Greta Thunberg Net Worth (June 2024)

Greta Thunberg net worth

Greta Thunberg, a 19-year-old Swedish environmental activist. She has the power to do something more significant for the betterment of the environment.

How did she become a well-known climate activist? What about her net worth? In this article, we are going to address all your queries.

Who Is Greta Thunberg?

Greta Thunberg net worth

On January 3, 2003, Greta Tintin Eleonora Ernman Thunberg, also known as Greta Thunberg, was born in Stockholm, Sweden. She is well known for her quick decisions for climate change mitigation. Professionally she is a social worker and well-known social and environmental activist.

She became one of Time’s 100 most influential people and was also included as the youngest Time Person of the Year. Greta was on the Forbes list in 2019 of The World’s 100 Most Powerful Women.

In 2019, 2020, and 2021, she got nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize. Greta is one of the youngest ones to receive the honorary Fellowship of the Royal Scottish Geographical Society.

Basic Information About Her

Full nameGreta Tintin Eleonora Ernman Thunberg
Date of Birth03-Jan-03
BirthplaceStockholm, Sweden
Age19 years
Zodiac SignCapricorn
Marital Statussingle
ProfessionEnvironmental activist
Net Worth$1 million

Body Stats

Height in m1.5 m
Height in cm150 cm
Height in inches4 Feet 10 Inches
Weight in Kg41 kg
Weight in pounds90 pound
Hair colourLight brown
Eye colourGunmetal Blue


Father’s nameSvante Thunberg
Mother’s nameMalena Ernman
SiblingsBeata Thunberg

Educational Background

School nameFranska Skolan
University nameNA
QualificationsNot known

Social Media Accounts

InstagramGreta Thunberg
FacebookGreta Thunberg
TwitterGreta Thunberg

Early Life

Greta was born in Stockholm, Sweden, in the family of opera singer Malena Ernman and actor Svante Thunberg. Olof Thunberg, the grandfather of Greta Thunberg, was also an actor and director. Beata is the younger sister of Greta Thunberg.

Greta impacted the young generation significantly. She never went to University for studies, but she finished her high school education. Greta chooses to tour the world and inspire people for the welfare of climate change.

She was Struggling with Depression at a very Early Age

According to Greta, in 2011, when she was eight years old, she first heard about climate change, which wholly impacted her. She was thinking why nobody was doing anything about this topic.

When she came to know about the worsening climate condition, it impacted her mind, and she even lost ten kilograms (22 lbs) in two months because she stopped eating much. She was taken to the doctor, and according to doctors, she was diagnosed with selective mutism, Asperger syndrome, and obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD).

Before her diagnosis, she mentioned in her speeches about selective nudism conditions and described that she speaks only when necessary.

At a very young age, Thunberg was struggling with depression, and she was affected for almost four years.

Why Greta Chooses to Become an Environmental Activist

Greta became an activist when she saw her parents adopt lifestyle choices that reduced their carbon footprint. When she was 15 years old, this was the time she changed her lifestyle. Every Friday after school, she spends her day holding up a sign for the welfare of the climate outside the Swedish Parliament. This was her way of calling out more decisive action on climate change.

Greta’s blunt-speaking manner and her way of addressing the issue in front of the public were imposing. She criticized world leaders for not taking the climate crisis seriously, affecting their futures. At a very young age, Greta highlighted her name among the youth, political leaders and assemblies.

Soon she got into the limelight for her excellent work. Many other students joined her, and some got engaged in similar protests on the worthy cause.

Together all these students organized a school climate strike named Fridays for Future. In 2018, Greta addressed the United Nations Climate Change Conference, which significantly impacted other students and resulted in mass student strikes for the world’s betterment.

Greta sailed in a yacht to North America, which was her way to send a message that people should avoid carbon-intensive flying. In North America, she attended the 2019 UN Climate Action Summit. The press widely took up Greta’s speech at the event due to her fluent way of interacting with people and her fluent English.

She got sudden limelight and world fame, making her a target for critics, but she also became a leader in the activist community. She had a significant impact on the whole world and especially the youth.

What Role Greta’s Parents Played In Her Social Work

Greta even challenged her parents to turn into a vegan and reduce their carbon footprints to reduce the environmental impact. Greta and her family gave up flying.

