Is Post Malone Gay? Unraveling His Sexuality (May 2024)

Is Post Malone Gay 

Post Malone is one of the most famous singers, songwriters, and rappers. He sang some of the most popular songs, such as Rockstar, Congratulations, White Iverson, etc. It is also quite natural to have some controversies and rumors around him. Malone is also a victim of discussions about his gender identity. If you want to know if Post Malone is gay, read the article until its end.

Who is Post Malone

Who is Post Malone

Full NameAustin Richard Post
Professional NamePost Malone
Date of Birth04-Jul-95
Age28 years
BirthplaceSyracuse, New York, US
Zodiac SignCancer
Marital StatusNot married
Height6 Feet 2 inches
Weight84 Kg
ProfessionRapper, Singer, Songwriter, Record Producer
Net Worth$45 million

Malone is one of the most famous rappers, songwriters, and singers in America. Post Malone, or Austin Richard Post, was born on 4 July 1995 in New York. In 2015, he made his first debut with the track ‘ White Iverson,’ which was a hit at that time.

After a few years, the song was honored with a quadruple platinum certification from RIAA. Some of his most popular albums include Stoney, Beerbongs & Bentleys, and Hollywood’s Bleeding. Malone has also worked with so many famous singers in his career.

The last album released by him was “Twelve Carat Toothache,” and before that, he released his song in 2019 – Hollywood’s Bellefing, which was a blockbuster hit at that time. He needed to tease his album ‘Twelve Carat Toothache for quick release, but for specific reasons, he needed to wait two years.

Is Post Malone Gay?

Justin Beiber and Malone are good friends. There was a rumor that Malone was dating Beiber that strictly fingered his gender identity of Malone. He guessed the story and said about his friendship with Justin Beiber: “He’s a cool dude.” We have a lot of mutual friends. But nah, I’m not gay”.

In the famous LGBTQ show Q Eye, four gay designers compete with each other based on public votes. The audience expected Malone on that show. So it was a question mark why people were interested in having him in this gay show.

In that case, Malone posted an open statement where he wrote: “The rap world thinks I’m gay. A lot of people out there do. They think I’m a homosexual, which is not a problem. I don’t want to say I’m gay or straight, but some people do.

They think I’m a homosexual, which is not a problem.

Malone’s statement about his sexuality and relationships with other women proves that Post Malone is not gay. He has a straight sexual orientation.

Why Do People Believe Post Malone is Gay?

People determine someone’s sexual orientation by how they walk or behave. After seeing Malone’s unusual walk and behavior, people start believing he is gay. However, the relationship between Post Malone and Justin Beiber also generated rumors of Malone being gay.

But we have already cleared above that he is not gay. He has also been involved in many relationships. Let’s have a look at Post Malone’s relationship history.

Post Malone’s Relationship History

Malone got involved in some relationships with females, which proves he is not gay.

1. MLMA (Me Love Me A Lot)


MLMA is a Korean Singer and visual artist. MLMA has not shared her original name to date. They both were found in a studio while cuddling with each other. The fans assumed the relationship, and the video clip got millions of likes from the fans.

2. Ashlen Diaz

Ashlen Diaz

Malone had a public relationship with Ashlen Diaz. This duo started dating in 2015 before Malone’s first album was released. In an interview, he also admitted to their relationship. But in 2018, they broke up.

3. Kano Shimpo

Kano Shimpo

Malone started a relationship with model Kano Shimpo when he broke up with Diaz. The relationship with Kano Shimpo was minimal, and it didn’t last more than three months. The couple were captured several times while enjoying parties and vacations together.

Who is Post Malone Dating Currently?

Currently, Malone is in a relationship with a girl named Jamie. There is very little to know about Jamie and her relationship with Malone as he worked to keep it private.

However, Post Malone and Jamie were spotted together at a family function, and the news spread from that day that they could be in a relationship.

Welcomed His First Baby Girl

Recently, Malone announced the news of the birth of his first daughter. He said he is excited to start a new chapter of his life. Now, this is the time to take care of the body family and spread as much as possible.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is Post Malone Married?

No, Malone is not married. He lives with his fiancé Jamie. They have also welcomed their first child in the world.

2. Who is Post Malone Dating?

Malone is dating a girl named Jamie. They were spotted at one of their family occasions, and the rumors spread from there.

3. How Old is Post Malone?

Born on 4 July 1995, Malone is 28 years old.


Hopefully, now you have understood that Post Malone is not gay and is the father of one baby child. He is happily living with his fiancé Jamie and daughter in his residence. If further information is revealed about their marriage date or second child, we will update it on our page.

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