Who is Riley Reid’s Husband Pasha Petkuns? (April 2024)

Riley Reid And Rudy Gobert Relationship

Talking about someone’s relationship is a bad thing. But when it comes to the relationship between two famous personalities, it becomes world talk. It can also become a front-page headline when it comes to Riley Reid and Rudy Gobert’s relationship.

Many rumours say this relationship is unimaginable and full of surprises only. Want to know what is the real truth behind Riley Reid and Rudy Gobert Relationship? If so, keep reading the article.

Here, you’ll find every bit of information regarding celebrities, who they are, what they do for a living, etc. Also, this article includes information about their bond.

Riley Reid and Rudy Gobert

Is there any connection between Riley Reid and Rudy Gobert

The only thing that connects Riley and Rudy is the rumored photo of both. The photo was not about them both having fun anywhere. It was about both being a guest at a gathering and a lunch event.

But the truth is there was nothing like this; no photo like this existed on the internet. If we talk about their professions, they both are opposites, as Riley is an adult actress and Rudy is a professional basketball player.

However, if there is really anything between them, it’s very difficult to reveal it because both, especially Rudy, are cautious about sharing their personal details. Rudy is very shy about revealing his love life.

If we talk about sharing any special moment with loved ones, Rudy used to do it with his family and friends. So we can say that there is no connection between Riley Reid and Rudy Gobert.

Who is Riley Reid and Rudy Gobert

Who is Riley Reid and Rudy Gobert

Let’s talk about Riley Reid first. Almost everyone knows her, especially the youngsters. Riley Reid is an American actress and sensational internet personality. She is known for working in adult videos.

However there are a lot of adult actresses, but why is Riley the most sensational one? This is because she has won over 45 awards, including the AVN award for Female Performer of the Year in 2016 and the XBIZ award for female performer of the Year in 2014.

She was the first ever performer ever to win these awards consecutively. In 2021, Riley was also inducted into the XRCO Hall of Fame.

If we go back a bit, Riley began her career as a stripper in 2010. By then, she was just nineteen and hadn’t started working in the adult industry. Initially, she was known by her stage name Paige Riley.

In a very short time, she placed eighth on the list of ten adult stars who could be the next Janna Jameson.

Basic Information about Riley Reid
Full NameAshley Mathews
Professional NamePage Riley, Riley Reid
Date of Birth09-Jul-91
Age31 years
BirthplaceMiami Beach, Florida, United States
Zodiac SignLibra
EthnicityIrish, Puerto Rican, Dominican
Marital StatusNot known
BoyfriendNot Known
ProfessionAmerican adult actress
Net Worth$100,000- $1 million


Body Stats
Height in cm163 cm
Height in m1.63 m
Height in inches5 feet 4 inches
Weight in kg51 kg
Weight in pounds112 lb
Body Measurements32-28-34
Eye ColourHazel
Hair ColourBrown


Father’s NameNot known
Mother’s NameNot Known
SiblingsNot Known


Social Media accounts
YoutubeRiley Reid 

Rudy Gobert

Rudy Gobert

Now, let’s talk about the famous French professional basketball player Rudy Gobert. With a height of 7 ft 1 inch and a wingspan of 7ft 9 inches, Rudy is known as one of the fantastic NBA players for the Minnesota Timberwolves.

In his basketball career, he has won many awards, including three times the NBA Defensive Player of the Year, the second-most highest record in the history of the NBA. On 26 June 1992, Rudy Gobert was born in Saint-Quentin, Aisne, in the north of France.

Rudy’s father, Rudy Bourgarel, was also a professional basketball player for Paris and Saint Quentin. Rudy began his basketball career in 2003 at the JSC St-Quentin club.

Then he took part in the FIBA under-18 championship with the French under-18 national team, where he was declared the team’s best scorer and rebounder.

Many achievements are in his name, such as three times NBA all-star, four-time All-NBA team member and six times All-Defensive First Team member.

So, we hope the above information is enough for you to know these two famous personalities better. Now, let’s reveal the truth behind their relationship.

