Creative Ideas for Inexpensive Employee Recognition Awards

Creative Ideas for Inexpensive Employee Recognition Awards

Are you looking for amazing ways to recognize hard-working employees? Or are you worried that your upcoming employee awards ceremony will be expensive?

That’s the problem we hear most often from managers: employee recognition can get expensive. If your company is giving out employee awards on a regular basis, then your budget for these awards can start eating into your profits.

Sound familiar? Don’t worry–we have scoured the web and have the best ideas for cheap employee awards to help you out. Keep reading for some affordable employee recognition awards that are sure to leave your employees feeling appreciated and valued.

Give Honorary Titles Awards

One of the most employee recognition awards methods to recognize performance is to give out Honorary Titles Awards. This can be as simple as assigning a fun title such as “Employee of the Month” or “Most Creative Thinker.” Make a simple certificate of recognition to go along with it.

This award is easy to put together and the employee it’s presented to will likely value the recognition. For a little extra effort on the employer’s part, they could couple the honorary title with recognition at a company gathering. It can be during a weekly team meeting or staff party.

Personalized Token of Appreciation

Personalized tokens like thank you cards with a heartfelt note, or a photograph with a short note of appreciation, remind employees that they are valued and appreciated. Go here for inexpensive gifts that leave a lasting impression.

Employees also appreciate handmade tokens such as knitted hats, mugs, handmade stationery, and other trinkets that reflect the personal touch. Additionally, you could provide small rewards like free coffee or lunch cards to reward frequent positive efforts.

Bonus Days off of Work

A creative and inexpensive way to recognize employees is to offer small “bonus” days off work. This can include an extra day off as a reward for completing a challenging project or meeting a goal, or even a surprise day off just simply to show employees how appreciated they are.

This recognition award won’t break the bank, it provides an opportunity for unpaid employees to gain extra work experience or simply enjoy some “me time.”

This is a great way to show employees that their hard work is appreciated, and shows that their contributions to the company are valuable.

Hosting an Employee Appreciation Dinner

Employee appreciation dinners can serve as an inexpensive and creative option for businesses to recognize their employees. Businesses can purchase a few pizzas or order takeout, and organize dinner in an outdoor area or in the company’s breakroom.

This type of event serves as an inexpensive way to recognize employees, provides a chance to socialize, and shows appreciation. Businesses can also use the dinner to create a rewards system by having a competition or offering awards such as gift cards.

Hosting an employee appreciation dinner can be an inexpensive and creative way to recognize deserving employees, boost morale, and cultivate a positive workplace environment.

Employee Recognition Awards Done Right

Creative employee recognition awards don’t have to be expensive. By getting creative, employers can show their appreciation without breaking the bank. Showing employees that you care and appreciate them is essential to creating and sustaining a successful workplace. Make sure to start recognizing your employees, in inexpensive and creative ways, today!

If you are looking for more creative award ideas that are easy on the budget, we have got you covered. Be sure to check out our blog for more ideas!

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