5 Secret Ways to Save on Travel Expenses

5 Secret Ways to Save on Travel Expenses

What are 5 Secret Methods to Save Money on Travel Expenses?

Nowadays, travelling is an opportunity that many people can’t afford. With the increased fuel costs and staff shortages, most major airlines have been forced to raise prices to compensate for everything. However, travelling doesn’t have to feel impossible if you take the necessary steps to save money on travel expenses. If you can implement strategies during planning, you may have a better chance of travelling under a reasonable budget.

Take a look at five secret ways to save on travel expenses that you might not have been aware of:

1. Use Airline Credit Cards to Cut the Costs of Baggage Fees

Many airlines are notorious for charging travellers with expensive baggage fees that increase ticket prices. An affordable ticket price from an airline can quickly increase when you add baggage costs, seat prices, and other expenses that raise the original cost. When you calculate all those prices with the airplane ticket, it can be easy to give up your dreams of traveling to your destination.

Although it’s difficult to cut the cost of every expense from an airline, you could save money on baggage fees if you use their credit card! Most airline cards have perks that include zero baggage fees for you and your companions travelling on the same trip. Depending on the airline card, you could also save cash on seating prices by taking advantage of priority boarding. However, if you’re not picky, the airline can choose the seat for you without paying a single dime.

2. Travel During the Low Season

Travelling during peak season, or high season, can be tempting, especially if you want to go somewhere during the summer or Christmas. However, ticket prices in high seasons are very expensive because of the abundance of people traveling around those times. Fortunately, if you choose to travel during a low season, you may be able to get a good price compared to the high seasons!

In addition to the low season’s affordability, you can also benefit from having a minor crowd in the airport. That means you can comfortably check in to your flight and go through TSA without the hassles of dealing with many people. Since you’re travelling during the low season, you may have a greater chance of feeling local in your destination due to fewer tourists in the area.

3. Take Advantage of the Points and Miles Program

Have you heard a flight attendant mention “get points and miles for your flight” before? If so, it’s best to take advantage of that program! When you get points and miles for your flight and accommodations, you can use them in exchange for rewards, such as booking flights, getting rental cars, or shopping for merchandise at your destination. If you’re a frequent flier, you can rack up thousands of points on your airline credit card to cover all your travel expenses. These points are a very useful thing to keep saved as well for instances of emergency travel. You can use them to get where you need to go when a sudden emergency strikes. If you don’t have these points or miles already saved, you could finance emergency travel in other ways, such as through LoanMart or even a conventional, non-airline miles credit card.

4. Book Flights in Advance

In case you didn’t know, airlines usually raise ticket prices when the departure date is approaching, and seats are nearly full. Even if you decide to buy a ticket a month in advance, the cost could be more expensive than it might have been six months prior. That’s why many travel experts recommend purchasing tickets ahead of time so you can take advantage of lower prices! The longer you wait to get a ticket, the more costly it becomes to afford. Additionally, if you look for tickets close to the departure date, you may struggle to find good seats and risk getting an inconvenient spot.

5. Check Daily Deals Websites to Find Discounts

A daily deals website, like Groupon or Google Offers, can help you find discounts to save on travel expenses. If you don’t want to spend much on accommodations, search for resort packages on those websites to find a good deal. You can also find discounts on local attractions and still have a good time without exceeding your budget. While finding cheap plane tickets on those websites is difficult, you can use ones like CheapOair to compare prices! Make sure you look at all the available discounts before buying your trip.


Be aware that there are more than five secret ways to save on travel expenses. For example, you can use a title loan to cover the travel costs or work with a travel agency to find the best deals. Find a strategy that works for you, and use it to travel under a budget! Don’t hesitate to ask savvy travellers for tips and tricks on saving money for travel and accommodations.

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