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Decorating Your First Home on a Budget? Here’s How

Decorating Your First Home on a Budget? Here's How

Decorating your first home can be expensive, especially if you’re trying to revamp the entire place. Thankfully, there are many cost-effective solutions for making your new place feel like your own.

Instead of whizzing out to the shops, get creative with budget-friendly home decorating ideas and use what you already have at home. Rearranging furniture, adding a fresh coat of paint, or shifting out old drawer handles can all be inexpensive changes with a big impact.

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Buying your first home is one of the biggest investments you’ll ever make. But furnishing and decorating that bare space is expensive. Fortunately, there are many ways to decorate your new home on a budget and achieve that put-together look you’ve always wanted.

Paint is a cheap and easy way to transform your home. Choose a colour that coordinates with your new furniture or add interest by painting a living room feature wall. You can also use wallpaper ideas to make a bold statement without spending much money.

If you’re decorating your first home on a budget, it is best to start with rooms you use the most, such as the kitchen or the living room. Then, work on each area of the house one at a time, keeping within your budget.

Another way to save money when furnishing your first home is to shop around and compare prices. That beautiful basket you saw in a trendy store is being sold at a discount online.

Saving for your new home should be as fun and exciting as buying the items you need to complete your dream home. Please set up a separate bank account dedicated to your decorating budget and transfer small amounts as often as possible. Alternatively, cut down on other bills or switch banks with lower or no fees to help you save more.


Adding plants to any space is an easy way to make it feel more homey. Plus, they’re super affordable. You can find plants at local markets and thrift stores. It’s also helpful to buy in person so you can see the plant before you purchase it. This is important because not all plants are the same – some require more watering, light, and attention than others. If you have pets, it’s important to choose a plant that is pet-friendly.

Another key element when decorating your first home on a budget is creating focal points for the room. Focal point pieces help to guide the eye and make a room more cohesive. There are many affordable ways to create a focal point, such as mirrors or a clock. If you want something more unique, check out thrift and salvage stores.

Another great idea is to use wall art as a focal point. Buying wall art can be expensive, but you can make cheap frames from pretty postcards, maps, polaroid photos, and more.


Forget grandmotherly chintz — today’s wallpaper is sleek, innovative, and sophisticated. You can find patterns and colours for every space, from modern to traditional, in a wide range of washable and durable materials. And since you’re decorating your first home, you can afford to experiment.

One of the best ways to save money while decorating a new home is to focus on a focal point in each room and work around it. For example, a well-placed mirror can make a small room feel larger and is much cheaper than replacing existing furniture.

Another way to save money is to use paint for an accent wall instead of wallpaper. Painting is less expensive, and if you’re renting, it’s easy to cover up when you move. Paint also comes in various textures that can add visual interest to a room. Try using a textured roller or sponge to create an interesting surface for a feature wall or countertop.

You can even buy peel-and-stick wallpaper for a low price, which is a great option if you’re renting and wants to commit to something other than permanent wallcovering. If you decide to go the peel-and-stick route, carefully measure your space and purchase a roll of the material with extra on each side for mistakes. You’ll also need a level, straight edge and a smoothing tool to hang the wallpaper.


A first home is exciting, but turning it into a dream home can be expensive. If you have a friend who just moved into their new apartment, condo, or house, consider getting them a housewarming gift that will help make the space feel like their own.

To keep costs down, focus on buying items that can be used in any room for multiple purposes.

If you don’t have the budget to buy everything on this list, try shopping for bargains or purchasing timeless and versatile items. For example, you can get a modern look for your kitchen with inexpensive cabinets and countertops. Or, you can buy a cheap couch that will last for years and decorate around it with framed art or other statement pieces.

When decorating a new home on a budget, you must pace yourself and decorate rooms one at a time. Take your time filling the entire place with decor and furniture, which can drive up costs. Instead, focus on the rooms you and your friends will use most frequently. Then, as you find pieces you love, gradually add them to the space over time.

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