Jada Pinkett Smith, Will Smith and Chris Rock Slapping Incident

will smith and chris rock

Why Will Smith Slapped Chris Rock During the 94th Academy Awards?

27 March 2022 was the day when Will Smith walked onto the Stage Oscar and slapped Chris. Chris was giving a presentation for the Best Documentary feature. It was said that Will Smith slapped him in response to his joke about Jada Pinkett Smith’s bald head.

After slapping him, Smith returned to his seat and shouted at Chris, saying don’t ever joke about my wife. However, Chris completed his presentation even after getting insulted. Later, Smith won the Oscar award for best actor.

And during the acceptance speech, Smith apologized to the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences. But he doesn’t apologize to Chris. On next day, Smith apologizes to Chris on his social media handle.

As a result of his actions, Will Smith was banned from attending Academy events for around 10 years.

Recently Will Smith Tearfully Explains Why He Slapped Chris

During an interview with Trevor Noah on Monday’s episode of The Daily Show, Smith explains why he slapped Chris at Oscars 2022. Chris made a GI Jane joke about Smith’s wife, who is suffering from alopecia. It is a skin condition that results in hair loss.

In the interview, he said there are many complexities and he was going through something that night. At the end of the day, he just lost it.

Smith said his clarifications couldn’t justify his actions. But you’ll never know what somebody is going through. He also claimed domestic violence during his childhood could also be the reason for his actions.

However, his suffering helped him a lot to become who he is today.

Unusual Things Happened in Chris’s Life Despite Being Famous

Despite being famous, Chris faced racism for being an African-American and has consistently campaigned against it. In 2013, Jerry Seinfeld and Chris were caught by the police for speeding in a car.

On 18 September 2020, Chris made it public that he was diagnosed with a neurological condition known as a non-verbal learning disorder. In this condition, he was unable to understand non-verbal social cues.

During the pandemic, Chris announced through his Twitter account that he had tested positive for COVID-19. He strongly requested his followers to get the vaccination as soon as possible and be safe.

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