Catherine Reitman Lips Surgery: Unfolding the Truth – (Updated 2024)

Catherine Reitman Lips Surgery

Everything is not perfect in the world. While most people believe in this, some of them don’t. The same rule is also applied to humans.

The recent show ‘Working Moms’ got a huge success on Netflix. The story, the scenes, the dialogue, and everything has received a lot of appreciation from the audience.

Apart from its success, some people also criticized Catherine Reitman’s lips. There were so many hurtful and downright mean posts related to Catherine’s lips on the internet.

Let’s look at the article below to learn more about what happened to Reitman’s lips and why people have made it a central focus despite the show’s success.

Catherine Reitman Lips

Who Is Catherine Reitman

Catherine Marcelle Reitman is a famous Canadian-American actress, producer, and writer. Recently, one of her shows ‘Working Moms” ran successfully on Netflix.

Reitman was born in Los Angeles, California. She studied at Kate’s school and mastered acting at the University of Southern California.

Reitman appeared on many television shows, series, etc. After Catherine and Philips welcomed their two sons into the world, they released ‘Working Moms”. The show is related to the postpartum depression of every woman.

Despite the huge success, people made comments about Catherine Reitman’s lips. Please read the article till it ends and know more about this fact.

Catherine Reitman Faced The Tease From Her Childhood

Catherine Reitman Faced The Tease From Her Childhood

Reitman never addressed the rumors of plastic surgery directly, but she told many times about the tease related to her mouth from her childhood. Even she said that people used to address her as ‘awkward looking kids’ and ‘horse mouth’.

Catherine Reitman got this lip shape genetically. Her father, Ivan Reitman – a Canadian filmmaker, also had a matching pucker. The famous Canadian director is known for some of her best releases, such as Kindergarten Cop, Twins, Ghostbusters, etc.

Reitman Never Addresses The Haters

Reitman Never Addresses The Haters

Though, the show ‘Working Moms’ got a lot of buzz in the industry. Some people also praised them for that, but others got distracted due to the actor’s appearance.

Reitman could only do surgery for her lips and nothing more than it. But, Reitman has never addressed anyone for these tumors. Even she has not given any response or defense for the rumors.

Beyond that, she only said that she got that genetically. However, the actor once replied to one of her fan’s comments when the person said, “Honestly, weird mouth, but I’ll take it.” Catherine replied, ” I mean, I’ll take it.”

Catherine Reitman Got Full Support For Her Lips From Her Fans

The actress has to face a lot more f shaming for her lips. But some of her fans on social media defended her constantly. While some people used to make fun of Catherine Reitman’s lips. Some people provided her with constant support so she get the ability to take those comments as fun.

“I’m obsessed with Catherine Reitman’s lips (in a good way). She is SO cute and so attractive and honestly, I think it suits her” – By Zoe

“I think Catherine Reitman is beautiful and her lips/smile are too! Plus, she is an amazing actress and Working Moms is wonderful! I can’t wait until the next season. Catherine, you are beautiful!” – By Lori Beth 

Catherine Reitman Got Full Support For Her Lips From Her Fans

What Is Wrong With Her Upper Lip

Many people assume that Catherine had a botched surgery comparing the before and after photos. Some people also mentioned that the show spoils the appearance of Catherine.

What Is Wrong With Her Upper Lip

After seeing Catherine in the show, many people said she had a botched surgery. Some people also uploaded before and after photos of the same person.

But unfortunately, the woman in before the picture is not Catherine, but a woman named Keara. To date, Catherine has never replied to these surgery comments. So, it is unclear whether the star has undergone plastic surgery.

But as per reports, Catherine had undergone plastic surgery, and the surgery failed. The surgeon injected silicone into her lips, which made them look like this.

After the surgery failed, this Toronto-based star developed granulomas. Her lips result from the mass of tissue, which leads to infection and inflammation due to foreign substances.

Catherine Reitman

Later, Catherine took the help of two botched doctors, Terry Dubrow and Paul Nassif, to fix this issue.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Has Catherine Reitman commented on discussions about her lips?

Yes, Catherine Reitman has openly addressed comments and discussions about her lips, particularly pointing out the criticism she has faced online regarding her appearance.

2. What has Catherine Reitman said about her lips?

Catherine Reitman has spoken about embracing her unique features and the importance of body positivity. She has addressed the criticism in a manner that encourages self-acceptance and confidence.

3. Are Catherine Reitman’s lips the result of cosmetic surgery?

Catherine Reitman has not publicly disclosed details about whether her lips result from cosmetic surgery. It’s essential to respect her privacy regarding personal choices about her appearance.

4. How does Catherine Reitman deal with negative comments about her appearance?

Catherine Reitman has shown resilience and positivity in dealing with negative comments about her appearance. She often promotes messages of self-love and the acceptance of one’s natural features.

5. Has the discussion about Catherine Reitman’s lips impacted her career?

Catherine Reitman has continued to have a successful career as the creator and star of “Workin’ Moms,” among other projects. She uses her platform to address body image and confidence issues, showing that such discussions have not hindered her professional achievements.

6. What message does Catherine Reitman hope to convey by addressing her appearance?

By addressing comments about her appearance, Catherine Reitman aims to convey a message of body positivity and the importance of embracing one’s unique features. She advocates for focusing on talent and personal achievements rather than appearance.

7. How has the public reacted to Catherine Reitman’s stance on body positivity?

Many people have supported Catherine Reitman’s body positivity stance and openness about dealing with criticism. Her message resonates with those who advocate for self-acceptance and the challenge against unrealistic beauty standards.

8. Does Catherine Reitman use her platform to discuss issues beyond her appearance?

Catherine Reitman uses her platform to discuss various issues, including motherhood, work-life balance, and mental health, primarily through her show “Workin’ Moms.”

9. What role do Catherine Reitman’s lips play in her comedic performances?

10. Catherine Reitman’s appearance and lips do not define her comedic talent. Her writing, actress, and producer skills are the cornerstone of her performances and the success of her projects.

What can people learn from Catherine Reitman’s response to body shaming?

Catherine Reitman’s response to body shaming offers a powerful lesson in resilience, the importance of self-acceptance, and the value of focusing on one’s strengths and accomplishments rather than conforming to societal beauty standards.


Catherine also had gone through a kind of postpartum depression. Her husband is also an actor, and they have welcomed their two sons in the world named Jackson and Liam. However, the show ‘Working Mom’ is based on these postpartum feelings.

The show also became popular in the industry, but there are some controversies related to the appearance of the actress. Some praised her performance on the same front, while others criticized her look.

Whatever the circumstances are, we should always support the work of the actress rather than focus on her looks. We hope to see more outstanding results from Catherine in the future. We will update our page soon if we get more updates about Catherine Reitman. So, follow and keep your eyes on our page.

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