Wedding Attire for Men: Everything You Need to Know

Wedding Attire for Men: Everything You Need to Know

More than 50% of men from a survey claimed they felt stressed when they couldn’t wear their preferred suit to a wedding.

Since the wedding dress typically precedes the groom’s outfit, it’s important to consider what you want.

If you want to feel happy and confident on your big day, here are a few tips to follow that are great for groomsmen too!

Keep reading to learn everything you need to know about wedding attire for men for your big day ad beyond!

For Your Big Day

One of the best times to look for wedding attire for men is when you’re about to say, ‘I do!’

When it comes to buying a suit for your big day, you have the most control over your options. Talk to your partner about the desired color scheme and theme so your suit stands out amongst the crowd. Your partner shouldn’t be the only one rocking an impressive outfit, you’ll complement each other from the start.

It’s common for men to wear tuxedos if they are the ones getting married. These are one of the fanciest outfits for weddings and your partner will love the sharp look! Black, navy, and gray are some of the most popular colors men choose but don’t be afraid to get something else.

Textured materials and bright colors can bring a suit to life and help you stand out next to your other half.

Visit a Tailor

Many Mens wedding bands are worthy of showing off, but if your cuff links fall too low, they won’t be seen.

There’s nothing worse than looking at wedding photos and realizing your suit was a bit too snug or way too big. If you have a wedding attire checklist, add a stop to the tailor to the top. A tailor can ensure a perfect fit and help you look your best at the altar.

If you ordered your suit online, give yourself plenty of time to get it to the tailor. Depending on the necessary adjustments, the tailor may require several weeks to complete the project.

When You’re the Groomsman

If you’re standing up at a wedding, you don’t have to put too much thought into what you’re wearing.

The bride and groom typically decide what each party will wear. If you have the option, select slim or wide-fitting clothes that fit your body-style best. You don’t have to wear an uncomfortable suit for someone else’s wedding if you can customize the fit.

Ask the groom if there are specific shoes, shirts, and ties you should wear. They may also require you to wear an accessory, especially if it was a gift from the groom. The sooner you can get your suit fitted, the better odds you have of shining in photographs.

Guidelines for Attending as a Guest

You can get away with more casual outfits for weddings when you aren’t standing up at the bridal party or with the family.

If you’re a friend or coworker, you don’t want to outshine the people that matter most. You can wear formal or semi-formal outfits that look nice and respectable. To avoid standing out in wedding photos, make sure your outfit is appropriate for the location and theme of the wedding.

At the end of the day, it’s better to over-dress for an event rather than under-dress for one. Bring a jacket if the wedding is outdoors, just ensure that it’s stylish and won’t make a lot of noise. Winter and fashion coats can make noise with each movement and ruin special moments for the lucky couple.

Give Yourself a Budget

No matter what event is happening, you should always start with a strong and realistic budget.

Setting a budget will prevent you from going into debt and owing monthly payments. Many men make the mistake of renting their suits. If you want to make the most of your money, consider buying a suit that’s on sale or at a reasonable price.

You’d be surprised to discover high-quality options online and in stores. When you order a rental, the overall cost tends to exceed the cost of a 3-piece suit. Aside from the suit, you’ll need comfortable shoes, socks, and accessories.

If you’re on a strict budget, you can mix and match pieces to create new fashion statements. Your wedding attire budget should include all of the items you want, you can look online for average prices.

What About Cocktail Attire?

Cocktail attire doesn’t have a specific category, which leaves many guests confused about what to wear.

If you’re going to a cocktail hour or attire wedding you don’t need to put a suit and tie on, but you should avoid going too casual. Unique shirts and abstract designs are perfect for weddings, just make sure you avoid the color white. You want to wear something with character, but not draw attention away from the most important people.

When grooms wear cocktail attire for their weddings, they look for velvet jackets, bright shoes, and patterned pants.

Winning With Wedding Attire for Men

Weddings are exciting but there any many details to consider and you don’t want to look overwhelmed.

By utilizing this guide, you can wear the most appropriate wedding attire for men, whether you’re the one saying ‘I do,’ or someone else. The groom and groomsmen must look clean and sharp for photos and accessories can help you shine. Don’t forget to check with the groom about any clothing restrictions or requirements.

When you take time to find the right suit and get it tailored, you will look and feel confident.

Make sure you check out our page for more content about planning a wedding and looking your best!

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