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7 Clever Ways You Can Create More Storage and Space in Your Home

7 Clever Ways You Can Create More Storage and Space in Your Home

A recent survey revealed that 60.6% of Americans are homeowners in 2020.

As a homeowner, you may feel a little like a pack mule at times. There are so many burdens that homeowners carry that just aren’t a problem for the renters next door. A smaller home generally means less space, something that makes many homeowners anxious.

It’s your responsibility to find clever ways to create more storage and space in your home, and then pack it full of the things you’ve been collecting for years.

How do you turn a cramped and cramped place into spacious and open living? Here are a few ways to start.

Seven Ways to Increase Storage and Space in Your Home

1. Declutter For More Storage

Decluttering your home is one of the best and most clever ways to create more storage and usable space. Start by going through closets, shelves, and drawers and sorting them into piles for keeping, donating, and discarding. Donating items that you no longer need and no longer serve a purpose allows another person to benefit from your items.

Reorganizing items such as folders and books in bookshelves allows you to easily access what you need and discard what you don’t.

2. Create Vertical Space

One of the clever ways to maximize storage space in your home is to create vertical space. This means utilizing any vertical wall and ceiling space that is in your house. Start by looking around your home and seeing where you can hang shelves and racks on the walls, such as in the living room, bedroom, kitchen, stairways, or garage.

You could also use racks or cubbies to store items on the ceiling in your garage or another room. This method also eliminates clutter on the floor and allows items to be stored vertically in an organized manner, which gives you space to store more items. Check out this buying guide for more useful tips and tricks on clever ways to create more storage and space in your home.

3. Wall-Hung TV Cabinet

This allows you to use your natural wall space to store items that might be cluttering other parts of the house. This particular style of cabinet is designed to hang on any wall and is spacious enough to hold your TV and a variety of items like magazines, books, remotes, and other trinkets.

The flat surface boasting the TV creates more counter space as well. With proper installation and setup, this type of TV cabinet can be the perfect addition to any home.

4. Maximize Closet Capacity

Creating more storage space in your home doesn’t have to be a daunting task. One clever way to maximize closet capacity is to install an adjustable-height garment rod. Easy measures such as double-hanging clothes and rolling items instead of folding can stack more items on the rack, freeing up more space on the floor.

The addition of additional organizing products like drawers, bins, and baskets can help you store smaller items and keep them accessible. By trying a few of these clever solutions, you can create more storage and make your closet a more functional part of your home.

5. Coat Rack

Coat racks provide great storage opportunities and can save space while adding a stylish touch to a home. Utilizing a versatile coat rack design can give you a range of storage in a single piece of furniture. For example, adding a hung shelf above the hooks on a coat rack allows space for other items, such as bags, hats, keys, and more.

Further, search for multifunctional coat racks with built-in shelving and cubbies to store small items like gloves and crafts. With some creativity, coat racks can help create more storage and space in your home while adding an aesthetically pleasing touch.

6. Spruce Up Your Garage

Sprucing up your garage can be a great way to create more storage and space in your home. Start by organizing the items that you do not need to use regularly. Invest in cabinets and shelves for items that you may use frequently, such as tools and paints.

Install a wall-mounted workbench to store extra items. Use a suitcase rack on wheels to store your bike and other sports equipment. Hang peg boards on the wall for hanging hooks to store tools and equipment. Utilize overhead storage for items that you rarely use.

Use clear storage containers to store seasonal items. Re-purpose other furniture to utilize it as storage. Lastly, label all storage containers to make them easier to locate. With these clever ideas, you can successfully create more storage and space in your garage.

7. Use Multifunctional Furniture

Using multifunctional furniture is an excellent way to create more storage and space in your home. One of the most popular options is a sofa bed. Not only does it add seating to a room, but it also provides space for extra bedding in the form of a hidden trundle, creating storage for sheets and blankets. An ottoman is another great piece of multifunctional furniture.

It offers a comfortable seat but also opens up a good amount of space to store items like electronics, books, or throw blankets. Murphy beds are a great option if you need to maximize floor space. Not in use, they fold up into the wall, giving one room the ability to serve as both a bedroom and a living room. With multifunctional furniture, wall shelving, and hooks, you can easily create more storage and space in your home.

Explore Smart Storage Solutions

Maximize the space in your home by taking advantage of creating more storage solutions! Incorporate a vertical storage area to increase space, use baskets or crates in hard-to-reach places, or repurpose a cabinet for new use. Making use of vertical space is an incredibly efficient way to store items, and it can be performed without breaking the bank.

So, take the steps to declutter and improve the accessibility of your belongings with these clever storage methods today.

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