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Metal Roofing Styles and Colors for Every Home

Metal Roofing Styles and Colors for Every Home

Benefits like a 50+ year lifespan and energy savings often lead to homeowners and architects selecting metal roofing for their homes and projects. Choosing a color can be daunting, though, especially since your roofline is so visible and the shade you choose will last for decades.

Gray has recently been popular and works well with most home colors. It also looks beautiful with wood accents and natural landscapes.


Many homeowners upgrade from shingles to metal roofing for practical and aesthetic reasons. Fortunately, many different metal roof styles and colors suit any home’s style and architectural features. For example, some homeowners enjoy the look of wooden shakes, and there are now metal roof options designed to mimic the appearance of natural wood shakes. These new panels, with their crisp lines where panel edges interlock, complement a variety of homes, from traditional to contemporary.

Another popular trend in metal roofing is colors that look like natural earth tones, including browns and grays. These shades blend well with various natural surroundings and create a calming and serene atmosphere for any property. Gray is popular for homeowners looking for a neutral, versatile shade that matches any siding color.

Other popular metal roof colors include shades of red and blue. While these are less expected choices, they can make a dramatic statement for any property. These colors can be particularly striking when paired with black or white trim, and they can also work well as accents for a partial metal roof that pairs metal sections with shingle sections. Regardless of the type of home, selecting the best color for your metal roof is about more than just matching it to other exterior elements. You’ll be living with your roof every day, so it’s essential to consider your preference and choose a color that makes you happy.


A metal roof can improve the appearance of your home. However, choosing the right color is essential. It should match your home’s paint, exterior features, and the surrounding environment and neighborhood. You also want your metal roof to protect your home from the elements.

A classic metal roofing color is gray, blends well with any house paint, and creates a clean, contemporary look. You can also choose a black metal roof, which is growing in popularity due to its sleek design and eye-catching contrast.

Brown metal roofing is another popular choice that works well with light and dark houses. It’s available in various variants, from light muted taupes to rich chocolate tones. This shade of metal roofing can help complement rustic and modern styles and enhance homes in coastal areas.

If you’re looking to replicate the look of shingle roofing with the durability of metal, you can opt for a slate-inspired metal roof. This metal roof adds character to any home style with crisp lines, hidden clips, and textured finishes.

Finally, if you’re in a tropical climate, you may want to consider a bright or metallic metal roof. These colors reflect the sun’s rays, which can help reduce your energy costs.


Traditional residential metal roofing styles can help complement your home’s architecture. Some of the most popular options include shingles that emulate the look of slate or shakes and standing seam roofs with a Mediterranean or traditional finish. These classic metal roof colors can add sophistication and heritage to your property.

The natural beauty of copper roofing can also add an element of drama to your home. Available in various lustrous hues, including the classic verdigris patina, copper can elevate the appearance of dormers and bay windows, as well as turrets and cupolas. While copper is not a cost-effective choice for an entire roof, it can be used as an accent or on historic buildings to enhance the visual appeal of any home.

In the same way, a bright red metal roof can be an excellent finishing touch for log homes or colonial-style structures. In addition to the traditional blues mentioned earlier, other metal roof colors that work with a wide range of architectural styles are tan and gray. These colors can blend in with a range of siding and trim to create the perfect look for your house.


Metal roofs are available in various colors and can complement almost any home style. For example, a traditional farmhouse can be completed by a warm, earthy metal roof color like sage green. Other popular metal roofing options that can enhance the look of a conventional home include clay tile and shake-inspired styles.

Regardless of the style or tone you choose for your new roof, it must coordinate with other elements of your facade. This is especially true if you opt for a warm-tone metal roof, such as copper or rust brown. These colors are designed to stand out, so it’s essential to ensure that other coordinating materials, like shutters or doors, match.

A metal facsimile slate profile that mimics the look of natural slate is another trend that continues to grow in popularity. This roof style is available in steel, aluminum, and copper and offers the durability of metal with the aesthetic of natural slate.

Other colors experiencing a boom in the roofing industry are those that replicate earth minerals and natural metals. This is particularly true of galvalume and aluminum coated in a PVDF or SMP coating with a color that reflects how these metals look in their raw form. This look is more cost-effective than bare metal and allows homeowners to achieve the classic beauty of a natural metal roof without the risk of corroding or staining.

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