How Much Weight Can A Hawk Carry? (July 2024)

How Much Weight Can A Hawk Carry

The Hawks are one of the vibrant birds of prey seen worldwide. They depend on insects, mammals, etc.

The hawks can attack any creatures or animals as per their choice. If you have small pets in your house, this is a matter of concern. But do the hawks prey on animals?

See what the study says – the hawks can not prey on anything more than their body weight. Because their wings are not very strong, they can hold more pressure than their body weight.

The hawk’s weight varies between 2 pounds to 5 pounds. So, they can not take more than this weight. If you want to know more about this, read the article until its end.

A Brief About The Bird Of Prey Hawk

The hawks come with a medium-sized body, and they are spread throughout the world in different species.

The hawk family belongs to the Accipitridae family. Some of the birds in this family are goshawks, sparrows, sharp-shinned hawks, and others.

These hawks are seen in the Woodlands and open high forests. They come with long rails and sharp visual ability.

In America, these hawks are named Buteo. But they are known as Buzzard in the rest of the world.

The hawks are powerful birds who have sharp claws for capturing their prey. The hawk beak can easily tear the flesh of its prey.

The hawks can not carry anything that weighs above their weight. The Hawks don’t weigh more than 5 pounds. So, it will be impossible for them to hunt anything more than 5 pounds.

Because their wings are not so strong, they can bear more than their body weight.

The giant hawks are North American Red-tailed hawks who rarely weigh 3-5 pounds. So, it is unlikely for your pets to be picked up by these birds.

But the Red-tailed hawks generally prey on insects, rodents, snakes, and small birds. If they find anything more significant than these, they will feast on it from the ground.

How Much Weight The Hawk Can Lift Off The Ground

The hawks can not carry more than their weight. For example, the red-tailed hawk and horned hawk only weigh 4 pounds. So, they can not lift more than 4 pounds from the ground.

It also varies as per the bird how much weight they can lift. If talking about red-tailed hawks, they will not pick the average dog or cat.

However, there are some exceptions also. Some of the red-tailed hawks can pick more than 5 pounds. While some of them only prefer to hunt small mammals, birds, and insects.

Can Hawks Pick Up a Dog

Generally, the hawks don’t prey on dogs. If the dog’s weight is more than the hawk’s weight, it will not pick the dog.

If you have small dogs, you should be cautious as some of the species of the hawk can prey on them.

If the dog is more than 5 pounds, the hawk will not pick it up. Knowing the hunting pattern of hawks, you can be clear about your confusion.

Hawks and Their Hunting Pattern

The hawks generally hunt in the daytime, and the hawks are active during the daytime, not at night.

They use their active and sharp vision to prey. The Hawks have eight times sharper vision than the humans.

They depend on their sight for hunting. So, hunting at night is not possible for them.

Still, there are some claims that the hawks can hunt at night. Is this true?

There are some species like red-tailed hawks that prefer to hunt during dusk. During this time, they also get great options for preying.

Apart from that, during that time, the movements of hawks were not detectable, which made it easier to hunt for them.

Should You Get Afraid Of Hawk

The hawks can amazingly hunt larger animals and insects, mammals, etc. They can capture as large as their body weight animals.

The preying pattern of hawks varies depending upon the specified species. However, this is very rare for the hawks to hunt cats or small dogs.

But it would help if you got afraid of hawks from your backyard. Here is a list of potential prey of the hawks.


  • Songbirds who are small in size
  • Rats
  • Squirrel
  • Mice
  • Frogs
  • Crabs
  • Crayfish
  • Frogs

But not every hawk species preys on everything in the above list. These opportunistic hunters can adapt their diet as per the availability of the food.

How To Keep Your Pet Protected From Hawk

Generally, the hawks can not prey on pets like dogs or cats. Still, this is always good to keep your small pets protected from hawk’s prey. Here are some ways to protect your small pets from hawks. So, let’s have a look:

Fake Owl

The owls and hawks can not stand together, as they prey on the same creature. However, the wild can prey on tiny chicks and small pets somehow.

But there is a minor threat from the hawk to carry your pet. You can keep a fake owl along with you while the hawk is around you.

But make sure to move the owl from time to time so that they can believe it as the original.

But one problem is that the crow can not bear up with the owls. So, they can be gathered in groups to attack the owl.

You can also use wire, netting, etc., to maximize their protection at your place.

Food Protection

The hawks can gather themselves around any feeder area. So, it would help if you kept your feeder area protected so the hawk can not get tempted to see these.

Especially for the chicken, you should be a little cautious. In that case, you can build a feed station for your chickens with a solid roof over the feeder.

Make sure the place is durable and opaque, so they can not see the feeding of the chickens. In that case, the chickens can also hide them if they see a hawk around them.

Keep your pets protected under the shelf.

Keeping a shelter is a must for the chickens. By doing so, you will not protect your chickens from the hawks but also from the foxes and weasels that might reduce the number of chickens.

Once you have built a shelter, make sure to keep the outdoor areas safe with chicken wire or similar cover.

You can also observe them and collect eggs at once by keeping them under shelter.

Shinny reflectors

Any reflector generally spooks Hawks. You can easily avail reflectors from your local farm supply stores or online.

You can also make a hawk deterrent by using old CDs and DVDs. The mylar long silver surface can also work as a reflective surface.


So, now you have understood the hawk’s Hunting pattern. They are unlikely to lift more than their body weight due to their wings.

However, some species of hawk also prey on pets. Still, following the above protection tips, you can save them. You can’t deny the intelligence that they use to survive.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How much weight can a hawk carry in its talons?

The hawk can not take more than 5 pounds. As per the record, the highest weighted hawk is 5 pounds. Fortunately, most dogs and cats are more significant than the ones mentioned.

Q: What are hawks afraid of?

You will be surprised to know that hawks also have predators. They are afraid of owls, eagles, and crows. -The snakes and raccoons also threaten the hawk as they steal the hawk’s egg.

Q: Why are there hawks around my house?

The hawks prefer to flock between urban and stubborn areas. They are likely to be in the place where there are backyard feeders. Place the window in such a place so the hawks can get afraid of.

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