1883 Season 2 (Tv Series) Release Date and Everything So Far (June 2024)

1883 Season 2


1883 is finally renewing for a second season and will be followed by a sequel 1923.

The release date of season 2 will take place later this year before the events of its prequel Yellowstone.

The cast and characters is expected to be same from the first season.

Season 2 will introduce a new generation of the Dutton family who will explore the modern century when pandemics will hit all plague the mountain west.

1883 season 2

In 2018, Taylor Sheridan’s popular western series Yellowstone with Kevin Costner debuted on television. Its popularity and praise have increased with each new batch of episodes, and the main show is currently in its fifth season.

Today, our topic of discussion will be the first of several prequel series to Sheridan’s Yellowstone, 1883, also known as the second installment in the franchise. The series began on 19 December 2021 and concluded on 27 February 2022, consisting of ten episodes.

After a successful run of the first season, fans are looking for 1883 season 2. Below, we’ll show you the exact release date, storyline, and cast of the upcoming second season.

A Quick Introduction to the 1883 Tv Series

Total number of Seasons1
Total number of Episodes10 episodes
First Episode Date19-Dec-21
Final Episode Date27-Feb-22
GenrePeriod Drama
Created ByTaylor Sheridan
Produced ByDavid Hutkin
Executive ProducersRon Burkle
David C. Glasser
John Linson
Art Linson
Taylor Sheridan
Bob Yari
Production Companies101 Studios
Linson Entertainment
Bosque Ranch Productions
MTV Entertainment Studios

Will there be a Season 2 of 1883?

Technically, 1883 will be followed by the sequel 1923, which similarly takes place before the events of Yellowstone. The famous lawman’s life will be chronicled in 1883: The Bass Reeves Story, which will continue to air.

With the addition of 6666, a new offshoot based on the Four Sixes Ranch in West Texas, the Yellowstone world is about to expand even more. Sheridan stated that he “wanted to produce a ten-hour movie, and that’s what we accomplished” regarding a direct sequel to 1883, not anticipating one just now.

Sheridan added he made this trip down memory lane to show you this journey. He doesn’t like to wrap things up neatly and describe how everyone succeeded or failed in their endeavors.

He said he also wanted to make something that, even if you’d never been to Yellowstone, you could watch and be utterly thrilled and satisfied. Let it live depending on its own merits. That feels closed-ended to him as a storyteller. He will look out a window into another time period to see what he can see there.

What Will be the Exact 1883 Season 2 Release Date?

Paramount stated the “next chapter” of 1883 will be released later this year. But they haven’t announced the exact release date of the upcoming season yet.

We’ll update you as soon as a definite release date is made public.

Expected Cast for 1883 Season 2

1883 cast

Makers also haven’t announced the cast of the second season. It is expected that it is going to be the same as season 1, as shown below in the table.

CastPlayed As
Isabel MayElsa Dutton
Tim McGrawJames Dillard Dutton
Sam ElliottShea Brennan
Faith HillMargaret Dutton
Dawn OlivieriClaire Dutton
Eric NelsenEnnis
Gratiela BrancusiNoemi
Rita WilsonCarolyn
Billy Bob ThorntonJim Courtnight
Martin SensmeierSam
James JordanCookie
Audie RickJohn Dutton Sr.
LaMonica GarrettThomas
Amanda JarosAlina
Marc RissmannJosef
Noah Le GrosColton
James Landry HebertWade
Alex FineGrady
Graham GreeneSpotted Eagle
Anna FlamoraRisa

What Will be the Storyline of the Season 2 of the Series?

The official synopsis for 1883: The Bass Reeves Story states that throughout his time as a federal peace officer, Reeves caught nearly 3,000 of the most dangerous criminals without ever suffering any injuries. He is regarded as the greatest frontier hero in American history.

According to Oyelowo’s statement, Bass Reeves is a figure on which the Lone Ranger was genuinely based. Unfortunately, he was erased from history. He was raised as a slave, served in the Civil War, and eventually went to the Indian Territory. Reeves learned Native American languages and talents that he later used as a lawman.

He is a man whose actions are genuinely famous, with 3000 arrests throughout his career. It will be a six-part miniseries. Essentially a six-hour movie. According to the official summary, the upcoming season will introduce a new generation of the Dutton family who will explore the modern century when pandemics will hit all plague the mountain west.

Is there any Trailer for 1883 season 2?

It has no official trailer. But you can see two trailers of 1923, as shown above, featuring Harrison Ford and Helen Mirren in the first teaser, which reveals that violence has plagued this family for years.

On the other hand, Timothy Dalton and Robert Patrick are among the actors teased in the second teaser, which also describes the tensions surrounding the “range war”.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Will Season 2 of 1883 feature Sam Elliott?

The second season of 1883, a Yellowstone spinoff, had already received approval from Paramount. However, essential characters were dropped in the season finale, including those played by Sam Elliott and Isabel May.

2. How many Episodes are there in 1883 Season 1?

There are a total of ten episodes in the previous first season of the series.

3. How many Episodes are in 1883 Season 2?

Paramount has officially announced that there will be a total of six episodes in the upcoming season of the series.


That’s all for today, and hopefully, we have provided you with what you are looking for regarding the upcoming 1883 season 2.

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