Stargirl – Essential Storytelling in a TV Show

Stargirl - Essential Storytelling in a TV Show

Putting together a superhero TV show and series isn’t a breakthrough concept for today’s cable or regular channel entertainment. In fact, superhero TV shows were a regular staple back in the 1950s and 1960s with the earliest characters of Superman and Batman & Robin, and even earlier with the Lone Ranger & Tonto. However, with no argument, the paradigm continues to be a draw for younger audiences, particularly those who like to be told a story. Even better, modern superhero shows that continue to grow big audiences all have one thing in common, a solid arcing storyline that acts like an umbrella over all the individual episodes, tying them together for a season finale. Similar to soap operas, some of the best superhero shows have pulled together extensive responses to this same strategy.

Geoff Johns is no stranger to writing solid storylines for superheroes. His portfolio of work with DC Universe heroes like the Flash and Arrow has already established some of the successful peaks he’s established in TV land, well before his regular DC work. So, when he took on the Stargirl project, Johns knew it needed a key element to make the show work in the same way. Geoff Johns worked on the human element and made sure it was a primary story-telling component of the show, bringing Stargirl up to the same caliber as his previous work as a result.

If the show had been an unknown sleeper created by a brand new team, Stargirl might have gotten lost in the new show pitch bin. There were already more than enough superhero shows running on TV in a crowded market. Fortunately, with Geoff Johns on board, the project had credibility already established from the start. However, that alone doesn’t make a TV superhero show successful; it needs substance. That’s where Geoff Johns’ work came into play. Stargirl crafted a presentation that resonated with its audience, bringing them back for more. Now in season 3, Stargirl has the potential to go a lot further, even for Season 4. A lot depends on the network managers agreeing that the story arc can continue and is worth the investment.

There’s a lot of promise in Stargirl, and it provides a great template for subsequent creators to follow. The show gives homage to previous successful superhero TV shows, as well as the original genre they borrow from, comic books. And in that regard, Geoff Johns continues a tradition that hopefully sees further success in Season 4 of Stargirl.

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