Forex broker New Year gifts; Stay tuned with Aron

Forex broker New Year gifts

With the New Year approaching, you’re likely weighing up several options for starting new ventures. Forex is probably one of the options on your table. You have chosen the best time to start trading in this market.
Aron Groups Broker has prepared fantastic Forex promotions for the New Year 2024. In this plan, every week, you have a chance to win valuable gifts and experience sweet trades in Forex. Are you ready to learn about this plan? In the following, we will share everything about Aron’s Wonderland plan with you.

Terms and Conditions

The plan will start on December 12, 2023, just a few days before the New Year celebration. Be ready to start this plan at 00:01 Iran Time.
You must open one of Aron’s trading accounts to be the lucky winner of this scheme.
Next, you need to create at least five trades in the market. This opportunity is a good incentive to start trading in the market. You can try your strategy on Aron’s demo account before opening and closing trades and then entering the trade. Keep in mind that five trades must be completed; it means that you need to open and close five trades.
In the following, you should follow the accounts of this broker in different social networks since the start of this plan. Follow the accounts of Aron Groups Farsi and Farsi, English, and Arabic academies. You can find a post that is specially designed for the New Year in the Social Media accounts of this broker. Leave a comment under this post. The comment must contain #AronWonderLand. Next, you should story this post and tag two people under it to increase your chances of winning Forex broker prizes for New Year.

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 The draw

Every week, there will be a draw in Aron for almost one month. Winners will be announced at the end of the week. After 48 hours, the winner will be notified of the result.
Next, as the lucky winner of the festival, just make a selfie video of yourself and send it to Aron. Aron will also use your video on different platforms in the future. Anyway, you are the lucky winner of the forex broker New Year gifts.

What are the New Year Forex rewards?

What are the New Year Forex rewards?

It is more fun to talk about the prize. Every week, there are different rewards for the participants. Take a look at the list of awards and tell us which award you would choose:
1. In the first week, the first reward will be a Samsung Ultra S22 mobile phone that will be awarded to a lucky winner.
2. In the second week, the lucky winner will take home an Xbox to spend the New Year’s holiday.
3. The week’s reward is a PlayStation 5 device.
4. a 12-inch Microsoft Surface will be the next reward in the fourth week.
An interesting point to note is that every week, in addition to awarding the first person, a $100 trading credit is also given to the second to tenth people. Do not miss this golden opportunity to start trading in Forex.

 Know the rules

1. To participate in this plan, familiarize yourself with Aron’s rules before any action so that you can use the New Year Forex rewards 2024 without any problems.
2. Note that the trading account granted to the second to tenth person is of standard hedging type with up to 100 leverage, which has losable credit.
3. The next point is that the bonus is not withdrawable, and you can only enter the trade using this bonus and leverage.
4. The credit is valid for 30 days. During this time, it is better to take and trade. Otherwise, the credit will be deducted from your account.
5. If your account reaches the stop-out level, the broker will remove credit from the account. Remember that if you deposit an amount to your account along with the gift credit, Aron will provide you with a 10% bonus of up to 750 dollars.
6. The balance is a gift, and you cannot withdraw it, but the profit from the transaction can be withdrawn with this gift, and if you have deposited it to the account, you can withdraw it without any problem.
7. Note that you should not make withdrawals from this account. Otherwise, the credit will be deleted automatically.

Aron and the New Year festival

In order to create fair conditions and hold a safe draw, this broker allows each person to participate in the plan only once. If you register using someone else’s credentials, you will be dealt with.
Remember that Aron’s broker can deal with offenders according to the broker’s rules. If you violate the rules of the lottery, you may be permanently banned from receiving Aron’s services or even be subject to fines or damages. Therefore, it is better to read the rules carefully and prepare to participate in this scheme by considering all the cases.
Remember that Aron has considered an opportunity to start trading at the same time as the New Year by implementing this plan. The New Year is the perfect opportunity to start a new movement.

Seize the moment

The forex market is full of opportunities, but if you act without experience and knowledge, you may suffer irreparable losses. Remember that the bonuses and New Year Forex rewards 2024 that are given to you are excellent opportunities to trade in Forex. Even if you don’t get the first-place prize, you still have a high chance of winning a $100 trading credit with 100 leverage, which is an excellent forex promotion for the new year.
Create a demo account considering all the factors, and get ready for the glorious days of this scheme. You could be one of the lucky winners of Aron’s to start 2024.
If you prepare for these days with order and seriousness, you can also experience profit from Forex with the credit you receive as a gift.
For more preparation, use Aron’s demo account, test your trading ideas, and prepare for the real market. New Year 2024 can be a new chapter in your business life.

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