Gervonta Davis Net Worth (June 2024)

Gervonta Davis Net Worth

American professional boxer Gervonta “Tank” Davis, better known by the stage name Gervonta Davis, was born on 7 November 1994. Davis has held a number of world championship titles, including the WBA lightweight and super featherweight belts, the IBF excellent featherweight title, and the WBA lightweight title.

Gervonta Davis has made an estimated net worth of around $10 million through his professional boxing career. This article revolves around Davis’s career and net worth. So without wasting any time, let’s begin with our article.

Who is Gervonta Davis?

Who is Gervonta Davis

Full NameGervonta “Tank” Davis
Professional NameGervonta Davis
Date of Birth07-Nov-94
BirthplaceBaltimore, Maryland, United States
Age28 years
Zodiac SignScorpio
Marital StatusUnmarried
Height5 Feet 4 inches
Weight61 Kg
ProfessionProfessional Boxer
Net Worth$10 million

In one of Baltimore’s most criminalized neighborhoods, Sandtown-Winchester, Davis was raised. He went to the Digital Harbor High School but left to concentrate on his job. He eventually completed a GED program to get his secondary degree.

The Transnational Boxing Rankings Board, The Ring magazine, and BoxRec all rank Davis as the second-best current lightweight, while ESPN places him third. Davis has a 93% knockout-to-win ratio and is renowned for his outstanding punching power, ring IQ, and counterpunching skills.

The Boxing Writers Association of America regarded him as the tenth-best boxer in the world in 2022. Davis has a well-known history of legal troubles outside of the ring, frequently as a result of accusations of domestic abuse.

How Much is Gervonta Davis’s Net Worth?

Davis has been boxing steadily in the professional ranks for 10 years, earning more money as his career develops.

Floyd’ Money’ Mayweather had been Davis’ publicist up until recently. That is indicative of how much money “Tank” has earned over his career. Given that Floyd Mayweather went by the moniker “Money,” it should come as no surprise that he gave his opponents a very lucrative wage package.

According to reports, Davis has a net worth of $10 million as of June 2023. Given that he is competing for world titles against superior opponents in significant events on major stages, Davis’ earnings for each of his fights have lately increased.

Naturally, being a wealthy guy, Davis enjoys his fair share of opulent goods. Real homes, pricey jewelry, showy automobiles, and other items added to Davis’ wealth have been purchased.

Davis’ Net Worth

Davis’ Net Worth Trend from 2018 to 2023

YearsNet Worth
2018$4.5 million
2019$5 million
2020$5.8 million
2021$6 million
2022$6.6 million
2023$10 million


Amateur Boxing Career

When Davis was five years old, he began training with Calvin Ford at the Upton Boxing Center. After winning three National Silver Gloves Championships from 2006 to 2008, he went on to have a highly successful amateur boxing career, taking home the National Golden Gloves Championship in 2012.

Davis has won two gold medals from the National Junior Olympics, two from the Ringside World Championships, and other notable championship wins. Up to the end of his amateur career, he had a stellar 206-15 record.

Professional Boxing Career

In early 2013, Davis faced off against Desi Williams in his first professional boxing match, which he knocked out in the first round. Davis had an excellent record by the summer of 2014. He successfully maintained his winning streak throughout the year and also managed to stop Alberto Mora and Israel Suarez for the first time.

In 2016, he defeated Mario Antonio Macias and Guillermo Avila to maintain his perfect streak.

First IBF Super Featherweight Championship

In early 2017, Davis competed for the first time in the IBF super featherweight championship against the unbeaten José Pedraza. He eventually knocked out the opponent in the seventh round and managed to claim the title. In the later days, Davis successfully defended his title against Liam Walsh in a stoppage match.

But prior to his subsequent defense, he was stripped of his championship for refusing to weigh in, leaving the IBF title uncontested. Francisco Fonseca lost against Davis, who ultimately prevailed.

Super Lightweight Division

In June 2021, Davis competed in the super lightweight class and fought WBA champion Mario Barrios, who was unbeaten. Even though the fight was tight, Davis ultimately won by technical knockout. Later that year, he faced Isaac Cruz after switching back to the lightweight division.

For the first time in his career, his fight went to the full twelve rounds, and he ultimately won by unanimous decision. Beginning in 2022, Davis successfully defended his lightweight title against Rolando Romero, whose matchup with Davis was initially scheduled for the previous year but was postponed because of allegations of sexual assault.


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Ryan Garcia Vs Gervonta Davis: The Biggest Fight of His Career

Ryan Garcia and Davis fought off in April 2023. In the seventh round, Davis knocked out Garcia with a body shot to his right abdomen.

Garcia received a $2.5 million guarantee, while Davis received a $5 million guarantee. Tickets sold at the gate brought in around $20 million. Each combatant received an additional $5–$10 million thanks to the agreement that they would split the Pay Per View earnings 50/50.

His investments

What does Davis do with his accumulated wealth over the years? The time spent learning from Floyd Mayweather Jr., who is renowned for leading a lavish lifestyle, has significantly influenced the pupil.

High-end, expensive vehicles are one of the things Davis enjoys spending his hard-earned money on. The USSV Rhino GX is the most outstanding item in his collection. The world champion allegedly paid $331,000 for the enormous car with a V8 engine.

Two of Lamborghini’s most recognizable vehicles, the Urus and Avantedor, are also owned by Davis. A 4.0-liter, V8 petrol twin-turbo engine with 641 horsepower powers the Urus. According to a report, Davis spent almost $400,000 to ship the item home.

Davis appears to have a lasting obsession with jewels in addition to the four wheels. He loves to spend a lot of money on pricey items like diamond-studded necklaces and astronomically costly watches, among other things and is constantly decked out in chains and rings.

There are few specifics on the sort of residence he resides in. He allegedly lives in a home with a swimming pool, a basketball court, and a jacuzzi in Las Vegas.

Gervonta Davis’s Philanthropic Side

Davis was presented with the Baltimore city key before facing Ricardo Nunez in his homecoming 2019 bout. He gave the What I Need Family Services organization 100 fight tickets. Additionally, he showed up at a Macy’s coat distribution event and a Clothes4Souls event.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the PPV Share of Gervonta Davis?

Davis dominates the lightweight class. In accordance with the terms of the deal, he receives an extra 60% of the PPV shares along with match winnings, incentives, and other revenues.

2. What is Gervonta Davis’ Age?

Born on 7 November 1994, Davis is 28 years old.

3. Has Gervonta Davis Ever Lost a Fight?

In 10 years of his professional boxing career, Davis has fought 29 times with no losses.

4. How Tall is Gervonta Davis?

In meters, he is 1.65 m tall, and in feet, his height is 5′ 5″.

Wrapping Up

Gervonta Davis’s net worth and career are the sole subjects of this article. In addition to that, we’ve also covered a few commonly asked inquiries concerning his life. We did our best to provide you with what you were looking for.

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