A Complete Guide for Business Owners – Understanding Sales Call Statistics

A Complete Guide for Business Owners - Understanding Sales Call Statistics

This manual will assist you in deciding if starting your own business is the best choice for you if you’re thinking about it. If so, this article will outline your actions to begin going.

Let’s say you have sales reps performing well, such as converting leads quicker and capturing their attention better; monitoring their calls can give you insights that will help you improve your other average or lower-performing sales reps.

Number of Dials

The number of sales calls a business receives is a key performance indicator. This number should be tracked and actively managed to increase productivity. A great way to improve the quality of your outbound calling is by implementing a sales cadence. A sales cadence is a set of specific activities (calls, emails, LinkedIn messages, etc.) delivered to a contact over a predetermined time frame.

Many sales call statistics calculators can be used to track different KPIs. Your choice depends on your desired metrics and the information you want to display. For example, a sales metrics calculator that allows you to enter the performance metrics of individual team members is ideal for sales managers looking to analyze the effectiveness of their salespeople.

sales call statistics calculator lets you track your commission goal, average deal size, and average commission per sale in a single tool. This information helps you determine a realistic and achievable quota for your team. In addition, the tool will also tell you how much you can expect to earn from each first appointment and the number of proposals you can typically expect from 30 cold calls.

Duration of Calls

When someone calls your business, they are making a significant time commitment. They may call to purchase something, schedule a service appointment, or ask you a question. That’s why they must be able to speak with a live person as soon as possible.

According to a 2019 study by Avochato, 92 percent of consumers expect to wait five minutes or more before talking with a human. But there are other factors affecting how long they’re willing to wait. A 2016 study by Velaro found that younger adults were more likely than older ones to say they weren’t willing to wait.

That’s why you should consider distributing your outbound call cadence differently depending on the time of day or week. Instead of evenly spreading your calls throughout the workweek, focus more on the best times and days for calling—like Tuesdays or Thursdays.

Quality of Calls

One of the most essential things that sales managers must monitor is the quality of calls that their team makes. This is not easy since many agents interact with customers uniquely. Therefore, lumping them all together when evaluating their performance decreases the sample size and doesn’t give an accurate view of overall call quality.

Every missed call is a lost opportunity to serve your customer or close a sale. This can result from a busy front desk receptionist or a sales representative who can’t answer the phone in time to get the lead to the right person. Or it can be because the customer was looking for another option, got frustrated with waiting on hold, or didn’t even realize they had called you.

The sheer number of spam and robocalls people receive has likely trained consumers to screen or ignore calls from unknown numbers. A study by ZipWhip found that 87 percent of consumers screened calls from numbers they didn’t recognize, and only 48 percent would listen to a business voicemail without immediately calling back.


Rapport connects with customers and creates trust, understanding, support, and comfort. This is important for nearly every industry and field but is particularly vital in telesales, where it helps build a business and establish long-lasting relationships.

Listening to the customer is one of the most critical aspects of building rapport. This includes actively listening and asking questions to help understand their needs. It also means using good manners, such as saying please and thank you and letting the customer finish their thoughts before interrupting. It is also helpful to use phrases like “Right” or “I understand” when appropriate to reassure the customer that you are listening to them.

Finally, it is essential to build rapport by using a personalized approach. This can be as simple as mentioning the name of the person when calling them or referencing a recent conversation that you have had with them. Additionally, it is essential to smile during the call, as this can positively impact the customer’s impression of your business.

Closing Rate

Closing rates are a metric that can convey the results and value of sales methods and marketing efforts. This sales metric is calculated by counting the number of potential leads who purchase goods or services from the company. It is a critical factor in measuring the effectiveness of a marketing campaign and identifying possible weak points in early-stage sales processes.

When a business receives a low closing rate, it can indicate that the lead quality is not good or that the sales team is ineffective in qualifying leads. This may require reevaluating the early stages of the sales process to avoid wasting time on prospects who are unlikely to close.

To easily keep track of your sales metrics and improve your close rate, use a free online tool such as this one from Kixie. It allows you to enter your commission goals and closing rates to get a clear picture of how much revenue you will likely generate in a month, quarter, or year. Then you can adjust your expectations accordingly.

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