5 Shop Essentials That Make Your Job Easier

Shop Essentials That Make Your Job Easier

You already know that tools like impact and torque wrenches are essential for getting repairs done correctly. However, these basic tools aren’t the only ones you should have in your shop. Investing in the following essentials can help make your work easier and faster.

How to Make Your Job Easier

1. Flexible Lighting

It is incredibly hard to diagnose a problem or complete a repair project without sufficient lighting where you need it. In an automotive shop, that can mean getting creative to see into some otherwise awkward spots. These situations are made easier with flexible lighting solutions

Drop lights, magnetic stick lights, and telescoping flexible lights can all help you illuminate otherwise hard-to-reach places.

2. Anti-Seize Grease

Anti-Seize Grease

Auto engines and undercarriage face some pretty extreme conditions. High temperatures, moisture, and chemical exposure are just a few. These can take their toll on metal components, leading to corrosion and galling in threaded connections.

Anti-seize is perfect for these situations. In addition to helping prevent corrosion, galling, and seizing of bolts, it also makes it easier to fasten and remove nuts and bolts. This is important for preventing damage to parts that are frequently removed or changed.

3. Storage Bins

Every shop has hundreds, if not thousands, of small parts and fasteners lying around. Keeping them neat and organized makes it much easier to find exactly what you need when you need it. Many have dividers or individual drawers to keep your supplies separated according to type, size, and material. You can buy them pre-labelled with certain tools and part assortments or create your own for a customized approach.

4. Gloves

A good pair of mechanics gloves should protect against abrasion and common chemicals found in the shop. They should also fit well. While those gloves may be your go-to choice for certain jobs, others require a different solution. There are many times when it makes more sense to reach for a pair of disposable gloves. Vinyl and latex options will protect you from grease, paint, and cleaners, and you don’t have to worry about damaging them in the process.

5. Cable Ties

Versatile zip ties are great for a number of quick tasks around the shop, plus they are affordable enough to be considered disposable. You can use them to temporarily hold wires together and out of the way while you make repairs or to keep them secure long-term.  They are also great for keeping other supplies neat and organized.

Work Smarter, Not Harder

Professional-quality tools are vital for getting repairs done right. Basic shop essentials, such as anti-seize, gloves, and storage containers, make it easier to get everyday jobs done efficiently and correctly.

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