Denied Social Security Disability? Important Reasons to Contact an Attorney ASAP

Denied Social Security Disability

You’ve been struggling with a disability that prevents you from working, so you applied for Social Security disability benefits. After months of waiting, you finally received a decision – but it wasn’t the news you were hoping for. Your disability claim was denied. What do you do now? Don’t give up. There are important reasons to contact a Social Security attorney in Charlotte NC right away if your claim is denied. Here’s why hiring a lawyer significantly improves your chances of getting approved on appeal.

Don’t Delay – Timelines Are Important

After you receive a denial letter from the Social Security Administration (SSA), you have only 60 days to file an appeal. If you miss this deadline, you’ll have to start over with another disability application. Most claims are denied initially, but your odds of approval greatly increase if you appeal with an attorney’s help. So contact a lawyer immediately after receiving a denial notice to avoid running out of time. They can quickly file the appropriate forms to appeal your claim.

Understand Why You Were Denied

To successfully appeal a denied disability claim, it’s crucial to understand the exact reasons your application was rejected. The denial letter should explain the SSA’s rationale, but the descriptions are often vague. An experienced attorney can analyze the letter to identify the SSA’s key objections. This allows the lawyer to gather new medical evidence and craft targeted arguments to overcome the SSA’s concerns on appeal. Don’t assume you can handle this complex process without legal expertise.

Gather Additional Medical Records

A primary reason disability claims are denied initially is insufficient medical documentation. The SSA rejects many applications because of missing or inadequate records from doctors and hospitals. An attorney has the knowledge and resources to obtain your complete medical history, including records you may not know exist. This provides fresh evidence validating your disability to submit with the appeal. It’s very difficult to acquire all pertinent records by yourself, but any documents collected will help satisfy the SSA.

Get an Updated Doctor’s Opinion

In addition to gathering medical records, a lawyer can have your doctor draft a new report explaining how your condition prevents you from working. Most denials happen because the SSA doesn’t think the original medical opinions adequately support disability. Your attorney can ask your doctor to review your entire file and provide an updated, detailed statement about your functional limitations. This gives the SSA expert evidence directly connecting your impairment to an inability to be employed.

Navigate a Hearing Expertly

If the first appeal is denied, an administrative law judge hearing will likely follow. An attorney’s expertise navigating disability hearings is invaluable. They know how judges evaluate cases and the most persuasive arguments to win. The lawyer will review your file, prep you for questioning, present evidence, question witnesses, and make oral arguments. Without a lawyer, you’ll have to handle the hearing yourself against an experienced SSA attorney, which rarely goes well. Representation significantly improves your chances.

The disability appeal process can be frustrating, but contacting an attorney quickly after a claim denial maximizes your odds of success. With their legal knowledge and resources, a lawyer can identify errors made by the SSA, obtain new medical evidence, and craft compelling arguments to prove your case. While representing yourself may seem easier, a Social Security attorney in Charlotte NC has the expertise that offers you the best chance of winning disability benefits.

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