Top Music Production Software That Musicians Should Definitely Have on Their List

Top Music Production Software

Whether you’re a professional seeking to upgrade their arsenal or someone who has just started their musician career, having the right tool can certainly help you do wonders. Creating a symphony is art, and engaging your audience in the manner you want is achievable when you’re using music software.

Well, the only thing that you need to worry about is finding the right one for your needs. The market is filled with numerous music software that have unique elements designed for various purposes.

However, not all of them are compatible with what you’re producing or what you need. That is why you need to assess them according to your production requirements. Fortunately, we’re listing some music software below that professionals and novices can use.

These are amazing when it comes to production and can help reduce the overall workload of the production phase significantly. So, let’s check them out:

Pro Tools 12

If you have any experience with any digital audio workstation (DAW), then you know that Pro Tools is truly pro. It comes with an Avid severed M-Box that allows you to use any audio interface with the software anywhere you go.

In addition, it comes with some exciting features, including:

1. Supports up to 512 instruments and 1024 MIDI tracks

2. A great choice for handling bigger projects

3. Added 120 bonus plugins

Moreover, you can choose between Pro Tools and Pro Tools Ultimate. Each carries its own number of track-recording abilities and hard-wired input/output capabilities. If you’re using it for the first time, you can easily download all the updates and then move them to a portable device for use on any device later. To ensure that you download all the updates correctly, you can rely on stable internet from WOW Internet Service so that you can download your software updates without any hassle.

Reason 12

Reason from Reason Studios is also one of the best music software that you can count on for your music production needs. The studio house is famous for plugins and effects added to their software, and Reason 12 is no different.

It comes with some exciting features that make it quite appealing to music enthusiasts, including:

1. Mimic – a modern sampler for beatmakers and producers

2. Quick and immediate musical functions such as triggering, chopping, etc.

3. Huge sound bank with more than 29,000 device patches

4. Unique Matrix Pattern Sequencer for track controlling (up to 32 steps/ pattern)

In addition, you also get VST support as well as an Ableton Live link, which makes it even more compatible for music producers. Again, you’ll need to check it according to your requirements to make the final decision.

Logic Pro X

If you’re looking for something under a budget, going for the Logic Pro X is a great idea. This tool comes with affordable pricing, yet it holds all the required tools that one would need for an amazing music production.

Apart from this, it comes with some splendid features, including:

1. Smart Tempo that allows reading and matching BPM

2. Stick plugins for reverb, vintage, etc.

3. Upgraded drummer patches for different musical genres

4. Logic Remote app turning your smartphone into a controller

5. Tracking capabilities

6. Super intuitive modulation functions

The Logic Pro X is a great music software that’s equipped with some appealing features, making it a budget-friendly choice, especially for beginners.

Ableton Live

We mentioned Ableton Live earlier; however, now’s the time to shed some light on this amazing software. Ableton Live is a great tool for DJs. Hip-hop beat creators and others of the domain. It offers a great deal of features that are perfect for beat makers, whether professional or novice.

Some of these features include:

1. Three versions that you can choose from

2. Unlimited audio and MIDI tracks

3. 12 send and return busses for effects

4. 256 mono ins and outs

5. MIDI input capturing for live programming, etc.

6. 1800 different built-in sounds

In addition, it has 37 audio effects and 14 MIDI effects (for Standard Version). Perhaps the killer thing about it is the comping capability that allows organizing multiple passes of audio or MIDI performance, linking two or more tracks, and the ability to edit them simultaneously. It’s truly a magical tool to get.

Presonus Studio One 5 Artist

From the house of Presonus, Studio One 5 has surely made its mark in the market with its amazing capabilities and the ability to work in any DAW environment. It’s listed as one of the worthy choices in the market that any musician can surely opt for.

Amongst the noteworthy features, Studio One brings:

1. Single-window yet streamlined working environment, minimizing tab switching

2. Simultaneous audio recording

3. Smart MIDI sequencing

4. Drag and drop loop coming

5. 30 native effect plugins

6. Built-in Melodyne functionality

It’s one of the hottest tools to buy from the market that offers an extraordinary level of pitch correction that any musician would wish for.

Closing Thoughts

Again, with so many choices at your disposal, it can be a hassle picking the right one. However, we’ve listed some top options above that you can evaluate and choose from quickly. So, what’s stopping you from creating and launching your music?

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