Considerations When Choosing an Enclosure for Your Pet

Choosing an Enclosure for Your Pet

Being a pet owner means you need to create a space that is comfortable for your new friend. You can buy specific dog enclosures to accommodate puppies and other small to medium-sized animals. However, all animal closures are not the same. Therefore, you must do your due diligence to find the right, personalized pet home that can fit inside your larger home. Here are considerations when choosing an enclosure for your pet.



One of the cruel things you can do to any animal is put it in a tight space where it can barely move. Animals are living creatures who need enough available and sanitary space to sleep, play, and relieve themselves. Therefore, find an enclosure that can confidently accommodate your pet’s size. The animal should be able to stand up and pace around comfortably. Otherwise, anything too small and confining may create anxiety in the animal.


Our pets are not just animals; they are our companions. They thrive on our presence and feel secure when they can see us. Dogs, in particular, love to be close to their owners. Most dogs and some cats want to be able to see you at all times. That’s why you may notice your pets scratching at your bathroom door when you are in there too long. They may follow you around the house even when mealtime is over. Being able to see you also helps them feel good as they know they’re not alone and they can have access to you. Even if behind the clear walls of an enclosure, it can help them feel better knowing you’re right there. Therefore, if you put them in an enclosure with a blocked or no view at all, it can make them feel like they’re being punished. Imagine how you would feel if you were put in a windowless room and had to stay there until someone let you out. That’s how your pet would feel if you placed them in an enclosure where they can’t see anything. Their emotional well-being is in your hands.


Adding some soft cushioning items can make your pet enclosures more comfortable and cozy. Most pets love their toys. Whether dealing with puppies and kittens or mature cats and dogs or hamsters, giving them a toy ball, stuffed animal, or something that makes noise can keep them occupied for hours. Place an actual pet bed inside the enclosure. Add a night light or personal sign. Animals need to stay hydrated. Some enclosures may come with customizable features like water access and night lights.

Choosing an enclosure for your pet requires several considerations. That’s why you should consider the above features when deciding on your enclosure purchase. You want your beloved pet to be comfortable with a good view and access to things that put them at ease. Taking the time to make the right choice can avoid anxiety issues or pets trying to break out at night.

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