10 Reasons to Love Your Chihuahua Puppy

Reasons to Love Your Chihuahua Puppy

Chihuahuas are tiny dogs with a big heart. They are devoted to one person and make loyal companions. They are curious, lively, intelligent, and deeply affectionate.

Be sure to socialize them early to be comfortable with strangers, children, and other dogs and pets. They are lifelong learners who thrive with training and play.

They Are Easy to Care For

Keep the little one in sight at all times – they may need to be stabilized from low blood sugar (hypoglycemia).

Introduce Chihuahua puppies to new people and dogs slowly and carefully. This is best done in a controlled environment where you know the other dog is vaccinated.

They tend to bond closely with a single person and become fiercely loyal. This trait sets them apart from more socially extroverted dog breeds.

They Give World-Class Snuggles

Chihuahuas melt into their human arms and love nothing more than snuggling up. They sleep a lot but often have lots of energy to burn.

Chi bonds closely with one person but will accept others if socialized at a young age. They need consistent training and a clear understanding of who is alpha.

Unlike other small dogs, chis do best with well-rounded, balanced diets. Learn more about feeding your chihuahua here.

They Are Easy to Train

A big dog in a little body, Chihuahuas learn quickly, though they can become nippy and protective if not socialized early. With obedience training and consistent leadership, they can be well-mannered dogs around other people and pets.

They often develop a special bond with one person, making them fiercely loyal companions. They can also fear bigger dogs, so socializing them with safe and gradual exposure is essential.

They Are Easy to Love

Chihuahuas may be tiny, but they pack a big-dog attitude. These charming little scamps bond strongly with their owners and are quick-witted and easily trained.

Spend time teaching them that hands are good things to touch – this is an excellent way to build your bond and teach new behaviors! Also, they should be exposed to people wearing hats, glasses, beards, headscarves, and wheelchairs.

They Are Easy to Walk

Chihuahuas don’t need a big yard to exercise and can quickly meet their needs through daily walks. They do best with ample socialization early in life so they become familiar with people and surroundings.

Try using a scent trail and teaching them to follow it with their noses (even tiny button noses can smell!) It’ll help keep them occupied and rewarded.

They Are Easy to Dress

Shirts, sweaters, and dresses add style to a tiny canine. Getting your dog used to wearing clothes while they are still puppies will make it easier later on.

Start by letting them sniff the clothing before you put it on, then gradually increase how long you leave the shirt on. Praise them often so they associate wearing clothes with positive attention.

They Are Easy to Guard

Because of their small size, chihuahuas do well in apartments and smaller spaces. They are also good watchdogs and can be trained to alert you of intruders.

Teach your dog basic commands, such as “sit,” “come,” and “wait.” Begin early socialization, taking your pup on walks (on a leash, not carried) and exposing him to people and other dogs.

A correctly socialized chihuahua will get along great with people and other pets.

They Are Easy to Love

Chihuahuas are great with people of all ages and backgrounds. They get along well with other dogs (though they may not like full-wrapped hugs or being handled by exuberant males) and smaller pets, especially birds.

Talking to your dog often in a friendly tone and gazing into those puppy eyes will help you bond. This face-to-face interaction also increases levels of the feel-good oxytocin hormone.

They Are Easy to Pet

Chihuahuas bond deeply with single persons, showering them with affection and loyalty. They are a great companion dog for families with older children who can handle them responsibly.

Chihuahuas are lifelong learners who need early training and socialization to help them develop confidence. They’re also prone to specific health issues, like overcrowding of teeth and dental problems.

They Are Easy to Love

The bond builds and grows when a pet feels safe in its owner’s presence. This happens naturally when the dog is adequately trained, socialized, fed nutritious meals, and treated with respect.

Avoid spoiling your pup; make him wait for his privileges, such as eating or petting. This creates a confident, stable Chihuahua.

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