Island Boys Net Worth (November 2023)

Island Boys Net Worth

Alex and Franky Venegas, better known as Island Boys, are brothers with a $2 million fortune. Thanks to their song “Island Boys,” they gained widespread attention online. The twins shared a 16 July 2001 birth in Florida.

In 2020, they began their musical career by releasing several singles. Alex then developed the group, which became the duo’s signature song. In today’s article, we’ll be discussing Island Boys’ net worth.

Who are the Island Boys

Who are the Island Boys

Real NameAlex Venegas and Franky Venegas
Professional NameIsland Boys
Date of Birth16-Jul-01
Age22 years
BirthplaceCoral Springs, Florida
Zodiac SignCancer
Relationship StatusNot married
ProfessionRapper, Social Media Personality
Net Worth$2 million

Alex and Franky Venegas, also known as Island Brothers, are identical twins born on 16 July 2001 in Florida, United States. When the two brothers were still young, their father died of a heart attack.

Alex has a tattoo of 17 on his forehead and some lettering on his temple. However, Franky has an eagle emblem on his forehead. Their popular stage names include Kodiyakredd and Flyysoulj.

When they were arrested for burglary at 13, it caused quite a stir, as did a subsequent video they posted while wearing a home arrest bracelet.


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What is Island Boy’s Net Worth

What is Island Boy's Net Worth

The combined fortune of the Island Boys is around $2 million. The American twin brothers, known as “Island Boys,” became overnight sensations with their song of the same name. Alex proposed the group’s most recognized moniker, “Island Boys,” which stuck.

As of the year 2023, they are bringing in $100,000 annually. The majority of income also comes from OnlyFans. They made around $389,000 from the platform between May and July of 2023.


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Net Worth Trend from 2018 to 2023

YearsNet Worth
2018$30 thousand
2019$100 thousand
2020$300 thousand
2021$800 thousand
2022$1.5 million
2023$2 million


Franky, one of the identical twins, began his career as a musician in 2020. When he was still going by the name redd_4x, he put out the singles “Real Right” (also known as “Smoke”) and (also known as “9ine”). The new single “I am Island Boy” by Kodiyakredd, aka Franky Venegas, was released in October of 2021.

The song soon became a worldwide phenomenon. The TikTok clip has the identical twins performing their latest single while lounging in a hot tub. The twins have become overnight sensations after posting a video on TikTok.

After the video went viral, their TikTok fan base exploded. As of 2023, Flyysoulja’s brother and 1.8 million other people follow his official TikTok account. There are 1.7 million Kodiyakredd fans.

The two brothers have gained a large following on TikTak. Still, they also have a sizable following on their YouTube channel, where they regularly post vlogs, song excerpts, and music videos.

Awards and Achivements

The Island Boys have not yet been awarded in the mainstream entertainment industry. But they have gained a lot of attention and recognition from their fans due to their talent and hard work.

Boys have given some popular songs that gave them the opportunity to stand out in the entertainment industry and make a massive earning.


The Island Boys have invested most of their income in jewelry, cars, and luxury watches. They own a bunch of high-end cars. One of these boys invested in a chain worth $82,000. Talking about their watch collection, they own an iced-out Audemar Piguet Skeleton watch worth $200,000.

Alex and Franky Venegas own a total of $300,000 collection of watches. Despite their watch and jewelry collection, the twins also spent $60,000 blinging out their teeth.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Where are the Island Boys From?

They are from Coral Springs, Florida.

2. What Happened to Island Boys?

Recently, one of the twins, Franky Venegas, also known as Kodiyakredd, was hospitalized. His brother Alex revealed that Franky hit his head while riding a dirt bike. However, news came out that he appears to have recovered from his injuries.

3. How Old are the Island Boys?

Born on 16 July 2001, these boys are 22 years old.


Those who enjoy Island Boys’ previous work are likely excited to hear what they’ve cooked up this time. On the other hand, they have devoted their lives to music. On the No Jumper podcast, they’ve opened up about their aspirations, rap careers, personal histories, and more.

Hope there is enough information regarding Island Boys’ net worth in the article above.

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