A Guide to the Different Types of Hair Extensions

A Guide to the Different Types of Hair Extensions

Hair loss isn’t a men’s-only issue. One recent study found that 50 percent of women will experience significant hair loss at some point.

Depending on the cause of the hair loss, you may recover your entire head of hair. In the meantime (or as a long-term solution to sustained hair loss), hair extensions can help restore confidence.

Are you confused by the many types of hair extensions available today? Read on to demystify the selection.

Clip-In Hair Extensions

You can easily attach and remove these temporary hair extensions at home. No trip to the salon is needed!

They come in various sizes and colors to match diverse skin tones, hair types, and styles. Because they’re affordable and easy to use, clip-ins are among the best hair extensions for adding length or volume to your hair for a special occasion.

If you’re unsure where to start with clip-ins, try u part wigs and go from there.

Tape-In Hair Extensions

Tape-in hair extensions are popular because they last a long time and don’t damage your hair.

Unlike other extensions that use clips or braids, you attach tape-ins using double-sided tape. With proper hair care, these extensions last for weeks before needing readjusting.

This type of extension is excellent for people with fine or thin hair. They’re light, so add volume, don’t strain the hair.

Sew-In Hair Extensions

Sew-in hair extensions, also called weaves, are one of the most popular long-term hair extension hair products.

A hairdresser attaches them to your natural hair using a needle and thread, creating a secure hold. Best of all, these extensions last for months with proper care.

Weaves are versatile and available in an enormous range of textures and lengths. You’ll have no trouble matching your natural hair.

Fusion Hair Extensions

Are you looking for an ultra-long-lasting hair replacement solution? Consider fusion hair extensions!

You’ll need to visit a salon to get these extensions put in. First, a stylist melts a keratin-based adhesive onto your natural hair using a heating tool. This creates a strong bond that lasts for months with proper care.

This option is more expensive than other extensions but is also highly natural-looking.

Microbead Hair Extensions

A final option for people with thick hair is microbead hair extensions. These extensions are usually used to add length or volume.

A stylist attaches the extensions to your natural hair using tiny, silicone-lined beads. These are clamped in place with a special tool. The beads are color-matched to the natural hair for a seamless blend.

Microbead extensions are a more permanent option than clip-ins but can still be removed and adjusted as needed.

Buy Hair Extensions With Confidence

Whether you’re looking to add volume to your hair for a special occasion or need to cover up hair loss, hair extensions are the answer.

They’re available in price to match every budget and can be as temporary or permanent as you need. What’s more, today’s selection includes colors, hair types, and styles to suit every head!

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