baby in for an afternoon stroll. If you’re sightseeing, then load the binoculars and fold up the picnic blanket, everything you need for a day worth of fun will fit into a backpack. Parents like to plan ahead, so ready your men’s and women’s bikes online to minimize the electronics and focus on your family time.

Feel Like a True New Yorker

Those living in the city are already familiar with how versatile biking transportation is, but studying maps and routes can help you feel like you belong. No one wants to feel alienated or lost; tourists wear Big Apple t-shirts when they get home because their heart still belongs in New York where freedom is held high and the community is strong.

Social Events

Shut the streets down! That’s right, join thousands at events like the Summer Streets or take tours with other cyclists at the Five Boro Bike Tour; there’s no better way to feel like you run the town than to shut it down for a takeover. Breathe comfortably in the exhaust-free, pollution-free environment.

Private Events

If you prefer to stroll more privately, try the virtual ride from home, the leisure of the Twin Lights Ride, or the serenity of the Discover Hudson Valley Ride. Take a timeout, but remember to carry lots of fluids and charge your smartphone for emergencies.

Ride Stress-Free

Summer fun echoes all year; however, you’ll want to do your homework before vacation to avoid problems with electric bikes. No problem is without a solution in the Big Apple. Even if you forget to purchase or rent your gear, there’s a shop for that. Citi Bike is available as public transportation and many hotels include cycles with your stay. Food and dining remain available along all routes. And if you run out of steam, you can still board the subway with your portable vehicle or lock it safely until you can return.

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