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Why Do People Abuse Drugs?

Why Do People Abuse Drugs?

More than 90% of people who have an addiction started to drink alcohol or use drugs before they were 18 years old. For many people, trying drugs isn’t an issue, but abuse is.

Why do people abuse drugs? There is rarely one answer to this question, but there are a variety of things that may be the cause.

Let’s take a look at everything there is to know about drug abuse advice and the reasons why it occurs.

Family History and Genetics

The presence of drug abuse in one’s family or genetic characteristics can contribute to the risk of developing an addiction.  Those that have certain genetic characteristics, such as low serotonin levels, are also more likely to abuse drugs due to their brain chemistry. In the end, both family history and genetics play a role in a person’s decision to abuse drugs and have a hand in developing an addiction.

Prescription Drugs

People purposely tamper with the dosage amounts or methods of ingesting pills to get higher or treat a condition differently than prescribed. While some people believe their doctor withholds the best treatments for them, this is not usually the case.

People may also choose to abuse prescription drugs as a way to cope with underlying emotional issues or simply because they find the effects to be enjoyable.

Peer Pressure

This can be especially prevalent in those uncertain of their identities and looking for ways to fit in. They may succumb to the pressure of their peers, fear not fitting in, and use drugs to try to feel like they are part of the group.

Unfortunately, this can lead to greater experimentation with drugs and even addiction. People may also abuse drugs because their friends are using them, and they don’t want to seem left out.

Mental Health Disorder

The use of drugs can trigger a number of negative physical and mental health outcomes, including the potential for addiction, health complications, and negative social consequences.

To protect their mental and physical health, it is important that people with mental health disorders avoid using drugs and instead seek out evidence-based treatments such as therapy, medications, and lifestyle modifications.

Curiosity and Experimentation

Curiosity and experimentation may lead to tolerance, dependency, and even addiction. There is also a higher risk for those with a pre-existing mental or physical health issue or history of substance abuse in their families. People may have behavioral, emotional, and psychological issues that could increase their chances of drug abuse, leading to a series of detrimental consequences.

Abuse and Trauma

This trauma can lead to an individual resorting to drugs as a way to cope with their painful memories or as an attempt to escape their suffering. This kind of drug abuse can also signal unresolved psychological issues. Find here a support group that provides resources for those struggling with drug abuse.

The Interplay Of Factors On Why Do People Abuse Drugs

Drug abuse is a serious issue that needs to be addressed. People choose to abuse drugs for many reasons, ranging from peer pressure and addiction to mental health and poverty. To prevent drug abuse and its related consequences, addiction treatment and mental health treatments are essential.

We must take action and spread awareness of why people abuse drugs. Talk to your local healthcare and social service providers today to find out how you can help in this fight.

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