Expert Guide to Choosing the Right Data Center Cabling Company

Expert Guide to Choosing the Right Data Center Cabling Company

Data center cabling may not be the most exciting of topics, but it’s the backbone that keeps all other data center operations running. A well-designed and organized cable infrastructure reduces downtime, improves productivity, and saves costs in the long run.

Consider the following best practices for your next project. Mark all cables to identify connections for troubleshooting and maintenance.


Data center cabling is the infrastructure that carries the information from one point to another within your data center. It’s an essential part of your network; you must ensure it’s installed correctly. Data center cabling companies in the Bay Area with experience will know how to install your network in a way that maximizes efficiency and ensures quality.

They’ll understand the nuances of the different cables and how they can be best used in your data center. For example, they’ll know to keep your cables separated and not bunched together, which can cause interference and slowdowns. They’ll also know that it’s a good idea to use high-quality parts and materials rather than cheaper options that may cause problems down the road.

Additionally, they’ll be familiar with data center cabling management best practices, including keeping patch cables short, color coding, and labeling. These simple practices can go a long way in reducing downtime and increasing the ease of provisioning new hardware in your data center. They’ll also know how to measure your cable lengths with CAD-level accuracy, which will help you avoid costly waste and keep your cables at the correct lengths for maximum performance.


Data centers with the right cabling system improve network performance and capacity, reduce downtime, and increase hardware installation and management efficiency. Whether you have outdated cabling or need to plan for future growth, upgrading your data center infrastructure is essential for the success of your business.

When choosing a company to design and install your new structured cabling system, ensure they’re up to the task. Look for certifications demonstrating their knowledge of the latest best practices and technologies. You want to work with a partner who can help you achieve your goals for your data center infrastructure, including improving network speed and reliability, decreasing data center footprint, increasing energy efficiency and uptime, and reducing operating costs.

Planning is the most important factor when installing a new cabling system. Ensure that your cable trays are ergonomically designed to accommodate foreseeable future growth and that all cables are correctly measured. This prevents costly unforeseen downtime and helps keep your data center running smoothly. It’s also important to properly label all cables to ensure clarity during troubleshooting or when adding equipment.


Data center infrastructure must be flexible for future bandwidth expansion and power solutions. If not, costly re-cabling efforts will be required to maintain optimum functionality in the long run.

An excellent cabling company will design a system compatible with existing and future equipment to reduce costs and downtime. Choosing suitable cable types is also essential to ensuring scalability. For example, fiber optic cables provide higher-speed communications, while copper provides a more budget-friendly solution.

In addition, a cabling company will follow best practices for cable management to reduce operational costs and ensure staff safety. For example, they will keep patch cables short and properly bundled to prevent interfering with each other or getting tangled in hardware. They will also color code and label wires to make it easier for staff to identify them and prevent unforeseen downtime. Additionally, they will use flexible conduits like Electri-Flex to protect wiring from debris and dust. These conduits feature a computer blue jacketing, which makes them easy to see.


Whether you’re a service provider delivering on SLAs or an organization investing in Digital Transformation to accelerate business, your company’s ability to thrive and grow directly depends on your data center network infrastructure’s availability, reliability, and scalability. This is why choosing a cabling company you can trust with your data center networking needs is crucial.

A reliable cabling company will provide a comprehensive design and installation plan. They will consider the space you have available for your data center, the physical layout of your equipment, and the bandwidth requirements of each piece of hardware. They’ll also consider cooling and energy consumption when planning your cabling infrastructure.

A well-planned cabling infrastructure saves you time and money in the long run. It reduces downtime due to tangled wires and makes troubleshooting or upgrading equipment easier when necessary. It’s also essential to ensure that cables are not restricting airflow. Restrictions to airflow can cause the cables to get warmer, which is a significant source of data center outages and energy waste.


The reputation of a data center cabling company can tell you a lot about its reliability. Read online reviews to see what past clients say about their services and work ethic. You can also contact former or current clients to get an immediate impression.

Choosing the right data center cabling company can save you time, money, and headaches. By choosing a reputable provider, you can be sure that your projects will go smoothly and that your business’s network is secure.

When you work with the right data center cabling company, you can rest assured that your network will be up and running quickly. The team at Cable Plus knows how vital your data transmission is to your operations and focuses on meeting all of your cabling standards and project requirements.

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