Fragile Products: How can they be Shipped Safely and Without Breaking?

Fragile Products: How can they be Shipped Safely and Without Breaking?

Everything can be ordered online and shipped to the customers without any worries. But have you ever wondered how tough it is to complete the shipping process? Manufacturers must be attentive while custom packaging the product and selling it to the customers. Shipping is challenging but even more complicated when it comes to fragile items. As a business, you have to be careful because any broken or damaged piece will make your customers unhappy, and you will end up getting bad reviews.

When you visit any store containing fragile items, the shop has written that if you break something, the thing is yours. But with the advent of e-commerce, manufacturers must bear the loss if anything comes broken. So, if you own an e-commerce business, you must be careful with these items and make the shipping less stressful with proper packaging solutions.

You might be struggling with the steps you must follow in order to avoid the breakage of fragile products. We are here to help you with the same through this content.

What are Fragile items?

Before you learn how to maintain fragile items, you must categorize the items named under fragile items.

Fragile items refer to materials easily damaged by minor impacts. The items included in this are made of ceramic, glass, crystal, etc. Even items that can be easily bent and folded are also constituted as fragile items. Musical instruments or technological gadgets are also included in this. Because of this, for fragile items, you must buy bubble wrap.

Why is Safe Packaging Vital for Fragile Items?

There are multiple reasons why you need safe packaging for delicate products. Here are a few of them.


It is necessary to provide safety to the packaging material to avoid breaking when faced with a low or high-impact force. In this way, the fragile item will be protected from damage, and it will be able to absorb the shock of the impact. It is evident when the item is shipped via air or surface mode, there is a high chance of it getting damaged if not packed correctly.

Poor Unboxing Experience

If your customer receives a damaged product, it will lead to a bad customer experience. Nobody wants to open a package and receive a product with scratches, cracks, or bends, and it will be disheartening as the customer waits for the product for so long and gets a damaged package. When you fail to pack a fragile product correctly, you can constantly lose your loyal customers.

What are the Tips you Need to Follow?

  • Ensure that you Use a Small Packaging Box

The first rule for packing fragile items is a small packaging box. Ensure you choose a packaging box that is slightly bigger than the product. Your product will not shift during transportation, restricting movement and firmly holding the package together. When there is a space, it can be filled with dunnage or foam pouches for added safety.

Besides the small box, take thick tape so the box does not open easily. Even in the harshest conditions, seal the package more than once to prevent it from being opened.

  • Go for the Double-Box Packaging

When shipping fragile items, it is necessary to go with double-box packaging. You can use the box-in-box technique to protect your product from any damage. We recommend using corrugated boxes for packaging such products as they come with layers of paper. Different strengths of packages are available, which you can choose according to your product. Ensure the product is in the small box, place the small container inside the large package, fill the space in between with the dunnage, and use wrapping tape for packing.

  • You Must Wrap the Item in Cushioning Material

Cushioning materials can be helpful to make your fragile items not break. You should use cushioning material if your products are not manufactured with supportive packaging and are stored loose, and you must wrap them in a lot of dunnage or buy bubble wrap for extra safety. Keep this point in mind.

  • Be Transparent with Labeling

Labeling does not only mean you put your name and address on the box. Adding ‘fragile’ or ‘handle with care stickers is necessary, and it will inform the shipping company that the package contains items that must be handled carefully. The labeling should also clearly indicates that the side should be up when transporting the item to prevent accidental damage. Special handling instructions should also be given.

  • Consider Taking Shipping Insurance

Accidents can happen even after protecting your fragile products beyond the packaging company’s control. The cost of replacing and repairing fragile items will be higher, and the packaging company must deal with these costs. But when you have shipping insurance, you do not have to worry about covering the value of the item shipped. Customers will also feel motivated when they see that their product is insured.

Final Words!

You must maintain the safe packaging of fragile items. You must follow the guidelines and proper packaging techniques for your business. Your business must deal with a loss if you do not pay attention while packing boxes. We have provided you with tips and options that you can go for in order to make your delivery of fragile items successful. It can only be possible when you have the right custom packaging boxes. So, remember all these things when you are a manufacturer of fragile items.

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