What Does Minato’s Kunai Say (June 2024)

what does minato's kunai say

What Does Minato’s Kunai Say

There is confusion in every Naruto’s fans’ mind about what Minato’s teleportation said to Kunai. If you are eager to know what the Japanese words by Minato’s Kunai are, read the article until its end.

The Kunai said 忍愛之剣 (nin-ai-no-ken). These Japanese words mean “Sword of Shinobi’s Love.” However, Minato’s handwriting has made it a bit tough to read, but the fans can expect to see those characters correctly in episode 424.

To know more about this topic, let’s read the article till its end.

What Is A Kunai and Why It Is Used For

Before we go deep into the topic, we should know what a kunai is. Kunai is generally a multipurpose gardening tool, and Shinobi used this same tool in Naruto. It looks like a dagger with bandages wrapped around it.

In Naruto, it allows Minato to use his flying thunder god technique. Using this Kunai, Minato could teleport into any place he wanted.

For example, in the battle against Obito, Minato threw this Kunai at Obito. Minato teleports himself when the Kunai is back of Obito and then hits Obito with his Rasengan. This is how Minato used the Kunai to defeat his enemies.

What Does Minato’s Kunai mean To Say In Naruto

The flying thunder god Kunai is the unique version of standard Kunai that the Minato Namikaze used in his hand. The unique character of these Kunai is its seal of the flying thunder god technique, and this technique is attached to its handle. This character allows the Minato to move to one of his Kunai with this process swiftly.

Minato uses these weapons regularly as shinobi weapons to prevent his opponents, and Minato also said that its blades weigh more than any normal kunai. Minato also presented one Kunai from the Thunder god to Kakashi for being awarded the Jonson, and Kakashi had the power to teleport his team.

During the third shinobi world war, in Konohagakure and Iwagakure wars, the stone Monza threw the stone in front of enemy lines. As a result, Minato teleports to a different place, and he is a bit surprised to think about where the attack is coming from. Apart from that, Minato also kept some of the Kunai at his home so that he could allow him to transfer whenever he was in need quickly.

One word still in question in the show about Ren Ai Zhi Jian who told one sentence that can be read in this way, Nina token hai Shinobi Token What do you make of this ask yourself. It translates to ‘sword of Shinobi’s love.’ The etymological meaning is still unknown and refers to the following consequences.

What Is The Flying Thunder God Technique?

The second Hokage Tobirama Senju created a technique that the fourth Hokage Minato Namikaze uses. The technique allows the user to transport in a previously marked location.

At a glance, it seems like a high-speed movement over a long distance. But in reality, this is an instantaneous space-time movement of teleportation.

Once the technique is performed, the user can transport himself to the seal. Another advantage of this seal is that it can be applied in any area through physical contact. It also includes the opponent itself or the environment that surrounds the character.

However, this technique affects anything in contact with the user or in any way connected with the chakras of the user. Apart from that, Minato also said that a special seal never wears off as he flies to Obito Uchiha’s location after ranking it for 17 years.

However, Tobirama also used this technique, so the continuous use of the same technique helped Minato to achieve his nickname, “Konoha’s Yellow Flash.” Minato started the fight after applying the seal of the technique on special Kunai and then scattering it on the battlefield. He thought this way and could make himself ready to transport anytime.

Why Are The Words Important To Minato’s Technique

Minato has another name – Konoha’s Yellow Flash, and he is given such a name for exploiting and improving Hokage’s flying technique. One of this technique’s most critical aspects is that the symbols were used here to indicate the target.

But especially for Minato, the writer composed the Kunai instead of symbols. The words were written in each Minato’s Kunai to teleport where the Kunai is situated. But that does not necessarily mean that this formula is limited to any Kunai and can also be attached to various objects and living things. But the writer has not written about how many objects this technique could impact.

What Are Some Related Techniques

  • Flying Thunder God Slash: Tobirama used this deadliest technique to kill the second-strongest Uchiha. Tobirama used this technique to mark his enemy and to transport himself instantly by the side of his enemy.
  • Flying Thunder God Mutual: The other flying thunder god technique user could also use this technique with the shadow clone technique in conjunction. The shadow clones are made from Tobirama’s chakra. He used to throw this so that the enemy couldn’t defend it.
  • Flying Thunder God Dance: This is one of the simplest and first versions of ninjutsu. With this technique, Minato can move so fast that the enemy can’t keep track of it.
  • Flying Thunder Formation: This is the alternative version of the flying thunder god technique. This decreased Shinobi’s action toward those unable to learn the S-rank ninjutsu themselves.

Did Naruto Ever Learnt His Dad’s Technique

No, Naruto didn’t learn his father’s technique. However, there is a greater possibility that Naruto won’t try to master this technique. Despite having such a beneficial technique, the writer has no intention of handing this technique to Seventh Hokage.

A scene in the anime shows that the writer might have the plan to bring Sasuke over to the battle with Madara together. The actual person using the technique is Tobirama.

What Is Naruto’s Current Status?

Currently, Naruto serves as Konoha’s 7th Hokage. But he lost Kurana in a recent fight. Until then, Naruto and Kurana worked together, and Naruto lost Kurana in a fight against Isshiki. As Isshiki was one of his opponents, he suggested using a type of Jutsu in the last report.

But in battle, Naruto activated the Baryon mode to defeat Isshiki. Naruto defeated Isshiki and passed out due to their strained feelings toward Jutsu. But Kurana talked to Naruto in his subconscious and decided to sacrifice his life for Naruto.

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