What to Look for When Hiring a Supply Planning Employee

What to Look for When Hiring a Supply Planning Employee

Do you find yourself out of stock on certain supplies? Or unsure of what to order?

If you own or run a business, then you need a supply planning employee. An employee with this special skill will ensure your organization remains stocked at all times and identifies areas your team may overlook when it comes to planning for the future.

So how do you find a supply planning employee for your business? What are you looking for?

This article will outline how to hire and what to look for when finding the right employee for the job. Read on!


Education should include a strong background in the basics of supply chain planning. This may include a degree in business or operations management or even supply chain management. It is also important that the employee have courses in statistical analysis, forecasting, and data analysis.

In addition, they must have knowledge of the latest planning technologies and common supply chain planning processes. This way, the employee can use the knowledge they have gained to develop and maintain supply chain plans that are effective and efficient. It is important that the prospective employee has the education required to perform in the position.

Communication and Coordination

When it comes to hiring a supply planning employee, communication and coordination are two of the most important characteristics to look for. Communication involves the ability to explain and discuss ideas. Plus, they must plan strategies on time.

Coordination involves the ability to focus on tasks and coordinate efforts while ensuring that protocols and procedures are followed. A supply planning employee needs to be able to both communicate and coordinate in order for them to be successful. Without effective communication and coordination, projects will be hindered.

Ensure that the chosen logistics candidate is able to communicate and coordinate in an effective manner. This will provide the framework for a successful business operation. It is important to pay attention to these two qualities when choosing a supply planning employee.

Interpersonal Skills

An employee with strong interpersonal skills will be able to communicate with different parties. They will also maintain successful working relationships. Interpersonal skills also extend to problem-solving.

This is vital for any supply chain recruiting that is often required to make quick decisions in challenging situations. Also, interpersonal skills enable an employee to build trust with various stakeholders.

They will show the ability to manage a team. Thus, when hiring a supply planning employee, look for someone who can communicate, problem solve, build trust, and manage a team.


A motivated employee will be willing and often eager to put in the hard work to achieve results. They will have the passion to do whatever it takes to bring success to the company by managing the supply chain and ensuring it is running. Furthermore, such employees are outstanding problem solvers.

They have the drive and the determination to identify supply chain problems. They must come up with innovative solutions and implement them. When employees are motivated, they will stay inspired and be able to complete the tasks given to them on time.

For these reasons, it is essential to search for a motivated employee when hiring for a supply planning position. They will go the extra mile to ensure the supply chain works and help bring success to the business.

Team Player

A team player is someone who puts the team’s interests first and is willing to compromise to get the best outcome for the team. This type of employee is collaborative and willing to listen to others’ ideas. They are also willing to take a leadership role when necessary and aren’t afraid to make tough decisions.

Having a team player on board will be beneficial for the whole team. They are able to drive projects forward, create a spirit of collaboration and provide moral support when needed. Lastly, team players are often the most productive as they have the motivation to get the job done faster and better.

Problem-Solving and Decision-Making

When hiring a supply planning employee, one should look for familiarity with problem-solving skills and decision-making processes. Do they have experience in making difficult decisions while considering the company goals and current market activities? Are they able to analyze situations and data and make informed decisions?

Furthermore, the employee should be able to work without much direction. When a supply planning employee is confident in their ability to think independently and make decisions with minimal supervision, it will bring added value to the company.

Attention to Details

Unlike other departments within an organization, supply planning requires individuals who can pay attention to even the most minute details. Small details can have a significant effect on the performance of the supply chain. For example, a supply planning employee must factor in the risks involved in obtaining resources.

They need to take into account fluctuating raw material prices and other factors. Another point to consider is the accuracy of request fulfillment and the delivery of goods.

A good supply planning employee will be able to assess the best way to deliver goods on time. They should have an in-depth understanding of the factors that could affect demand.

Inventory, Finance, and Supplier Management Experience

In this role, the individual must have knowledge and experience in inventory management, inventory financing, and procurement of suppliers. They should be able to check supplier contracts. They must also analyze sourcing data to understand disruption risks and negotiate the best terms.

The individual must be knowledgeable of financial metrics. This is to ensure that purchasing objectives are met within the budget. They must be able to look for areas of cost savings, make recommendations to improve supply chain management, and understand global trends and the current market value of the goods and supplies being procured.

Look Within the Company

One important thing to look for when hiring this type of employee is to look within the company first. Chances are, if you’ve given your staff members the right tools and resources, you’ll find qualified team members that are up to the task. Going through the entire hiring process from scratch is time-consuming and expensive.

If you already have qualified logistics candidates within the company, it can help reduce costs and ensure the hiring process is done. Additionally, those that are already employed by the organization will have proven loyalty and a strong dedication to the success of the business.

When hiring supply chain talent, be sure to learn more at With the resources and tips they have available, you can find the right hire for your company.

The Ability to Use Various Software Programs

This skill is important in today’s world. Many businesses use software programs to optimize their supply chains. This means it is important for planners to know how to use these programs.

A supply planning employee should have a working knowledge of common supply chain software programs. This includes things such as SAP, Oracle, Microsoft Dynamics, and JDA. Using these will help streamline their supply planning processes.

They should also be able to learn new software programs as needed. This can be crucial as companies may switch their existing systems or introduce new ones in the future. By hiring a supply planning employee with the ability to use these software programs, businesses can optimize their supply chains and stay ahead of the competition.

Proven Track Record of Reducing Costs

Reducing costs is imperative for a company’s success. An employee must have a demonstrated ability to negotiate better terms with suppliers. They must streamline processes and/or introduce new technologies that reduce the costs associated with producing and delivering materials.

Additionally, an employee must have a proven track record of identifying and implementing strategies that save costs on labor, taxes, and overhead expenses. It is always a great quality to have when looking for a supply planning employee. This type of employee is a key asset in any company’s business operations.

Expertise in Using Various Supply Chain Management Systems

When looking to hire a supply planning employee, expertise in using various supply chain management systems should be one of the primary things to consider. As a system for planning and managing the flow of goods and services throughout the supply chain, supply chain management systems contain a variety of tools used to streamline operations.

It is important for supply planning employees to be proficient in the use of the systems. They are tasked with optimizing the flow of goods and services across the supply chain.

A qualified supply planning employee should have the skills needed to manage, develop, and staff the supply chain management systems. This allows them to expect changes and adjust plans. In addition, having a deep understanding of the systems allows for better tracking of issues and efficient resolution of any supply chain challenges that may arise.

Hire the Right Supply Planning Employee Now

When hiring a supply planning employee, companies should look for someone who possesses strong problem-solving and analytical skills, a proactive mindset, and excellent communication skills. Additionally, they must have knowledge and experience in the supply planning area.

Companies should not settle for anything less than the best when looking for such an important position. So don’t delay; hire a top-class supply planning employee today!

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