Is Kay Adams married? Her Relationship with Danny Amendola – (Updated 2024)

Kay Adams

Who is her boyfriend, Kay Adams? Is it that Former Cincinnati Bengals tight end C.J. Uzomah or New England’s Patriot Danny Amendola? Read the article below to know Kay Adams’ boyfriend and who Kay is dating.

Kay started her career as a host of the St. Louis Cardinals. Soon her career continues to increase. This girl studied communication and wanted to see herself as a media personality. The dream came true.

But there are some rumors and gossip about her love life. If you feel eager to know about the personal life of Kay Adams, then you are at the right place. Let’s go into the article’s depth to learn the facts about Kay Adams.

Who Is Kay Adams

Kay Adams has been a sports lover from a very young age. This great American personality is known for hosting a daily morning news program Good Morning Football. The show is telecasted on NFL Network.

Kay Adams Career

Kay started her career as an in-game host of the St. Louis Cardinals. After success in this career, she was involved in the fantasy football World. In this world, she came in SiriusXM’s Livin’ the Fantasy and Fantasy Drive. The show undoubtedly attracted many audiences, and they formed Kay Adams’s fan page.

After that, she got a call to host shows like DirecTV’s Fantasy Zone. Her first fantasy recap on YouTube was DraftDayMedia. It changed the life of Adams. She started to get calls to host fantasy shows. As a result, she performed in FanDuel. After that, she got selected to host Fantasy Football Live on NBC Sports Network.

The show got too much attention from the audience, making her host of Good Morning Football. Kay partnered with Star Nate Burleson, reporter Peter Schrager, and many others. Till now, Adam has hosted DirecTV’s Fantasy Zone when the football season starts.

Early Life

Kay was born in 1986, 6th April in Chicago. Kay’s parents both were Polish immigrants. When she got admitted to a school of Whitney M. Young Magnet and grew interested in media,

She studied communication at Missouri University. Once, she did a part-time job to finance her education. Her first profession was as a bartender in a sports bar.

Adams and her siblings don’t belong to a wealthy family, and her parents used to work for a long time in Chicago. So, these kids learned the value of hard work, and Kay has applied the rule in her life.

Who is Kay Adam? Has Relationship With and Who is Man Kay Is Dating With?

Kay doesn’t reveal much about her boyfriend or girlfriend. But Kay’s fan guesses about the relationship she made in March 2011 with her boyfriend. In an interview in 2012, Kay admitted that she generally has no connection. She added that men feel uncomfortable keeping relationships with a woman who knows as much about football as they do.

After three years of this interview, the fans guessed Kay’s relationship with New England’s Patriot Danny Amendola. In the recent award show 2015 ESPY, Kay displayed an affectionate scene with Danny Amendola.

Amendola was spotted with Miss Universe 2012 with Olivia Culpo as a couple in 2016. So, the doubts cleared that Kay is not having a relationship with anyone till now. Even there was no gossip about this woman’s connection to the date.

However, several tweets about Kay hint that she is dating. She also mentions having a boyfriend. To date, the name of that lucky person is unknown. One of her tweets in 2011 was that,

My boyfriend is having a tough game tonight”

At the 2015 ESPY Awards, there was a wrong message about Kay Adams’s husband. But she broke the rumor and said she has no husband and is still single. But she is now searching for a caring and supportive partner in her life.


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Q: Who is Kay Adams dating?

Kay Adams is single in her life. There was some rumor about her relationship, but now she is dating no one and focusing on her career.

Q: What is Kay Adams’s ethnicity?

Kay Adams was born in Chicago in April 1986. Her parents came from Poland, and they were immigrants. She has been willing to pursue a media career since her childhood.


This always seems overwhelming to see a lady break down the stereotypical barrier and be independent in her sense. Kay has struggled so much in her early life due to their financial condition. She had always seen her parents work hard to earn money. She dreamt about the media world, and luckily, now she is one of the celebrities in the media. She believes in working hard to get something.

All the above information is accurate, and this is what she has shared with her fans. If we get further information about this lady, we will update her soon. Don’t forget to check out other similar articles on our website, like steven rodriguez.

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