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Why A Real Estate Influencer Like Jake Leicht Can Up Your Sales Game


A person who is able to attract individuals and influence the choices that people make about their purchases is referred to as an influencer. Someone with this level of authority, position, or knowledge of the audience, or relationship, is speaking.

A significant following in a particular or several niches, with whom the influencer may actively interact, is another characteristic of an influencer. Additionally, influencer marketing is a crucial component of every successful business strategy, and the real estate sector is no exception.

Instead of concentrating on the target demographic, real estate influencers pay attention to those who already have significant sway in the industry. Finding individuals who have a big effect on future tenants, purchasers, and sellers is one of the tasks assigned to marketers. The marketers will next develop an efficient marketing strategy in addition to a variety of activities centered on real estate influencers.


In order to entice prospective followers

The marketing strategies that influencers utilize are varied. Relationships are often the foundation of influence marketing. Because of this, the most effective people in influential positions layout tactics to safeguard the connections they have. They are included in advertising activities in order to bring in followers.


To Provide Proof of Achievement

An influential person in the real estate industry might provide evidence of their achievement in marketing postings. For example, you can learn more about Jake Leicht through his posts. They make the postings more approachable to visitors and encourage them to be more successful in their endeavors.

In Order to Target the Appropriate Market

When it comes to promoting the real estate firm, having the proper real estate influencer may make a major difference. If the person you are working with as an influencer has a significant number of followers, they will be able to assist you in reaching the intended demographic and achieving the desired outcomes.

To Influence the Trust of Customers

A degree of credibility that has already been established may be attributed to a real estate influencer’s pre-existing connection with their audiences. They unquestionably have the ability to sway the perspectives of customers.

Marketing to People of Influence in the Real Estate Industry

When it comes to real estate, the purpose of using influencer marketing is to interact with your prospective customers by offering material that they will find to be interesting and helpful. Because of this, they will see you in a more favorable way as a consequence of their attraction to you.

Even when you see the promise that a new marketing tactic has for expanding your real estate company, it may be nerve-wracking to include that tactic in your marketing plan. However, real estate agents are a perfect match for influencer marketing because of their job. It’s really simply an extended kind of word-of-mouth marketing if you think about it that way. Here are some ways to assist your firm to adopt influencer marketing over time.

Don’t Change a Thing

Enlarge the scope of what you mean by “face-to-face interaction.” Seek out online real estate seminars you’d be interested in attending and sign up for relevant online discussion groups. Create connections with people in real life as well as online. Opportunities are still created via personal connections, and those connections are cultivated through interaction.

Expand Your Concept of What Constitutes an Influencer

It’s possible that the amount of an influencer’s following won’t be the most important element in determining their level of success in the relationship-focused world of real estate. It’s possible that you already have connections with a number of low-key influencers that have the potential to positively affect your company. Look through your current Rolodex, both digital and physical, with fresh eyes.

Apply the same strategies you use for traditional lead generation to your influencer marketing. Include prospective influencers in your customer relationship management system and keep a record of website visits, connections made, and ideas discussed. Investing time and energy into developing strong relationships with key opinion leaders will pay off in the long run for your marketing efforts.

Invest Some Time on the Internet

Create an account on each social media site that is relevant to your company and continue to grow it. Participate in the activities that take place in the locations frequented by your current as well as potential customers. Find people who have power on those platforms and post stuff that you like, respect, and admire, and look for them. Spend some time engaging with their material by commenting on it and sharing it.

Creating a Marketing Strategy That Is More Formalized Around Influencers

First, think about what you can provide the influencer in exchange for their help. Both relationship marketing and influencer marketing need two-way communication to be successful. Give value to influencers by discovering methods to assist them first, for as by promoting the material they produce or bringing in new followers. You should anticipate having a conversation with an influencer well before you seek them for assistance.


As you begin to see organic success as a result of the influencer marketing efforts you have been putting forth, you may want to think about reinvesting your money in targeted banner ads, pay-per-click advertising, and geo-targeted advertisements in order to get your name out there in places where people are searching for you specifically.

Consider working with an influencer marketing agency that specializes in introducing brands to influential people in a certain industry. When it comes to performing preliminary research or when you’re having trouble locating the ideal influencers for your geographic region and the services you provide, these platforms may be very helpful.

It is essential that you place a primary emphasis on developing the aspects of your online presence that have shown to be most successful. You are now in the midst of developing your own sphere of influence, and the most important thing you can do is continue doing what has been successful up to this point.

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