What is ‘dot’ in World of Warcraft? (June 2024)

what is dot world of warcraft

Periodical damage is part of World of Warcraft. This damage is often known as DoT. Depending on the spell and effects, the players use multiple mechanics. If you are a new player of World of Warcraft, then you can have numerous things that can make the game quite confusing.

One of the most common terms widely used in WoW is DoT. Before you enter the battlefield, you should consider this critical term of the game. Let’s read the article till the end to know what DoT is and how it works.

DoT Meaning in World of Warcraft

The full form of DoT is ‘ Damage Over Time’. It refers to the abilities that do damage within any short period. Here, each damage is known as a ‘tick’. The ‘tick ‘ generally does damage in the same amount, but in some specific cases, the damage amount may increase. So, you can expect to have double the damage per tick sometimes. Building Haste can speed up the ticks to cause more damage. Many ticks you will have, that you have enough abilities to do damage within your power.

DoT abilities also relate to crowd control and other tasks like crafting, healing and fishing. It can also be dispelled and cured with other items. So, make sure to whip it out before the whipping out of the first aid in post-battle.

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How DoT Work in WoW

First, it can’t be easy to understand DoT. But over time, it will become easy to understand. Generally, the DoT causes damage every three seconds. If you have a high haste stat, they can do more damage. The tick from the damage is usually a critical hit, such as a direct damage spell. If the damaging effect reaches its full term, it shines. Generally, the weak monster can not afford opportunities for DoT. So, it is better to avoid them.

The World of Warcraft also allows multi-doing that allows the player to maintain DoTs in multiple targets simultaneously to get an excellent DPS boost. The game has also taken extra initiatives to reapply DoT effects. Previously, one mistake could result in missing out on damages and reduced DPS or damage per second.

What Are Different Types of DoTs in World of Warcraft

The ‘Damage over Time’ in the World of Warcraft can be physical or magic. The physical Dot refers to the bleeding of feral druids and other warriors. Apart from that, the characters can do the magic DoTs. Such as, the Warlocks and Shadow Priests can handle damage by only dotting up the enemies.

You can get an overview of overall damages by managing the DoT effects. It also gives ideas about when and not to use those abilities. In contrast, DoT is also used with the phrase HoT which means ‘Healing over Time’. But most of the time, the healing classes and other restoration druids use HoT.

Different Classes in World of Warcraft using DoTs

Below are several classes in WoW that use Damage over Time abilities.

  • Shadow Priest:- It is a type of class that specializes in dealing with shadow damage.
  • Warlock:- It includes an affinity for dark magic. Their DoTs are based on shadow damage, such as corruption and agony.
  • Affliction Warlock:- This class is specialize in applying curses and damage over time effects on their enemies.
  • Elemental Shaman:- It is a type of class that can apply DoTs, such as Flame Shock and Earthquake.
  • Balance Druid:- It is a hybrid class that can deal melee and spell damage based on Nature magic, such as Moonfire and Sunfire.

Frequently Asked Questions 

1. Can You Describe the Objective of World of Warcraft?

The objectives of World of Warcraft can vary depending on the player’s inclination. The game evolves various activities and hurdles for the players. Generally, this game doesn’t have any conclusive method to be successful in the game.

2. What is the Actual Duration of WoW?

WoW was first launched in 2004, and the game has been available for over 17 years. There is no specific duration for the game, and the players can play the game continuously with frequent updates and content.

3. What is Pandemic DoT in the World of Warcraft?

In a pandemic effort, you can refresh the DoT before it runs out of 30% of the ability’s duration. For example, if you apply Dots, it will last for 10 seconds, and if you reapply it immediately, it will last for 13 seconds.

4. How does Haste Increase DoT Ticks?

Haste can quickly increase the tick speed causing the damage to happen more rapidly. If it adds with effect, that can result in extra ticks.

Wrapping Up

So, now you have learned everything about DoT and how it works and the different uses of DoT. You can know more about it once you start your first battle. If you are also looking out to become one of the greatest heroes, then follow our site for more updates about World of Warcraft. Hopefully, this WoW guide will make the navigation and play of the game more accessible than ever.

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