John Edward Thomas Moynahan: Tom Brady’s Son [May 2023]

john edward thomas moynahan

John Edward Thomas Moynahan is one of the most famous kids, the son of famous actress Bridget Moynahan and her former boyfriend Tom Brady – a popular NFL football player. He also has another name, ‘Jack, ‘ given by his father. Born on 22nd August 2007 in California, John is only 14 years old.

Tom Brady and Bridget Moynahan got separated before their first child took birth. However, John also spent time with his stepmother Gisele Bundchen. There are so many posts on Tom Brady’s account of this family. To know more about this family, read the article till its end.

Real Name John Edward Thomas
Professional Name John Edward Thomas
Date Of Birth 22nd August, 207
Age 14
Birthplace USA
Birth Sign Leo
Gender Male
Sexuality Straight
Nationality American
Ancestry Mix
Religion Christianity
MatrMaritaltus Unmarried
Dating History N/A
Profession N/A
Net Worth N/A
Drama Series N/A


Father’s Name Tom Brady
Mother’s Name Bridget Moynahan
Siblings Benjamin Rein Brady
Vivian Lake Brady


School Name N/A
College Name N/A
Occupation N/A


Body Stats
Height in ft 5’0″
Height in mtr more52 meter
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Brown
Body Measurements 24-20-22
Weight 79 Ibs


Social Media Accounts
Instagram N/A
Facebook N/A
YouTube N/A
Twitter N/A

Who is John Edward Thomas Moynahan

John Edward Thomas Moynahan is the kid of famous American model Bridget Moynahan and her boyfriend Tom Brady – a player in the National Football League. John’s nickname is Jack. He is only a 14-year-old boy as of 2022. John took birth after his father and mother got separated. Bridget and Tom broke up in 2006, and0 Junior Tom Brady took delivery0 in 2007.

john edward thomas moynahan bio tom brady son

However, this pregnancy badly affected the relationship between Tom Brady and his present wife, Gisele Bundchen. But now, Gisele has accepted John wholeheartedly. Now John lives with her mother, and his present father is a renowned businessman. John also loves to spend time with his father, Tom Brady, and his stepmother Gisele.

John Edward Thomas Moynahan Took Birth

John Edward Thomas Moynahan was born on 22nd August 2007 in California, USA. His mother is a top-notch actress in Hollywood, and she was seen with many leading actors in her movies or shows.

John’s father and mother separated when John’s mother was pregnant with him. After the end of the relationship, Tom started dating another girl and married her soon.

Tom Brady’s Star Kid

Early Life and Background

John Edward Thomas Moynahan was born on 22nd August 2007 in Santa Monica, California, USA. As of 2022, Moynahan’s age is 14 years. John’s mother and father broke up after the birth of their son, and Tom Brady then dated a Brazilian Model and actress and married her.

John is getting raised with his two half-siblings. His stepbrother’s name is Benjamin Rein Brady, and his step-sister’s name is Vivian Lake Brady. Now John’s mother got married to Andrew Frankel, a renowned businessman.

John is studying at his own home. He is interested in football and knows many things about football at such a young age.

John Edward Thomas Moynahan Height, Weight, Age

Born on 22nd August 2007, John is now 14 years old. He has a height of 5.0 feet which is relatively high. Moynahan has a current weight of 36kg. His current body measurements include 24-20-22, which seems as fit as his father.

John Edward Thomas Moynahan Education

As per the report, John is being raised by his mother. Now there are no reports about her schooling. So, it is assumed that John is taking his home education. He also has a keen interest in American football. So, you can expect him to have himself as a good football player.

John Edward Thomas Moynahan’s Grandparents

Galynn Patricia Brady, Edward Bradley Moynahan, Mary Bridget Moynahan, Tom Brady Sr.

John Edward Thomas Moynahan Relationship

John has straight sexuality, and he is not dating anyone. Therefore, he is too young to start any romantic relationship. Now he is focused on his career. John also knows a lot about American football and watches his father. But it is expected that John will also be a romantic and loving partner and have a loving relationship.

John Edward Thomas Moynahan Relationship

Net Worth

Tom Brady is one of the most popular football players, and John Edward Thomas Moynahan is his child. Apart from that, John’s mother is also a famous actress. So, it can be assumed that John is a rich kid.

Tom Brady has more than $235 million of net worth, and his name is on the list of one of the highest-paid athletes. Bridget Moynahan is also a well-paid actress, and she has more than $25 million of net worth.

Interesting Facts About John Edward Thomas Moynahan

  • John’s mother and father got separated when John’s mother was pregnant. But they said in an interview that they will always be together when their son needs them.
  • John’s mother is generally famous for her significant role in ‘Blue Bloods’ – a TV series.
  • John’s nickname is Jack. There are many photos on his father’s instagram Id with her son ‘Jack.’
  • He eats organic foods as his father is health-conscious. Apart from that, John’s father also follows a plant-based diet. During the covid 19 pandemic, his father sold vitamins that would boost people’s immunity.
  • John looks almost like his father. John is interested in football, and he knows many things about football.
  • His stepmother is close to John and his step-siblings, also.
  • For eleven years, John wants to be a soccer player, but he also has immense knowledge of American Football.
  • In 2018, there was a controversy when John’s father gave him a lip kiss. The video went viral and was also criticized. This video is recorded on Tom Brady’s account named ” Tom vs. Time ”.


John Edward Thomas Moynahan is one of America’s most popular celeb kids. He is going to create his own identity with his talent very soon. There is not much information about John Edward Thomas Moynahan right now, and if there is further information about this celebrity kid, it will be updated shortly.

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