Nancy Pelosi Net Worth – $290 Million (Forbes) (June 2024)

Nancy Pelosi Net Worth
Full NameNancy Patricia Pelosi
NicknameNancy Pelosi
Date of Birth26-Mar-40
Age81 Years
BirthplaceBaltimore, Maryland, United States
Zodiac signAries
ProfessionAmerican Politician
Net worth$290 million
Political PartyDemocratic
Political HistoryChair of the California Democratic Party (1981-1983)
US House of Representatives from California (1987)
House Minority Whip (2002-2003)
Leader of the House Democratic Caucus (2003)
House Minority Leader (2011-2019)
Speaker of the US House of Representatives (2019)


Father’s NameThomas D’Alesandro Jr
Mother’s NameAnnunciata M Nancy D’Alesandro
SiblingsThomas D’Alesandro III (Brother)
Marital StatusMarried
SpousePaul Francis Pelosi
ChildrenChristine, Alexandra, Nancy Corinne, Jacqueline, Paul


SchoolAll-girls Catholic High School
InstituteInstitute of Notre Dam
CollegeTrinity College in Washington DC


Social Media accounts
YoutubeNancy Pelosi

An influential leader and one of the wealthiest members of Congress, Nancy Pelosi is an American politician serving as the Speaker of the United States House of Representatives. However, she is the only woman in the United States to hold the position of Speaker of the United States House of Representatives since 2019.

After vice president Kamala Harris, Nancy is second in the presidential line of succession. Nancy and her husband, Paul Pelosi, own an investment firm in San Francisco. Recently, a financial disclosure shows that her net worth was wrong. So that is why here we will show you Nancy Pelosi’s net worth and her political career.

Who is Nancy?

Nancy Patricia Pelosi, better known by her name Nancy Pelosi is an American politician. Currently, she has been serving as the Speaker of the United States House of Representatives since 2019.

Since 1987, Nancy has served as the United States representative from California.

However, she is the wealthiest member of the Democratic party. She is the only woman in US history to serve as a Speaker in the US House of Representatives. After Kamala Harris, she is the second in the presidential line of succession.

Nancy is the daughter of a US representative from Maryland and Mayor of Baltimore, Thomas D’ Alesandro Jr. She is better known for her controversial relationship with her opposing party.

Donald Trump tweeted that after the 2018 midterm elections, Nancy deserves to be a speaker of the United States House. In 2005, she was a primary opponent of the Iraq war to privatize Social security.

On 18 December 2019, the House representatives impeached President Donald Trump under the leadership of Nancy.

However, her political career began when she failed to meet the certification deadline in an election. She is not disappointed with these hurdles and keeps walking on her path.

Nancy Pelosi’s Net Worth

As we all know, Nancy is one of the wealthiest members of Congress. Nancy Pelosi’s net worth is $120 million through her real estate assets, stock investments, and other private assets.

But when the Centre for responsive politics compiles and analyzes the financial disclosure, her net worth falls to $43 million. The congress members were asked to show their assets and liabilities.

Then the Centre for responsive politics will show each member’s minimum and maximum net worth. In 2010, her estimated net worth was about $100 million.

But in August 2020, USA TODAY filed a report that shows her net worth was wrong, and she is $40 million in the hole.

As Nancy is passionate about politics and a hardworking lady, we can estimate her net worth will continue to increase.

nancy pelosi childhood

Early life

Nancy Patricia Pelosi, better known by her political name Nancy Pelosi was born on 26 March 1940 in Baltimore, Maryland. She was born to an Italian family and is the only girl in the family.

Her mother Annunciata M D Alesandro is from Fornelli, Isernia, Molise in South Italy. On the other hand, her father, Thomas D’Alesandro Jr, is from Genoa, Venice, Abruzzo.

Her father also has a political career. During her childhood days, her father was a Democratic Congressman from Maryland. After seven years, he became the Mayor of Baltimore.

Nancy’s mother was also active in politics. She organized a Democratic women’s party to teach her daughter the value of social networking.

From 1967 to 1971, her brother Thomas D Alessandro III also served as the mayor of Baltimore.

So we can say that Nancy belongs to a political family, it is obvious that she will also pursue her career in politics like her parents and brother.

