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Creative Ways to Use Subway Tiles in Your Home Design

Creative Ways to Use Subway Tiles in Your Home Design

Subway tile is a design staple that can create a clean, classic look for any kitchen or bathroom. However, the overall effect of subway tile can significantly depend on how it is arranged and installed.

Instead of the traditional horizontal running bond pattern, try something different, like a herringbone layout. This tile pattern evokes the fish scales that give it its name and is an excellent way to add texture to your space.

Create a Mosaic Pattern

The simple design of subway tiles goes with almost anything, making adding a pop of color or pattern easy. For instance, the title line of tonal subway mosaics (opens in new tab) offers options that are subtle enough for a contemporary home but versatile enough to complement other decorative elements in a room.

The popularity of subway tile has made it a common choice for kitchen backsplashes, shower walls, and more. In fact, according to Sarah Rosenhaus, principal, and owner of California-based Cle Tile, subway tile is “a classic, like jeans and a T-shirt.”

If you’re tired of the traditional running bond tile layout that creates a classic brick wall effect, getting creative with your subway tile layout can take it to the next level. Here are a few ideas to get you started.

A double basketweave pattern can add a modern touch to the traditional subway tile. It consists of a pair of horizontal tiles framed by vertical tiles and is easy to install since the ends of each tile are centered with the centerline of each adjacent tile.

Another way to add a twist to the traditional stacked pattern is by laying it vertically. This elongates the wall and gives the space a unique look. You can even incorporate the stacked pattern with a basketweave design to further enhance the look.

Add Contrasting Grout Colors

When it comes to laying subway tiles, the options are endless. You can lay them in a classic running bond, a herringbone pattern, or even use them vertically! Regardless of your choice, adding a contrasting grout color can make the tile stand out and add personality to the space. Whether you want to create a subtle, neutral look or a bold statement, there is a grout color that will compliment your subway tiles and give them the boost they need to be the focal point of your kitchen or bathroom.

You can match the tile and grout color to create a more seamless, subtle look. This is especially great for smaller spaces where the lack of contrast can help make a room feel larger. You can also opt for a contrasting grout color to draw the eye to the individual shapes of each tile and the overall laying pattern you have chosen. Black and white is a classic high-contrast option with subway tiles.

Getting creative with the layout of your subway tile can make it truly unique and personal to your home design. The possibilities are endless, so don’t hesitate to step out of the box and try something new! You’ll be surprised at how much it can change the aesthetic of your space.

Lay It Vertically

When you think of subway tile, you probably conjure images of a classic horizontal running bond pattern. But that’s only one of many ways to use this timeless material in your home.

You can change the look of your kitchen backsplash, shower, or accent wall by laying your tiles vertically rather than horizontally. This evokes a feeling of height and slenderness, making any space feel bigger. It’s also a great way to showcase your vases or other decorative elements, creating a unique vignette that shows your personality.

Another way to switch up your subway tile installation is to play with the grout color. While choosing a grout that matches your tile is often recommended, you can opt for contrasting colors to create a more striking and upscale look. Be careful to do it with the contrast, as this can quickly become outdated.

Subway tile is a timeless material used in any house room. So have fun with it and get creative! Try adding a mosaic pattern, using different grout colors, or laying your tiles vertically. You can transform your kitchen into the room of your dreams by getting creative with these design elements.

Add a Personal Touch

Subway tile creates a sleek, timeless look that meshes with various decorating styles. It’s a go-to material for modern bathrooms, traditional kitchen designs, and even living room accent walls that pair with wooden floors. However, subway tiles are more than a simple hygienic solution – they’re the perfect canvas to express your style. By experimenting with different layout patterns, you can make them your own and take them to the next level!

A double basketweave pattern is one way to add a unique touch to your kitchen or bathroom. The traditional running bond tile pattern is paired with a herringbone pattern to create an eye-catching design. The result is a sophisticated yet classic look that will impress your guests.

Another way to add a modern twist to your subway tiles is by altering the grout color. While you can use contrasting grout colors to create a bold statement, we recommend pairing your subway tiles with a neutral grout color for a timeless look that’s likely to last longer.

If you want a more subtle alternative to the classic running bond tile pattern, try laying your subway tiles in a clean stack layout. This layout creates a clean, minimalist look and can give your space a more spacious feel. This type of layout works best for smaller spaces, like a powder room or guest bathroom. It’s also a great option for framing your windows, like this bathroom designed by Banner Day Interiors (opens in a new tab).

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