Basic Information about Rudy Gobert
Full NameRudy Gobert-Bourgarel
Professional NameRudy Gobert
Date of Birth26-Jun-92
Age30 years
BirthplaceSaint-Quentin, France
Marital StatusUnmarried
Dating anyone?Not known
ProfessionFrench professional basketball player
TeamMinnesota Timberwolves
Net Worth$40 million


Father’s NameRudy Bourgarel
Mother’s NameCorinne Gobert
SiblingsNot known


Body Stats
Height in cm216 cm
Height in m2.16 m
Height in inches7 feet 1 inches
Weight in kg111 kg
Weight in pounds245 lb
Wingspan7 feet 9 inches
Eye colourBlack
Hair colourBlack


Social Media accounts
FacebookRudy Gobert

From where did the Riley Reid and Rudy Gobert Relationship Rumours Spread?

If we talk about the spread of outsourcing of their relationship rumors, it all started from a rumored photo of both personalities being shared on the internet. The photo shows everything about their relationship. As we have told you before, it was false information; no photo existed on the internet.

Their fans start believing something is happening between these two people. Then a chain of rumors about their dating each other starts spreading all over the internet.

But based on a rumored photo that doesn’t even exist, we can’t say there is a relationship between these personalities. Also, there is no photo of both having fun or enjoying each other’s company. So how we can say that both are dating each other?

The real truth behind Riley Reid and Rudy Gobert Relationship- Verdict

Getting straight to the point, Riley and Rudy are not in a relationship; they are not even dating each other. It’s just a rumor that both are meeting each other. Every news you’ve heard about their relationships is not accurate.

As we all know, Riley Reid and Rudy Gobert are totally different people in their professions and ways of enjoying life. This means their interests are different from each other.

So if they are opposite to each other, how can we say that there must be a relationship between them?

Now, after meeting all the points, we concluded that there is no relationship between Riley Reid and Rudy Gobert.

What is the current relationship status of Riley Reid and Rudy Gobert?

Talking about their relationship status, Riley Reid is in a relationship but not with Rudy Gobert. Let’s find out who he is.

Riley Reid

current relationship status

Riley Reid is a married woman. In July 2021, she got engaged to a free runner and Red Bull Art Motion Champion, Pavel ‘Pasha’ Petkuns. Recently, after a year, the couple got married in LA. Petkuns is 28 years old and one of the strongest free runners in the world.

If we talk about what attracted Riley Reid to Pavel Petkuns, she once said that his dedication and hard work toward his career attracted me the most. Petkuns is also known for winning two Red Bull Art of Motion titles, and he was very close to getting the third one also.

During an interview, Petkuns mentioned that winning is not everything to him; freerunning gives him everything he wants in life, fun, friends and food. And the most precious thing he got in his life is Riley Reid.

They both used to share sweet couple photos on their Instagram handles that show how strongly they loved each other.


View this post on Instagram


A post shared by Riley Reid (@letrileylive)

Recently, the couple became parents. Riley Reid gave birth to a cute baby boy. When Riley was pregnant, she posted a photo of her confidently showing her baby bump on Instagram.

Below is the caption, she wrote I am a wife, woman and a mother also. Riley wants to tell all the men to stop dm-ing her now.


View this post on Instagram


A post shared by Pasha Petkuns (@pashatheboss)

Pasha Petkuns also shared some beautiful pictures of him with Riley and his newborn baby boy.

Rudy Gobert

Rudy Gobert seems like he is not in any relationship. He hasn’t opened up about his personal life yet on his social media or any other platform. However, it also seems like he completely wants to focus on his basketball career.

Riley Reid and Rudy Gobert Relationship- Frequently Asked Questions

1. Who is Rudy Gobert?

Born on 26th June 1992, Rudy is a famous French professional basketball player for the Minnesota Timberwolves.

2. Who is Riley Reid?

Born on 9 July 1991, Riley Reid is an American actress known for working in various adult movies.

3. Is Riley Reid and Rudy Gobert dating each other?

There were rumors about Rudy and Riley dating each other over the internet, but it was utterly false.

Wrapping up

We hope the information in this article is enough for you to know the real truth behind Riley Reid and Rudy Gobert’s relationship. On the basis of false rumors, we can’t say they are dating each other. However, Riley Reid is a married woman, so there is no chance of both being in a relationship.

Stay tuned to Cosmojarvis to read more rumors about some famous personalities.

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