From a very early age, she started being involved in politics. She starts going to her father’s campaign events to help him.


Nancy did her schooling at an all-girls Catholic High school in Baltimore. Later, she went to the Institute of Notre Dame for graduation in 1958.

After completing her graduation from the Institute, she joined Trinity College in Washington DC, in 1962 and received a Bachelor of Arts degree in political science.

In 1960, she interned for Senator Daniel Brewster alongside the US Representative of Maryland, Steny Hoyer.

Her Political Career

As we all know, Nancy Pelosi belongs to a political family, so obviously, she will also pursue her career in politics. In 1960, she began her political career by first interning for Senator Daniel Brewster alongside Steny Hoyer.

Later, she moved to California with her parents to pursue a career in politics. In California, she began her way up in Democratic politics by befriending 5th District congressman Phillip Burton.

In 1976, Nancy was elected as a member of the Democratic National Committee from California.

After four years, she was elected to the California Democratic Party. In 1984, Nancy served as the Democratic National Convention Host committee chairwoman.

From 1985 to 1986, Nancy served as the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee Finance Chair.

US House of Representatives

In 1983, Philip Burton died, and then Nancy decided to pursue his wife, Sala. In 1986, Sala detected cancer and decided to remove her name from reelections.

Sala mentions that she chose Nancy as her designated successor. On 1 February 1987, Sala died. On 7 April 1987, she defeated San Francisco Supervisor Harry Britt and won the election.

Later, she defeated a Republican candidate Harriet Ross and took office. However, Nancy self-identified as representing one of the safest Democratic districts in the country.

In 1968, she won the regular election and was reelected another 16 times. During her race against Harriet Ross, she did not participate in any candidate’s debate.

She is also known for contributing the most money among congress members to other congressional progressions from 2000 to 2002.

Home Minority Leader

In the 2010 midterm elections, Democrats lost 63 seats and control to the House of Representatives to the Republicans. Then Nancy decided to lead the House Democratic as a Minority leader.

But her decision was challenged by conservative Democratic representative Heath Shuler. On 17 November 2017, Nancy won against Shuler and was elected as the minority leader.

In November 2011, Nancy and other congress members used the information from closed sessions to make money in the Stock market.

After one year, the Stop Trading on Congressional Knowledge Act was introduced, and she decided to vote for it.

From 2007 to 2011, she served as the Speaker of the United States House of Representatives.

Later in January 2019, she has sworn in again as a speaker. In 1955, she became the first person, after Sam Rayburn, to be reelected as the Speaker for non-consecutive terms.

During the first term of President Donald Trump, she became a Speaker for the second time. According to American Civil Liberties Union’s Congressional scorecard, she has a rating of 92% vote.

Nancy is better Known for holding political positions like human rights, LGBT rights, Economy, Education, Environment, Health care, and Gun Laws.

Personal Life

Nancy married an American businessman Paul Francis Pelosi. They both met in college and fell in love. However, they both got married on 7 September 1963 in Baltimore at the Cathedral of Mary Our Queen.

After getting married, they shifted to New York. In 1969, Nancy and her husband moved to San Francisco. Her brother-in-law Paul Pelosi was a member of the City and County of San Francisco’s Board of Supervisors.

Nancy Corrine, Christine, Jacqueline, Paul, and Alexandra are the five children of Nancy and Paul Pelosi.

Her child Alexandra is an American journalist and filmmaker who covered the Republican presidential campaign. However, Alexandra also created a film to share her experience, Journeys with George.

On the other hand, Christine is an American Democratic Party political strategist. She published the book Basic Training for Future Leaders in 2007.

According to the financial disclosure report, she owns a combined home and vineyard in St. Helena, California, a townhouse in Loomis, California, and two commercial buildings in San Francisco.

Depending on the stock investments, real estate, and other private assets, Paul and Nancy’s net worth ranges from $43 million to $202 million.

Wrapping up

So here is everything you want to know about Nancy Pelosi’s net worth in this article. However, she is one of the most influential and wealthiest members of Congress, currently serving as the Speaker of the United States House of Representatives. Nancy is the second lady in the presidential line of succession after Kamala Harris. If so, do not forget to follow our website for more exciting articles like this!

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