Can You Make a Business With Wholesale T shirts?

Business With Wholesale T shirts

Can you create a business with wholesale T-shirts? You’re here to find out. It sounds pretty straightforward, right? Buy in bulk, sell with a markup—but there’s a bit more to it than that. Read on to find out more.

Understanding The Market

Do you understand the market? The t-shirt business is appealing because, let’s face it, everyone wears t-shirts. They’re a wardrobe staple. However, this universal appeal also means the market is saturated with competition. SMEs compete with high-end fashion, and not everyone will succeed.

With the right strategy, there’s plenty of room for new players. Conduct thorough market research to identify your niche. We found some interesting research that said this is how 70% of market research splits:

  1. CRM and customer satisfaction surveys = 20.7%
  2. User experience surveys = 14.2%
  3. Audience research = 13.4%
  4. Usage and behavioral studies = 11.7
  5. Market measurement = 11.6%

Who knows where the other 30% goes? Maybe that’s up to you. We know that market research before you even launch is essential.

Sourcing Wholesale T-Shirts

Reputable wholesale t shirts from websites like Wordans are essential. The ‘wholesale’ part of the equation is appealing because purchasing in bulk typically allows for better pricing, increasing your profit margin when you sell. You can follow a dropshipping model that keeps costs low and works well. However, don’t compromise on quality for a lower price. Remember, your brand’s reputation will hinge on the products you offer.

Look for reputable wholesalers who provide high-quality t-shirts. Consider factors like fabric quality, printing capabilities (if you plan to add designs), and colour variety. More importantly, look for reviews.

Branding and Marketing

Branding and marketing are your best friends. Experts say you should spend 10% of your revenue on marketing—and we’d argue that’s more now. But you have to invest it in solid, relevant marketing strategies. We love how much brands use TikTok, for example, with 5 million brands seeking expansion and success through the app (according to TikTok themselves).

Utilize social media platforms to showcase your products, engage with your audience, and build community around your brand. Consider collaborations with influencers or other brands that align with your vision. They seem to work well…most of the time.

As for your brand, a strong brand identity can differentiate your t-shirts and attract a loyal customer base. Branding should be concise, consistent, and compelling – call it the trifecta of branding.

Scaling Up

How do you scale up? Diversification can be key. Consider expanding your product range, offering custom t-shirt printing, or exploring new markets. Custom t-shirt printing is pretty niche, so it could work well.

Customer feedback is essential. Believe it or not, they’re giving you the feedback (good and bad) because they want you to listen. Yet, according to data released by HelpScout, 70% of customers who leave complaints see their complaints ignored.

Listen to what your buyers appreciate about your brand and what they think could be improved. There’s no such thing as bad press…unless you ignore it and don’t act on it. And don’t worry, not everyone is trying to be a Karen.

This insight can guide your expansion strategies, whether enhancing your product line, optimizing your online store, or refining your customer service.

Starting a business with wholesale t-shirts is more than feasible. It’s tricky, but it’s feasible. And, you have to think, there’s no such thing as starting an easy business in 2024 – it’s rare to find a market that isn’t saturated with brands. As you can see from the statistics in the introduction, the fashion industry is one of the most saturated. Still, it’s not impossible.

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