Are Strawberries Good for Dogs (June 2024)

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Summer doesn’t feel relaxing and great until you give a sip of a cup of sweet strawberry juice. But you may wonder, is it safe to share these strawberries with your dogs also?

Luckily, yes, you can give your dog strawberries. Strawberries have some essential vitamins and minerals that will benefit your dogs.

A study also shows that strawberries contain suitable enzymes for your dog’s teeth. But you should always note that too much of anything can be hazardous for your dogs.

You must follow some safety guidelines and rules to feed your dog strawberries. From the below article, you will learn everything about feeding your dog strawberries.

Can Dogs Have Strawberries

Yes, dogs can eat strawberries.

Unlike other summer fruits like cherries and grapes, the strawberry can safely serve your dog.

Strawberries have some crucial vitamins and nutrients that your dog should get with its diet.

Wash the strawberries first and remove the leaves to feed your dogs. Now cut them into small pieces. Now you are ready to give your dog these strawberry pieces.

But it would help if you remembered that strawberries should be given to dogs occasionally. Strawberries contain sugar that can be harmful to your pet.

What Are The Benefits Of Strawberries For Your Dogs

Strawberries are beneficial for dogs in many ways. It contains essential vitamins and minerals such as vitamin K, vitamin B6, vitamin C, fiber, potassium, omega-3 fatty acid, etc.

These essential vitamins and minerals work in immune function, and cell repair and fiber help in easy digestion.

Strawberries are also considered a low-calorie food. So, your dog will not gain weight when eating them, and the strawberries also have a high water content that will not hurt.

Strawberries are rich in vitamin C, boost immunity power and give comfort to the stomach. Other nutrients, vitamins and minerals fight against cancer and reduce the risk of gallbladder stones, gastrointestinal issues, etc.

So it can be said that strawberries can work as an occasional tremendous substitute. Your dog is likely to like these tasty and healthy snacks if given in moderation.

What Are The Risks Of Feeding Your Dog Strawberries

In moderation, you can give your pup fresh strawberries. But keep in mind that the following circumstances can cause severe issues for your dog.

Don’t feed too many strawberries at the same time.

Most fruits contain high sugar content, and strawberries are no exception. So, eating too many strawberries simultaneously can make the dog sick.

Cannon Strawberries are not safe for dogs.

The canned strawberries are generally sugared and packed with syrup, which won’t be safe for your dog. They contain preservatives that are toxic for furry friends most of the time.

Some canned strawberry packs come with xylitol which can harm your dog’s teeth, and the dog may not like the bitter taste of it.

Market Available Strawberry Food

There are many market-available foods like strawberry pie, strawberry cake, etc. Most of them claim to be made with fresh strawberries.

But don’t feed your dog any of these foods as they contain high sugar levels and fat which is not good for your dog’s health.

Can choke the dog

Strawberries are, most of the time, chewy and mushy. Still, it would be best if you did not take the risk of choking.

In that case, cut the strawberries into small pieces to easily chew them. For smaller dogs, strawberry puree can work great.

Allergic Reaction For Strawberries

It is not impossible to see allergic reactions in your dog after eating strawberries. Once you give your dog a strawberry, keep an eye on it.

If there is any adverse reaction, then call your vet immediately. As a dog owner, you should know what food your dog can be allergic to and what you should give them.

How To Feed Your Dog Strawberries

To determine the correct position of serving your dog strawberries, you should consult a vet. But there are several days to feed your dogs strawberries. Here are different ways to feed your dogs strawberries,

  • Feeding your dogs fresh strawberries is always a good idea. Avoid strawberries that are soaked in syrup or canned. Because of having too much sugar content, preservatives and other chemicals, it can react badly. You can also avail chocolate-coated strawberries which could be toxic for the dogs.
  • To avoid choking hazards, you can remove the top stems and cut berries into small pieces. However, the leaves are non-toxic. Still, it may make the stomach upset in dogs.
  • For the smaller dogs, cut berries into small pieces or make a puree of strawberry and add it to the food.
  • You can use it as a topping in your dog’s regular food. In that case, the pieces will be short.

Organic strawberries are always preferable. But it would help if you were also careful in washing the fruits before serving them.

Delicious Strawberry Recipes For your Dog

The best way to feed the dogs strawberries is to cut them into small pieces. Apart from that, you can try these below recipes to provide your dog with strawberries:

Strawberry smoothie

strawberry smoothie

Ingredients: ½ frozen unsweetened strawberries, ½ of banana, ¼ cup of water

Blend all the ingredients first. This is three portions of dog food. So, you have to feed only one part of it.

Strawberry Popsicle

strawberry popsicle

Ingredients: 3 strawberries without top, one spoonful of peanut butter, carrot, Popsicle mood

Whatever recipe you prepare, make sure that the strawberries are cleaned and washed. So, chemicals and pesticides can not harm your dog. Blend water with peanut butter to make a smooth puree.

Pour the puree into the mold. The carrots should be cut like sticks and placed into the mold.

Freeze the puree for some time and serve one portion occasionally.

Dehydrated Strawberry Slices

dehydrated strawberry slices

Ingredients: Strawberry Slices, Bottle

Wash the strawberries in plain water. Cut the strawberries into small slices. Now dry them away under full sunlight. Keep them in a bottle and feed your dog occasionally.

How many strawberries per day can I feed my dog?

It would help if you fed your dog strawberries only in moderation, and you should not provide snacks and treats that go more than 10% of their calorie intake for dogs.

When measuring how many strawberries you should get for your dog, it is essential to know your dog’s weight and activity level. As strawberries contain natural sugar, you should not give more than one strawberry to your dog in one sitting.

For smaller breeds, it is essential to cut the strawberries into small pieces. Medium and large-sized dogs can eat two-three strawberries in one sitting.

But before you induce any food to your dog, it is vital to consult with your vet. Too much of these required quantities may cause stomach upset, diarrhea, etc. They can guide you as per your dog’s needs and capabilities.


So, can your dogs eat strawberries? The answer is Yes. Strawberries are also an extremely safe food for your dog. Amazingly, your dog can eat every part of the strawberries, such as the leaves, top and stems.

As discussed above, you should give your dog plain, fresh and frozen strawberries only. Through strawberries, you are giving your dog a superfood snack that is full of vitamins, nutrients and antioxidants.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Are strawberries toxic for dogs?

No, strawberries are non-toxic for dogs. You can feed your dog everything about the strawberry, like its stem, leaves and tops. But for smaller dogs, it should be cut into small pieces.

Q: Do strawberries make dogs poop?

Strawberries contain dietary fiber, which is very important for a dog’s digestion. Apart from that, fiber also promotes the functioning of the digestive system, and it helps in easy bowel movement, constipation, diarrhea, etc., in dogs.

Q: Should I give strawberries to my dog regularly?

No, it would help if you did not give your dog strawberries regularly as strawberries contain high amounts of sugar that could be dangerous for dogs. So, try to provide them with strawberries occasionally.

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