Hannah Waddingham Husband: Gianluca Cugnetto (April 2024)

hannah waddingham husband

The world knows Hannah Waddingham as the most famous actress and singer. We know her from the HBO series Game of Thrones.

The gorgeous actress then became a popular and prominent star in the Hollywood industry. She has a huge fanbase. But many people want to know many things like Hannah Waddingham’s husband, her child, and many personal things about her. In this article, we will discuss it.

So Who is Hannah Waddingham?

We all know Hannah Waddingham as a famous British actress and a good Singer. She became famous from Game of Thrones. We popularly know her as an actress in the Ted Lasso series. It is a perfect comedy series.

We are thankful to her for this show. It comes in Apple TV.

We see her in this as Rebecca Welton. She has also done many West End shows.


Hannah performed in the original West End production of Spamalot. Her performances make her more popular. In the year 2021, she got a Critic Choice Award.


Our heroine, the star of Ted Lasso, the popular Hannah Waddingham, was born in 1974 on 28th July. Her performance in West End productions makes her unique and more famous in the industry.

We can see her do many other roles. People mostly remember Hannah’s face for her roles in Into the Woods, the original West End production of Spamalot, and her Perfect role in the 2010 Regent’s Park revival of Into the Woods and The Wizard of Oz. In the 2010 Regent’s Park revival, she acted as a Wicked Witch of the west. It makes her Carrier shine.

We can see her too became nominated for the three Olivier Awards. The director of Game of Thrones added her cast as the character of Septa Unella in season 5. It helps her to come over as a crucial member of film adaptations of Les Miserables and Winter Ridge.

The heroine of Ted Lasso got a nomination for two Emmy Awards in 2021. Hannah got it as a new owner of AFC Richmond, Rebecca Welton.

The directors publish This on Apple TV. It is one of the best comedy series, Ted Lasso.

She got an award for her best performance as a Supporting Actress in the Comedy Series. The award is the Primetime Emmy Award.

Hannah’s birthplace is Wandsworth. The heroine completed her graduation from the Academy of Live and Recorded Arts University. She got a successful Career in London Theater when she arrived and did the role on the silver screen. She is also famous for her role in Sex Education. She is also good at studying.

Gianluca Cugnetto – Hannah’s Husband:

Many people want to know about Hannah Waddingham’s husband. As Hannah is a successful actress, many people always want to know about her love life. People always wanted to know about her romantic life.

So here is the answer to the name of Hannah Waddingham’s husband. She has not married till now. But according to the media, she has a long-time partner. The name of Hannah Waddingham’s husband is Gianluca Cugnetto. He is not her husband; he is her living partner. She is happily committed. At a crucial stage in her career, Waddingham did not let out anything about her growing career and rarely intimate things.

It is not easy for someone to know how her love life has started or how they came to know each other. But many people said that they were together for a decade. They have a sweet daughter, and her age is 6.

Hannah Waddingham’s husband:

Many people thought Gianluca Cugnetto was Hannah Waddingham’s husband, but they hadn’t married yet. And we do not get more information about him. But we gathered some information about him from his LinkedIn account.

Gianluca completed his graduation from Cornell University. Then he became a business manager and famous hotelier. After that, he became a food detector for Starwood Hotel and resorts. He worked there for three years from 2007. Then in 2010, he became the director of food and beverage at Antara hotel in Bangkok.

In recent years he became a hotel manager of Hotel Du Vin. He has worked there since 2015. He has now become a millionaire. In 2021, as a resource, we came to know that his net worth was $2 million.

Waddingham Reveals Post-Natal Depression:

The love life of Hannah is quite romantic, but the couple faces many problems with pregnancy. Hannah has difficulties with infertility. She was worried about the pregnancy, and she thought that she couldn’t be a mother. But in 2014-she became pregnant.

This pregnancy changed her life. It was unexpected, but She became too happy, and so was her partner.

In an interview, she revealed that she is blessed that is why she got the baby after a big problem. We also saw that she posted a picture of her daughter and her husband together.

Hannah Waddingham Nude

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Hannah is one of the most famous actresses in Hollywood. You can go for it and learn many things about her. In this article, we have discussed her love life and who Hannah Waddingham’s husband is.

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