Here’s Why You Should Consider Working as a Private Investigator

Working as a Private Investigator

Do you love watching crime shows and reading mystery novels? Have a burning passion for discovering the truth? Looking to start your career in a fascinating field or want to change jobs to pursue intellectually stimulating and fulfilling work? If any of the above describes you, working as a private investigator might be just the thing for you. Day in and day out, you can conduct discreet investigations, perhaps solving crimes, finding missing persons, or otherwise uncovering the truth.

Many people looking to perform investigative work join police departments. This is a great choice for many, but future investigators should also consider working in the private sector. Further, some police detectives may decide they need a change of scenery and pace. If so, hopping into the private field may be the best choice.

The Cases Private Investigators Take On

While police officers and other government detectives are sometimes saddled with non-detective work, say writing parking tickets, private investigators can often focus on investigating. Besides cracking crimes and finding missing people, a private investigator might uncover an unfaithful spouse or a shady business committing illegal activities. Further, sometimes legal authorities turn to private investigators to track down fugitives who skipped out on bail or otherwise ran from the law. Meanwhile, banks and other financial institutions might need help tracking down debtors who are refusing to pay up.

Whatever the specifics, many people will find the work intellectually stimulating. You may have to track and monitor criminals and their associates. This requires a lot of thinking on your feet and an ability to blend in, just like the best intelligence spies. If you’re tech-savvy, you may find yourself hunting through computer files and the World Wide Web, uncovering clues and evidence.

Further, society is constantly evolving. Technologies change. Laws change. Shared views change. So on and so forth. As a private investigator, you may gain access to exciting new tools and opportunities. This way, you can always sharpen your skills and expand your knowledge. In and of itself, this may enrich your life.

Private Investigator Stats You Should Know

The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that more than 38,000 people worked as private investigators in 2022. This number is expected to expand in the years ahead. The average PI enjoys a salary in excess of $50,000 a year. This is already a great salary, but if you work as a cyber investigator, you may have an easier time making even more. Of course, if you become a top investigator, you may end up being one of the highest earners in the field no matter what you focus on.

Breaking Into the PI Field

So, how can you get started? Often, the journey starts with an investigation of your own. You can track down PI jobs and other opportunities by searching the web, asking people for recommendations, or pounding the pavement, among other things.

One method is to search online for investigative firms in your hometown or local area. You might search for a private investigator in Seattle, for example. If you have language skills, put those to use and conduct searches in the languages you know. You might search in Spanish, for investigador privado Las Vegas for example. Language skills are very valuable, and an investigative company may be especially interested in you as a candidate owing to those skills.

A college degree in criminology may also help. A technology degree or similar training and experience could go a long way if you want to focus on cyber investigations. You could also go to a police academy and work as an officer of the law for a few years before jumping into the private sector. Ultimately, there are many paths you can take.

Sometimes, private investigators leave the field. The good news is that they often find great opportunities to use their honed skills working for governments, corporate security departments, and various other organizations. Many PIs also go on to found their own investigative firm. This way, you can be both an entrepreneur and an investigator. Ultimately, there are plenty of opportunities.

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