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Signs That It’s Time To Call The Plumber

Time To Call The Plumber


The toilet is plugged up, so being a handy dandy DIYer, you go through all the usual steps- hot water, baking soda, and plunger. You think maybe you have the situation under control, so you try flushing one last time to see what happens… Oops! Nasty, stinky dark water fills the bowl and then continues to flow over the sides, making your bathroom into an open sewer! It’s time to throw in the towel and summon some professional help!

It’s not always easy to know when it’s best to step aside with the DIY and ring up your trusty Plumber in Newcastle to come set things to rights! There are a lot of minor plumbing problems you can manage yourself with a bit of knowledge and elbow grease, but there are also times when you had best not attempt something that will get you in over your head! The following are some signs that you should reach for the phone instead of the plunger!

  1. No Water You turn on the tap and nothing happens, it’s as dry as desert sand, not a drip! There are a variety of possible causes, blocked-up pipes, frozen pipes, and a massive leak, and none of them bode well for an easy fix. It’s time to call the plumber!
  2. No Hot Water It’s time for a nice, soothing shower, but the water coming out of the hot tap is as cold as a penguin’s feet! While perhaps not on the level of disaster that having no water at all might portend, it’s still likely to be a big problem. First, find out if anyone else took a shower before you did and ran the hot water tank out. If that’s not the culprit you had best not take matters into your own inexperienced hands, faulty water heaters and tanks can be dangerous, so get expert help. It’s time to call the plumber!
  3. Bad Smell Something stinks in your home, and it smells like- well, you can probably guess! First, take a walk about the house to see if you can find the source, it may just turn out that your pooch had a bit of an accident before he could get out to the yard, poor fella! If that’s not the case then it probably means you have a major blockage or break in the sewer system- remember what happened to our unlucky DIYer earlier, and don’t make the same mistake! It’s time to call the plumber!
  4. The Drains Won’t Drain If water is pooling in your bathtub or sinks, it’s probably because there is a clogged pipe somewhere in the house. You can try some of those DIY home remedies, but if the lemon juice and baking soda are just making the water level higher, it’s a problem that is beyond your ability to solve! You know what to do now, right? It’s time to call the plumber!

In Conclusion:

The Australian Government has some thoughts on home water use. We hope today’s advice helps you to make the right decision if you have a major plumbing problem. We probably don’t need to say it again, but we will anyway- It’s time to call the plumber!

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