Why do Dogs Eat Cat Poop? (September 2023)

Why do Dogs Eat Cat Poop

Have you observed your dog consuming cat poop? Living with cats and dogs has a unique set of difficulties. Namely, preventing any canines from accessing the cat litter box and feeding dishes. While seeing your dog eating cat poop may be repulsive, it may also be quite dangerous.

However, why does your dog consume cat poop, and how can you prevent it? Continue reading to learn the scientific underpinnings of your dog’s behavior and how it may influence its health.

Is Eating Cat Poop by Dogs Normal?

Dogs eating waste is natural and even required at specific points in their lives. Mother dogs lick their pups, ingesting the feces to keep their pups clean. Young puppies are born without digestive tract bacteria but require bacteria to digest food effectively.

Eating animal stools with such germs already in them is the easiest method to acquire them. Furthermore, a mother dog trains her pups to eat feces when she cleans them, so it is not as inherently disgusting to dogs as it is to people.

Why Do Dogs Like to Eat Cat Poop?

Why Do Dogs Eat Cat Poop?

It is a mental disorder, Coprophagia, the behavior of eating poop, can be caused by a nutritional shortage. It typically results from curiosity and can quickly develop into a terrible habit. According to the Merck Veterinary Manual, many dogs are attracted to cat food, ingest feces, compost, and prey (dead or alive).”

Additionally, dogs’ typical maternal behavior involves consuming the pee and excrement of newborn puppies.

What is the Science Behind Dog-Eating Cat Poop?

To our horror, many dogs like consuming different kinds of trash. Being scavengers by nature, dogs naturally exhibit this habit. Dogs consume multiple objects, including trash, carpets, gravel, and more. Another item to scavenge and consume is cat feces.

Cat feces may smell unpleasant, but your dog probably associates it with cat food because it appeals to a dog’s sense of smell. Dogs are usually prepared to nibble out of the litter box.

Is Eating Cat Poop Can be Harmful to Dogs?

In most cases, dogs may consume modest amounts of cat waste without experiencing any adverse effects. However, there is always a chance that pups will fall ill from various sources. Your dog may get intestinal parasites or be impacted by medicine if your cat has or is treating them.

Both of them are hazardous and can necessitate a trip to the veterinarian. Dogs frequently consume part of the litter when they eat cat waste straight from the litter box. Kitty litter is meant to clump up when it gets wet and is absorbent.

If your dog consumes too much of cat waste, it may result in intestinal obstructions and even inflammation in the digestive tract.

How to Prevent Your Dog from Eating Cat Poop?

How to Prevent Your Dog from Eating Cat Poop?

Keeping the cat excrement away from your dog is the most excellent approach to stop it from eating cat poop. You may do a couple more things to reduce the behavior if that isn’t feasible. Here are some strategies.

1. Keep your Dog Away from the Litter Box

Consider keeping the litter box where your dog cannot get it. Keeping them out may be as easy as erecting a safety gate.

2. Invest in a Dog-proof Litter Box

If preventing your dog from eating cat poop from the litter box is impossible, look for dog-proof litter boxes. These provide a top entrance, allowing your cat to leap inside, not your dog.

3. Regularly Clean the Litter Box

You have to clean your litter box regularly to reduce the scent of feces that may be luring your dog to the litter box.

4. Dietary Balance for Your Dog

Make sure your dog is eating enough nutrient-rich foods.

5. Educate your Dog

It is feasible to instruct your dog not to eat cat poop. However, it is undoubtedly easier said than done. Instruct them to “leave it” or teach them how to avoid it altogether.

6. Occupy your Dog

Take your dog for frequent walks, engage in playtime with them, and provide them with additional toys to help them receive enough exercise. Occupying dogs with toys or other mental challenges is a terrific idea when you’re not around.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What Home Remedy Can You Use to Stop Your Dog from His Poop?

You can add some amount of apple cider vinegar to your dog’s food to help your dog digest their meals while also adding a smell to their waste, making him less likely to eat it.

2. Is Cat Poop Poisonous to Dogs?

No, cat litter isn’t toxic to dogs.

3. Does Lemon Juice Stop Dogs Eating Poop?

Yes, Lemon juice’s acidic nature will fend off your dog from consuming poop.


The best approach to keep your dog healthy is via prevention. You are actively enhancing their health by stopping them from consuming cat excrement or using parasite prevention. Please keep checking back to our articles for additional information of this nature.

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