Post Malone Fiance, Girl Friend: from MLMA to Ashlen Diaz (June 2024)

Post Malone girlfriend

The Circles rapper has welcomed a baby girl in his life. But with whom? Did he disclose her name? Well. You will get covered here. Read the article till its end to learn more about Post Malone’s girlfriend and more information about his dating. Let’s read till the end. 

Who is Post Malone?

Post is a famous American Singer born on 4th July 1995 in New York. After his birth, he was named Austin Richard Post, but people know him by Post Malone. There is not much information about the parents of Post. As per the source, his father was a director of a food and beverage company. 

He was raised by his mother, and at 9, he moved to Texas with his parents and happily lived there. He attended Grapevine High School and Tarrant County College. As he had an interest in music since his childhood, he dropped from college to pursue his dream career. 

At 16, he proved himself as one of the most popular rappers with the first Tape of Young and After Them Riches. After his successful debut, he started to attend various live shows and sang many popular songs, including Go Flex and Candy Paint. In 2018, he won a Billboard Music Award. 

Is Post Malone Married and Who is Post Malone’s Wife or Girlfriend

Post Malone's girlfriend

The famous rapper Post prefers to keep his personal life private. Though he still has not disclosed anything about his current relationship, the rumors still spread when Post Malone and Jamie were spotted together. 

There is no further information about his girlfriend. Sources say Jamie is not the actual name of his girlfriend. Some images claim the person to be the girlfriend and fiancé of the rapper. 

How and When Post First Met With His Girlfriend?

Till now, it is not even confirmed whether his girlfriend’s name is Jamie or not. So how we can tell you how and when they first met each other? There are so many things to reveal by the rappers. It seems that he wants to keep his relationship secret. Therefore, we need to wait until Post himself announced anything about his rumored girlfriend publicly.

Post Malone’s Past Relationships

Post Malone and Korean Singer MLMA

Before Jamie, Post used to date famous Korean Singer MLMA (MeLoveMeALot). Apart from being a great rapper from South Korea, the girl also had footprints in fashion design. MLMA has a lot of fans on her social media pages, especially on TikTok. 

Post also had a relationship with Ashlen Diaz. As soon as the couple met in a nightclub, they became a hot topic in the city. They were also spotted in many restaurants, bars and shopping malls, and they were invited to Breakfast Club’s radio show. The couple broke up in 2018 after three years of relationship. 

He also got involved in another relationship with model Kano Shimpo in August 2019. They broke up after three months. From that day, Post has no more relationships in public. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

1. Is Post Malone in a Relationship?

Yes, he is in a relationship with a girl named Jamie, and they also welcomed their first baby child. Post also dedicated a tattoo to her daughter. 

2. What is Tattooed on Post Malone’s Face?

Post has inked his baby’s initials and DDP in a vast gothic script on the right side of his face. He said this is a way to keep his baby by his side when he is away from her. 

3. Who is Post Malone’s Wife?

Post Malone is not married yet. But he is in a relationship with a girlfriend named Jamie. The news also comes out. Jamie is his fiance and shares a baby daughter with him.


In a recent interview with Howard Stern, Post discussed many things about Post Malone’s baby, saying she is a legend. He also stated that it is pretty difficult to stay away from his daughter. From the interview, it was also clear that the baby mama is his fiancé. So the search for Post Malone’s girlfriend increased. 

However, this is all our information about Post’s girlfriend. Like the other day, we also await more about the angel of his life. If we get further updates about it, we will update the page.

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