Making Memories While You Travel

Making Memories While You Travel

Vacations allow you to spend quality time with your family without the outside activities of work and school. It’s a time to relax and re-establish the natural balance we often lose when we live within a strict schedule. When you travel, every road leads to a new adventure. Even getting lost can be a fun experience if you learn something new. Vacations are for making memories. Take advantage of each opportunity.

Make Learning an Adventure

Parents with small children can turn their vacations into a learning adventure. Visit historic landmarks and teach your kids why they are important. Create a scrapbook that includes photographs, notes, and brochures from every site you visit. Years later, when your children are in school, they can look back at the scrapbook and share it with their class. They can even show their own children.

Buy Souvenirs That Tell a Story

Buy souvenirs that tell a story about each place you visit. Find usable items like mugs or cups. Children may outgrow a tee shirt, but it can always be turned into a wall hanging or pillow. Find items that are everlasting. The memories will always be with you if you buy souvenirs that serve a purpose. If you want your items to last, look for higher-quality merchandise. Many souvenirs are not meant to last, so buy wisely.

Keep a Journal

Start a journal when you begin your vacation. Make notes throughout the day and time-stamp each one so you have an accurate record of your trip. Include things like mileage and the cost of gas and food. Several years from now, you will be shocked at how much prices have changed. Put a few of the pictures you take in the journal as well. Documenting your trip can read like a story if you write it that way. Your children can share the journal with your own kids when they are older.

Take As Many Photos As You Can

One of the best ways to document your trip is to take as many photos as you can. If you are always the one behind the camera, make sure you have someone take a few pictures of you as well. You are part of the family, too! Your photos will be the topic of conversation whenever you bring out your photo albums. Make memories whenever you can and take photographs so they are always close at hand. Photographs and videos will last for years. Even when you may forget, the photos will be there to remind you.

Choose Destinations That Have a Personal Meaning

Choose destinations that have a personal meaning to you and your family. When you visit landmarks that have meaning, you can teach your children what each one means to your family. Encourage them to ask questions and take as many pictures as you can. It will be a very rewarding experience and will add to your children’s sense of who they are and where they come from.

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