She used to show the graphs and data to her parents to show how worse the conditions were going to be, and she even mentioned that going against what she was saying would be against her future. In December 2019, In an interview with the BBC, Greta’s father mentioned that Greta’s mother did it to make her daughter happy and how much it meant to her.

Greta’s mother quit her career and joined her daughter. Greta believes that one day she could make a difference. The book “Scenes from the Heart” was published in 2018 and is based on the Thunberg family.

Later on, that book was updated in 2020, and it was named Our House Is on Fire; for that book, the whole family was credited as the author because the entire Thunberg family contributed their thoughts.

According to Greta, Joining the Climate Movement is the best way to Cure Depression and Find Happiness for People Suffering from Autism

Greta’s parents were her most prominent supporters, but her father was unhappy with her missing school. But somewhere, he also liked that her daughter wanted to make a stand.

Sometimes Greta used to do nothing and sit quietly in her room alone. In 2015 in Sweden was the Time when her mother made the news public of her diagnosis of Asperger’s syndrome. It was made public to help other families suffering from the same condition.

Greta never viewed her Asperger’s as an illness; she always mentioned it as her superpower. Later on, she was described as the best-known autism activist. It was around 2021 when Greta said in her comment that many people who had autism were in the Fridays for Future movement.

According to Greta, all people with autism who join the climate movement or Fridays for Future have found a reason to stay happy or find a purpose in life. She thinks this is the best way to cure depression and find friendship and happiness.

Greta Thunberg, a Well known Social Media Activist Who Fight for the Environment Without Demanding and Payment

Greta is one of the world’s most famous social media activists. She has achieved what others can’t even think of at a very young age. According to her 2019 Facebook post, all her travel and accommodation expenses are paid for by her parents, and all the environmental work she does is free.

Greta even mentioned that she has never taken any payment for the work she does for the environment. She independently and openly represents herself. She is among those climate activists who fight for the environment without demanding any favor or payment. The idea of receiving any compensation in return is entirely absurd.

Greta Thunberg’s Net Worth

According to the reports, Greta’s net worth varies greatly, and there needs to be a precise number that can indicate the correct Net Worth. Therefore, according to various popular websites, net worth is about $1 million.

Ínterstingly no evidence can claim that this number is accurate. The net worth that is claimed by many popular websites is all speculation.

According to the other sources, her net worth is about $100,000, which is less than most other websites claim. There are also some legitimate financial sources, for example, Forbes, but there’s no report by them claiming her net worth.

According to various reports and claims, she doesn’t have a luxurious lifestyle, and we do not think that high net worth even matters to her.

Known for Donating all her Profits and Prize Money

Greta also started donating all her profits and prize money she won to charity. For example, she was awarded her very first Human Act award by the Danish organization Human Act in April 2020, and it was $100,000 prize money. She donated all that prize money to UNICEF, with Human Act matching her donation to the international charity.

In 2020, Greta received a 1 million euro award for humanity, and she donated her prize to organizations, including Fridays For Future Brazil’s SOS Amazonia Campaign and the Stop Ecocide Foundation. She even mentioned when receiving the prize money that it was huge, and she couldn’t even imagine it.

Why Greta Filed a Lawsuit Against Her Own Country

Being an Environmental activist, Greta filed a lawsuit against her own country for failing to take adequate actions to stop climate change. She believes that climate laws should be tightened in every part of the world.

More than 600 others also claimed in the lawsuit that the climate policies are violating its constitution. They said the Swedish government is failing to meet the requirement for sustainable development.

It can lead to a suitable environment for present and future generations. In the Lawsuit, it is being said that the government should undertake necessary measures to keep greenhouse gas emissions within the Paris Agreements‘ goals.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How Old is Greta?

Greta Thunberg’s age is around 19 years.

2. When She Got Her First Award?

It was around May 2018 when she received her first award.

3. Who was the Grandfather of Greta Thunberg?

Fritz-Olof Thunberg, a well-known Swedish actor and director, was the grandfather of Greta Thunberg. A famous cartoon character (Bamse) ‘s voice was given to him.


Hopefully, we’ve answered all the queries regarding Greta Thunberg’s net worth. At a very young age, Greta has done a lot for society and the environment without any demand. So she is an inspiration for many youngsters.

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