How did Curious George Die? (April 2024)

How Did Curious George Die

Are you a fan of Curious George? One of the most successful animated series, illustrated by H.A Rey and Margret Rey. The main two characters of this illustration are Curious George and The Man With Yellow Hat.

The first edition of 1941 says that Curious George was arrested by The Man With Yellow Hat and later sent to America.

There was a fantastic bonding between Curious George and The Man With Yellow Hat. But unfortunately, Curious George was killed by The Man With Yellow Hat in a mysterious revenge plot. Let’s read the full article to get more information about this.

Who was Curious George

Who was Curious George

Curious George is a sweet African monkey character that Hans and Margret, husband and wife, created. They traveled to the USA in 1941 with the original manuscript of Curious George. After that, they settled in the USA and started writing books about that monkey.

In those books, the writer couples used to write the adventure of the monkey, who was excessively curious and always used to fall into problems. The monkey was often used as a teachable character, but one to whom others explained lessons.

However, the actual twist of that story was how Curious George found his way to solve the problem.

After some days, the tragic death of the monkey shocked everyone. The news has kept people in disbelief. The fans were surprised to think such a sad incident could happen to such a beloved character.

Who Voiced the Curious George Character

Franklin Wendell Welker

Famous American voice actor Franklin Wendell Welker, aka Frank Welker, is the man behind the Curious George character. Giving his voice to over 860 movies, television series, and video games, Frank is one of the most prolific voice actors of all time.

Some of his works include Fred Jones in Scooby Doo, Muppet Babies in Epic Mickey, Snowball II in The Simpsons, and various characters in the Transformers franchise. However, Frank is also considered the third-highest-grossing actor, with a total worldwide box office gross of $17.4 billion.

How was the Character Important in the Series?

The monkey was one of the most extraordinary characters who exemplified science and the fascinating world to them. He used his four hands to disassemble the objects and to make the child understand the basic engineering concepts. Apart from that, he also used to educate children by increasing their interactions with different patterns and geometric forms.

What Happened To Curious George

Curious George – the interesting character died on 25 April 2023, at 6:61 a.m. at Manley, Mt. Slinky. However, the whole incident is also suspected as a homicide. At first, the character disappeared to see the ‘free Candy’ van.

Once the man with the yellow hat woke up in the morning, he felt sick and didn’t find George anywhere. The man with the yellow hat believed that George was responsible for his sickness, who trashed his apartment a day before and turned his yellow hat into soup.

How Did Curious George Die

How Did Curious George Die

A Man with a Yellow Hat in Mt. Slinky killed Curious George. The man ran a bus over George, and pedophile Vanna White owned the bus. The bus was labeled as ‘free Candy’ that was used to attract children and to kidnap them.

The man with the yellow hat arose from his sleep at 6:02 a.m. and got angry with George. Because the monkey has come to his apartment and trashed it. Apart from that, the monkey also used his yellow hat to prepare his meal. To take revenge, he started finding the monkey.

At 6:60 am, he found the monkey humping a fire hydrant. So, he stabbed the driver from the bus driver seat and took control of the vehicle. Suddenly, he took a U-turn and crashed into Curious George.

All the bones of the monkey were crushed at that time.

What Repercussions the Man Faced for Killing Curious George

At the time of the incident, the investigators rushed to the spot and sentenced him to Kentucky State Penitentiary in Lebanon. The person felt guilt for the murder, and he was finally sentenced to execution by hanging.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How Did Curious George End?

At the end of the story, The Man with a yellow hat is at a zoo.

2. Why Does Curious George Not Have Any Tail?

The monkeys generally have tails, but the Barbary Macaque and apes don’t come with tails. So, it is assumed that George must be an ape or Barbary Macaque.

3. Who is the Bad Guy in the Curious George Animated Series?

Junior Bloomsberry is the main villain in the series.


Now you have reached the end point of your question,” How did Curious George die?”. The death news of Curious George has left his fans devastated and in deep sorrow. Despite the unfortunate incident, every kid will remember the character who gave them another level of entertainment. If you want to read further news about them, stay tuned. Thanks for reading.

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