Wood Roach vs Cockroach: What Are the Differences?

Wood Roach vs Cockroach: What Are the Differences?

There are over 4,000 species of cockroaches. There are four common species found in North America, all closely resembling each other.

These four species of cockroach are often confused with another member of the cockroach family, called wood roaches.

While these critters look similar to the untrained eye, they’re very different. Keep reading to learn more about the differences between a wood roach Vs cockroach.

Cockroach Guide

The species of cockroach found in America include American cockroaches, German cockroaches, Oriental cockroaches, and Brown-banded cockroaches. These cockroaches are from the Blattidae order.

Cockroaches are common household pests. They are attracted to human settlements because they are good sources of food.

They usually have dark red and brown coloring. Their size varies but they’re just smaller than a thumb when fully grown. They only develop their wings once they reach their full size.

Cockroaches are light-sensitive and will hide in the dark corners of your home. If you turn on a light, they’ll scurry for darkness. You’re also less likely to notice them roaming around during the day.

Once cockroaches get into your home, it’s hard to get them out. They enjoy the warmth as a good breeding ground, and they have access to food and water.

Wood Roach Guide

Now you might be wondering, “what is a wood roach, and how is it different from a cockroach?” This is a valid question since they appear identical to the untrained eye. Wood roaches come from the Ectobiidae family, a different type of roach family to cockroaches.

A wood roach is, on average, smaller than a cockroach. Wood roaches are a lighter brown or beige shade. Roaches have wings or wing buds, unlike cockroaches who don’t form wings until their final growth stage.

When it comes to being pests, wood roaches are less invasive than cockroaches. Wood roaches prefer the outdoors, and only ever end up inside houses by accident.

They prefer to live in the woods, in rotting logs, or under dying or uprooted trees. They breed in loose tree bark. If they accidentally end up in your home, they will likely die if you don’t remove them. But you don’t have to kill them, they’ll happily be relocated outside.

Wood roaches aren’t light sensitive, so if you turn on a light they won’t go scurrying away. They also won’t try to hide when crawling around during the day. Since most bug sprays and insecticides are designed for cockroaches, these sprays are less effective on wood roaches.

Wood roaches are also a good source of food for pets that eat bugs. Click here to find more.

The Difference Between a Wood Roach vs Cockroach

Now that you know the difference between a wood roach vs cockroach, you know how to react when you find one in your home. Wood roaches are small, resistant to bug spray, and easily moved back outside.

Cockroaches seek out human settlements and are difficult to remove.

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