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4 Common TRT Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

4 Common TRT Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

It’s estimated that 2% of those assigned male at birth (AMAB) have low testosterone; this number jumps to over 8% for those between 50-79 years old. This hormonal imbalance can cause various health issues, including a reduced sex drive, hot flashes, low sperm count, depression, and increased body fat.

If you’ve been diagnosed with low testosterone, then your doctor may put you on testosterone replacement therapy (TRT). But to reap the benefits of TRT, you need to do it right.

Read on for four common TRT mistakes and how you can avoid them

Basic TRT Mistakes

1. Not Taking the Right Dose

Many people simplify how TRT works; they think that just because their buddy is on a certain dosage, that means it’ll work for them too.

However, every person’s testosterone level differs, so the proper TRT dose will vary from patient to patient. It’s best if you listen to your doctor and stick to the dosages they prescribe.

2. Not Living a Healthy Lifestyle

When you balance your testosterone level, it’ll probably make you feel better and like yourself again. But that’s not a free pass to go wild and act like you’re 20 again.

It’s true that there’s a positive correlation between testosterone and weight loss, so you might shed some pounds after starting TRT. However, if you drink excessively, smoke, and eat junk food, plus you don’t exercise or sleep enough, your health will decline fast again.

You don’t necessarily have to live a completely clean lifestyle. But you should treat your body right.

3. Not Keeping Up With Your Doses

It’s important that you keep up with your TRT doses as prescribed, like with any medication.

If you forget a dose, your testosterone levels will drop, and when you take your next dose, they’ll rise again. This can cause several unpleasant side effects, like mood swings, lack of energy, and headaches.

Inconsistent doses can also hinder progress in leveling out your testosterone levels. So make sure you set an alarm and take your TRT doses as needed.

4. Not Checking Your Estrogen Levels

All people have both testosterone and estrogen, even those who are AMAB. But they often forget to monitor their estrogen levels, which can rise when the body metabolizes testosterone.

You’ll need a competent doctor who will regularly check your estrogen levels. That way, they’ll know if you’re on the TRT dose. And if not, they can then adjust accordingly, monitor again, and ensure you’re on the right track.

Avoid Making These Common TRT Mistakes

Now that you know what the common TRT mistakes are, it’ll be easier for you to avoid them.

The best things you can do are listen to your doctor, keep up with the TRT regimen, and live as healthy a lifestyle as possible. You’ll definitely see these efforts pay off, as your quality of life will drastically improve.

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