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Telemundo.com/link is one of the most famous Spanish language OTT platforms that lets you enjoy your favorite shows, programs, movies, etc.

NBC Universal owns Telemundo, which was previously known as NetSpan. You can enjoy Telemundo content on various devices like smart TV, browser, Roku, Amazon Fire TVs, etc. In that case, you need to complete the Telemundo activation process.

The below article will help you to activate Telemundo on different devices. Let’s read the article till it ends.

What is Telemundo known for?

Telemundo is one of the most popular TV channels for every aged person. It offers various shows, films, series, live sports programs, etc. The channel also makes it suitable for kids with its entertaining Disney content. You have to take a membership of this channel to enjoy its content.

Some Popular Shows On Telemundo

You can enjoy the following shows on Telemundo.com; such as:

  • The Lord of the Skies
  • Hidden Passion
  • La Hija del Mariachi
  • La Reina del Sur
  • Falsa identidad
  • Without Breasts, There Is No Paradise
  • Senora Acero
  • La Tormenta
  • The Return
  • Corazon Valiente, etc

How To Stream Telemundo On Browser

Even when you don’t have a smart TV, you can enjoy the Telemundo content on the computer. But in that case, you need good internet connectivity.

To see the Telemundo channel on the computer, you need to sign in with a browser and don’t have to sign in to any additional software. The process is relatively easy.

Log in to the site telemundo.com/link and hit the live button. It will open a list of all the live shows streaming on the same channel. Pick your favorite show and enjoy it.

How To Activate Telemundo On Roku

You can follow the below steps to get Telemundo on Roku. The process is quite simple.

  • Be confirmed about your network connectivity.
  • Now, you have to proceed with the simple hardware setup on Roku.
  • Make sure the cables are properly in condition.
  • Provide internet connection on Roku device.
  • Make sure to follow the instructions on the screen.
  • Once you follow the instructions, the Roku will be linked to your account.
  • Go to the home of Roku and shop for the Telemundo channel there.
  • Download the channel first.
  • Visit the My Channels list and select Telemundo at the bottom.
  • Press on the channel and create an account there.
  • Launch the channel on the screen
  • On your browser, open telemundo.com/link
  • You will receive a code and now enter the code on Roku
  • These are some instructions you have to follow to get Telemundo on Roku.

How To Activate Telemundo On Smart TV

  • Firstly, download the Telemundo application on your device.
  • Open the app and select your TV provider from them to get the activation code.
  • Open telemundo.com/link and enter the activation code that you got from your device.
  • Provide your sign-in credentials to link your account of Telemundo with your smart TV.
  • Now, enjoy your favorite content there.

The process of activating Telemundo will differ for various Smart TVs brands. Here some of the popular brands of smart TV are given below:

Watch Telemundo on SONY Television

  • Open the home button or the remote’s menu.
  • Find the setup and configuration menu
  • First, select the channel and system.
  • Choose one of the options; automatic program, program channel, or digital scan.
  • Now start the channel scan by tapping on select or accept.

Samsung Television

  • Find the menu bar by using the remote.
  • Press on the menu and go to settings
  • Start with one channel
  • Go for auto-tuning
  • Now, Press the start button

LG Television

  • Go to Menu or Home button
  • Find the settings tab
  • Choose a channel as per your wish
  • Start auto-tuning
  • Next, Press the start button and enjoy your favorite content.

Panasonic/Viera Television

  • Go to the program channel option and then press the Ok button.
  • Use the right or left button in the controller and choose ‘Antenna‘ in the ANT section.
  • For cable TV, you can choose ‘cable‘ and ‘antenna‘ for anything else.
  • Now, go to ‘auto‘ and confirm your action by using ‘ok‘.
  • Enjoy your preferred show on Telemundo 49.

How To Activate Telemundo On Apple TV

Now you can easily enjoy Telemundo.com content on Apple TV. Just refer to the steps below:

  • Switch on your Apple TV and go to the home screen
  • Visit the app store and download Telemundo from there.
  • Now open the application on your TV.
  • Navigate the option of visiting more and log in with the NBC Universal profile to get the activation code.
  • Open the telemundo.com/link on your pc or in your phone web browser
  • Now it will ask you to provide the activation code. Enter the code there.
  • Once you complete all the necessary steps, proceed with the continue button.

How To Activate Telemundo on Amazon Fire Stick

You can watch the Telemundo channel on Amazon Firestick by signing in on the same application. Here the instructions are given below:

  • First, make sure the internet connection is proper and secure.
  • You can see the Amazon app store on Fire TV’s home screen.
  • Now search here for the Telemundo application.
  • Get the app downloaded on your Amazon Firestick.
  • When starting, you need to sign up for the application.
  • Now, use the PC or your mobile phone to activate the code.
  • Open telemundo.com/link and enter the activation code in the right place
  • After entering the code, you can pick your preferred device.
  • Upon selecting, you can provide your TV provider details and set it on to enjoy your favorite show.

How To Activate Telemundo in Codigo

  • Go to the app store of your phone and download the Telemundo application.
  • Now sign up on your NBC universal account through the Telemundo app.
  • Now it will show you options to choose your TV provider and create an account.
  • You will get an activation code on your mobile device.
  • Open the browser and type telemundo.com/link and enter the code.
  • Now you are all set to enjoy Telemundo

Telemundo.com/link troubleshooting – What Should I Do

  • The first and primary cause of this troubleshooting is entering improper code.
  • Please enter the code at the very moment you receive it. Otherwise, it will expire.
  • When updating or reinstalling the same application, you can face issues, and the data gets corrupted.
  • When you are going to the activation page, remove the roadblocks first
  • You can use the app in incognito mode to make the process Faster.
  • For buffering issues, restart the device.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I access Telemundo?

You can watch the Telemundo content for free because it belongs to the TV Everywhere system without using any cable tv login. You can navigate through telemundo.com/live to watch Telemundo online.

2. How to connect Telemundo with TV?

Without cable, you can watch Telemundo in two significant ways: live streaming services and accessible over-the-air television. Live TV streaming costs less than cable, and you can catch all the live television network stations.

3. Is the Telemundo app free?

Yes, the Telemundo app live streaming is free. You need to go through telemundo.com/link activate code.


Telemundo is one of the most popular OTT networks, special in Telenovela production. Hopefully, now you will not face any problems using the Telemundo application. You may have enjoyed the article, but if you face any issues, you can leave a comment. We will try to solve your problem.

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